Medical treatment robot has come

Published on 2020-09-08

Now, had had robot of a lot of kinds of medical treatment. The famousest is operation robot, but they are an iceberg only one horn. Still have rehabilitation robot, biorobots, present a robot remotely, support of the people of drug-store automation machine disinfects a robot. Their use is increasing. We already the whole world from 2000 1, 000 robots operation develops 450 thousand of 2012. Why can the robot also innovate medical treatment domain? The advantage of robot operation is numerous, ache lesser to experience especially and shorten the patient of time of be in hospital. For example, the patient is earlier than conventional surgery two leave a hospital to 5 days, resume an activity faster also. Robot operation is safer also to surgeon and medical personnel, pressure is less, have better control and address sex, better point of view and better management state, the risk is dropping quickly. Use operation robot, can disconnect surgery and surgery physics join. European somebody may operate in North America robot. You have some kind of thing, but is best surgeon the other one aspect of the matter in this heavenly body? Because can let a surgeon be run inside global limits so, so you do not need to go cure. This also will make medical personnel can arrive to wait for dangerous area like war zone or epidemic situation area. Medical treatment robot will give robots of more own advantageous position to still can give a person more own right, the skeleton outside losing the person of use leg ministry to may have helps them walk again, or automatic wheelchair or copy greener.