Can the robot talk about love with the person

Published on 2018-11-26

In real life, artificial intelligence and our life is closer and closer, indispensable even. People cannot help beginning to think a few ” terrible ” problem: After artificial intelligence develops certain level, can conversely does the palm accuse the mankind? The mankind and artificial intelligence besides all sorts of big fight, whether can you realize harmonious coexistence? Whether can there be love to appear between the mankind and robot? Let the computer think like the person, it is the scientist’s dream. Bright picture / visual China is this, wang Xuemei undertook the artificial intelligence scientist that the reporter lives nearly 30 years to working in the United States interview. Ask: Science fiction is great in, the robot that often has out of control forces the mankind to the occasion of the blind alley. Does meeting bona fide produce this kind of situation? Answer: I or the historical development from artificial intelligence are mentioned. 20 centuries 50 time, the concept of artificial intelligence already was put forward formally by American scholar, main goal is to let machine competency need the intricate work that human intelligence just can complete, like letting the computer resemble a person, go looking, go listening, go thinking. In be as long as in the time of half century, this one course all the time not lukewarm not fire. Until in last few years, deepness study technology obtains a breakthrough, just turn artificial intelligence to where the wind and the waves are highest. Deepness study is network of a kind of nerve, but compare with the photograph before, its characteristic was to use multilayer network, can study abstract idea, blend in ego study at the same time, and convergence is relatively fast. Letting what people feels afraid is, the study rate that artificial intelligence place shows is breathtaking, and the ability that can ceaseless in study him promotion learns. But we want to know, the deepness study ability of artificial intelligence is a foundation with big data. If we regard artificial intelligence as a cry piteously for food, baby that has infinite latent capacity, magnanimity, professional deepness data is feed of this talent ” milk powder ” . “Milk powder ” the amount decided whether the baby can be brought up, and ” milk powder ” the intellectual growth level that quality decided the baby is follow-up. Very may much person can feel artificial intelligence is very dangerous, more dangerous than nuke even, I think this is completely as a result of what do not understand artificial intelligence and cause. For example, the plane has been considered as by major person, dan Fei machine bumps into building of trade of new York world possibly also collapse. But you should not blame an airplane, what you should blame is that person that drives a plane to bump into a building. Artificial intelligence is again powerful, also be a kind of algorithm that is based on big data, also be a kind of tool of the mankind, it is to want to accuse in human palm under those who move.