How much is the average price that buys industrial robot?

Published on 2018-11-26

When you want to buy a robot, the first issue that you consider to know is this robot need costs you how many money, how much are its tool and the price of all fittings. Before the specific quoted price with detailed requirement, win the general think of a way of referenced price hard sometimes. It is a when synergic type robot fixes a price rough idea below. The robot fixes a price more and more robots walk into an enterprise now, walk into a factory. The price of estimation robot also can become more and more difficult. Different robot has different price, a few robots are designed as a result of its simple, the meeting is so low-cost, and a few robots because its complexity, all robots are super and costly. Without onefold guidelines, if effective load is higher, the price will be higher, a lot of norms need us to consider. One of the most welcome cooperation robots on the market—–General robot UR5. Average price is this robot 35k dollar, represented average cooperation robot. Actually its effective load is 5 kilograms, achieve 850 millimeter. It has good safe function, use simple. It also is total package, this means you to need not buy a lot of a replacement, can let it work. Accessary: Show religion implement—All programmings can be finished through simple use education tool. Because the robot is using classical process designing method, you still need ability of a station leaving a line to undertake process designing to your robot. Ask an attention, show religion implement in including the robot price in 35k USD. Once you bought a robot, what do you still need? Safety defends: Depend on use technology, you use need safe switch / the classical crawl of the door and safe PLC will monitor all these OR, you can add smooth act and visual system, in order to monitor the mankind exists mediumly in its environment. No matter which are planted circumstance, you need to join all safety together (PLC) , affirm it accords with safe provision of place. This part can become quite costly, actually, according to the complexity of your setting, your need is mixed to the precaution of 10k+USD from 2k other safety. Robot tool: Next to realize your task, you need a tool. This tool can be dynamoelectric or pneumatic, because most industry robot matchs,have compositive air hose. This tool can go to those who have 30k+USD from the dog-cheap acetabulum of hundreds of dollars the complex cutting tool of a variety of tools changes implement different. Most cooperation robot deserves to have small-sized clamping apparatus or small-sized tool, in order to suit light quantify application. This also means these tools to compare petty gain normally. To a simple case, our 2 point to suit oneself catch claw to be controlled in 5k about, our 3 point to suit oneself catch claw to be in about 20k USD. You are OK still from which benefit. As a result of the robot more and more get the welcome of community, manufacturer of a few tools can offer to bind a bag in the round, your tool relaxed installation is on your robot. This software package still includes robot program and other accessories, in order to help tool of process designing robot. Other fittings: Need clamping apparatus normally, conveyer, the system that order, camera, laser and other the device that can assist you to realize application. These accessory are OK the project according to you is OK dog-cheap (negligible even not plan) , perhaps also can become very costly. Mean the end of implementation according to your productivity and you, this budget does not have limitation almost. How to make reasonable budget? Normally UR5 budget restrains 50 thousand dollar, a main tool and fittings, below most circumstance, this satisfies enough your requirement. If you have the applied program of a young fan, you can be as high as 100k $ . Industrial robot price is in this category, the BUNCH that you have a different type, category and subclass to fasten. In fact, large firm if: Fanuc, ABB, the library gets stuck, motoman is waited a moment, on the market main (almost all) the choice of the robot is included to be in this ” industrial robot ” in the category. So I cannot list the price of every robot, can to industrial robot, have a relative price very hard, because have,too much option can be used at any robot. The robot that this article is equivalent to UR5 with estimation (be taken with Yu Shi and place about 5 kilograms of effective load and drop the robot of the application of the distance) for example. The robot has 6 axes (DOF) configuration, 5kg effective load and 740mm are the biggest distance. The basic value of the robot is controlled in 25K. So, how much is my budget? At first sight, an industry robot is compared it seems that in coordination robot ($25k VS $35k) petty gain is gotten much. But, you need to consider a few issues. Go to industrial robot conformity workshop, mean safe barrier (5k+USD) , introduce safe PLC (2k+USD) , tool (7k+USD) , compositive time (10k+USD) , process designing grooms or recruit robot programmer is evaluated) . This can raise dollar of your Zhang odd 75K at least. An experience law says: You should 3 times the budget is robot price at least, ability is compositive it. Again, you raise Zhang sheet easily more than 100 thousand dollar. Not plan cost, but the content that needs an analysis uses the robot different machine / workstation. After industrial robot begins the work, won’t produce too much shift commonly or spend type process designing. If your production is inside the time that influences one year,change, so this process can compare reuse industry robot complex, this locality that you will need to call you is compositive business undertakes all changing, should make the robot works afresh OK only. Once established the price, you should consider to repay the time that the machine begins to increase profit place to need.