Robot a dab hand sorting rubbish

Published on 2019-12-10

In area of garden of industry of vein of mountain of Zhejiang Hangzhou the emperor, be located a whole intelligence is built — decorate rubbish resource to use unifinication plant, come from government, enterprise, and the in an endless stream of visiting investigation group of relevant industry. This factory by in the city is green build bear build, can digest rubbish of about 100 thousand tons of buildings every year, realized a city to build rubbish resource to change use effectively. The city in sending force to cut solution rubbish encircle a city is green building general manager Li Wei is architect one’s previous experience, he ever was in charge of designing many urban synthesis and freeboard layer building. “Until one day, I see wadi in the suburb by, the stack in rice field edge, wet ground building rubbish, the town that just understands us was surrounded by rubbish. ” Li Wei sighs with emotion. Rubbish encircle a city is the furniture that modern city develops, also be a cosmopolitan difficult problem. As our country new-style town changes construction to advance, rubbish grows speed to go tall continuously, build rubbish to add especially fast breathtaking. According to statistic, our country builds rubbish to produce per year a quantity to be able to be as high as 2 billion tons of above, 70% what occupy urban rubbish gross about. Current, the shanty town of countrywide each district is transformed, tear open violate the city such as project of building, underground to transform a project to spreading out actively; Be in Hangzhou, “Jing Zhongcun ” transform, the Grant Canal is integrated the project such as processing also undertakes in insecurity. Urban prosperity develops backside, smuggle chaos falls, occupy wadi of land, block, pollution to the problem photograph such as the environment is accompanied and be born in disorder, those who surround box up is urban oneself not only, the life happiness that still has common people feels. For phenomenon of encircle a city of rubbish of keep within limits, in the city is green build 10 years to grind one sword, building of China of active hair force, decorate rubbish to handle an issue, let difficult problem of this generation bound have new breakthrough. “We begin exert oneself to establish group of internationalization research and development from 2006, the intelligence that win the bid successfully to 2016 and builds the whole nation to precede changes a structure — decorate rubbish resource to use demonstrative project of chemical plant of an organic whole. ” Li Wei says, “We hope to be able to pass indefatigable effort, for Chinese city building rubbish resource is changed use make due contribution ” . Rubbish of robot sorting building is in in the city is green in the plant that build, the robot is fast on production line, continuously, well and truly capture rubbish stays sorting matter. Clean and orderly work environment, the intelligence of whole technological process turns an operation, let the spot visit personnel to speak favorably of unceasingly. This technology is built to change a tradition, decorate waste disposal to classify site of unsharpness, job the current situation such as dirty random difference provided support. In site of the emperor mountain, building, decorate rubbish to have the chunk head such as concrete, reinforcing steel bar, brick not only, still have the mixture such as many glass, metal, pottery and porcelain, even be mingled with is worn many life rubbish. Their appearance weight of differ, quality has each different, norms not, intensity is soft hard great disparity, to sorting, broken brought great difficulty. “The rubbish front of the developed country classifies clarity, resource is changed it is relatively easy to use. In view of our country actual condition, our research and development applies at the robot with grading rubbish, the design suffers force to nod automatic harmonious paw more, improved the quality with grading rubbish and efficiency greatly. ” in the city is green build Liu Cheng of robot application CTO to introduce. Unlike the building of past extensive type rubbish handles way, in the city is green build through robot sorting technology, the complex part such as the brick that makes rubbish medium, stone, earth is classified effectively and depart, second birth gives clean sanded stone aggregate, brick earth of arenaceous, screening. The small simple thing to be being collected, change a system to make product of the sources of energy through the sources of energy of splitting decomposition aerification, free from contamination of whole process cleanness. The reproduction such as the earth of stability of high-powered concrete, road, brick that show water tastes the green that large quantities of one quality accord with the market to ask, at Hangzhou immediate application municipal infrastructure is built. Research and development of innovation of drive intelligence technology is digested already absorb, lead innovation again. Do not have area high-tech enterprise as, in the city is green build hold to innovation to be able to last, cooperative immensity bound, depend on actual strength of enormous global expert group, will own research and development and foreign experience photograph are united in wedlock, for our country city building rubbish processing outputs wisdom. In respect of own research and development, in the city is green build research and development the three-dimensional visual sense that has independent intellectual property, world to precede identifies a technology, promoted rubbish further grading craft and product line intelligence change a standard. Zhang Jianhua of doctor of German hamburger university says, building, decorate rubbish sort various, material is jumbly, all sorts of rubbish are very easy pile adhesion, still do not have effective method domestic and internationally to divide different target rift to come at present. In the city is green build a group to pass comprehensive survey, draw lessons from domain of applied computer vision newest research achievement, the 2 peace keeping that stay sorting matter through getting automation line to go up at the same time are three-dimensional much mode information, come the behavior of thing of understanding of imitate mankind observation, effectively computation is broken up stay sorting matter, make break up average and absolutely error to be less than 3% . In international cooperation respect, in the city is green the robot sorting technology that builds research and development, in base of gain of technology of Switzerland, Japan aspirant travel innovates, achieve international advanced level. In addition, in the city is green build still combine force of technology of Germany, Holand, captured the technical difficult problem that decorates waste disposal, build according to China, decorate rubbish composition characteristic, quantity body is depart of custom-built brick stone, light material is grading wait for core technology craft, make small matter grading achieve 95% above result, true implementation building, decorate rubbish to become useless to be treasure, make the resource of the position that put a fault gets making full use of.