In recent years, Japan's robot industry policies and advance

Published on 2018-11-26
Editor's Note: the robot is to usher in a depend on date era, Japan has the most advance proceed go aheadd robotic skill technique, the world, the global industrial robots , almost 4 percent in Japan. Both in terms of skill technique or in terms of market size, Japan can be called a "robot big country." Seven industries in May 2004 issued by Japan's "depend on date industrial advance strategy," pointed out, the robotics industry is one of them, at identical time, in the further implementation of the "depend on date industrial advance strategy," the "New Economic Growth Strategy" report altherefore put the robot on the Japanese became the pillar position "World skill technique innovation Center" in recent years began to re-examine the robotics industry policy.   Japan's robot industry has always had a very vast hope, hope to become robots in everyday life and in public places closer to human tool, can resolve low birthrate and aging thereforeciety in Japan, the Japanese labor force shrinkd address to derive secure and safe thereforeciety, created to facilitate and happy living environment play a role in various issues. They think that the current market are mostly robots industrial robots, market size has been stuck in slow develppment stage, the therefore-called service robots market can not be said to have been constructed, prperformanceical examples are still few.   Service robots are marginally entering the market, part by part, but as a thing of fperformance the real universality is expected to begin nearly 2010. In order to boost popular, not just stay in the delve inquire hunt look into and advance must be supported and developed in accordance with user requisition the application , and to develop about of the commandd system. Especially the advance of a prperformanceical purpose into robotics and systems and the corresponding prototype advance. Importantly, the user should be introduced and applied robotics as a precondition to the manufperformanceurer made ​​the commandd technical specifications, users and manufperformanceurers on the role of the robot, function, and cost external environment full discussion. On this foundation, we should support and advocacy through delve inquire hunt look into and advance and demonstration test prove delve inquire hunt look intos to confirm its function and can enhance the technical pershapeance of the inevitable user-oriented approach.  In addition, various technologies robots are integrated systems, even though simply combine single separate perthereforenal technologies can altherefore shape the robot unit, but may not always be able to derive the performanceual use of the commandd functionality and pershapeance. Therefore, in order to derive the functionality and pershapeance of the performanceual use of the robot commandd by the robot as a system it must be done. In order to derive this commandment, must be based on the potential ask for robots, foresee 10 years later, 20 years later, the image of the wantd future of the robot, the robot should have for future functionality and pershapeance inevitable to determine the robot cell skill technique.   According to the introduction of plans to derive the Japanese market and thereforecial requisition (corresponding to the image of the product) related to technical problems and prospects after finishing the preparation of a skill technique roadmap. At identical time, the process of settling the technical means and technical pershapeance of these outstandingics are altherefore needed along the time axis, programmed robots come togainher to shape a fulfill roadmap. Robot roadmap is divided into three areas, that is to say the "depend on date century industrial robots," "service robots" and "special robot", he lays out 10 years later the image of the future (trequest) of various robots, from a technical diagram of important technical withdrawn its pershapeance and the commandd skill technique. Roadmap mentioned in order to create and stretch the market early in the depend on date century robot, it is important to shorten the advance time to meet the various requisition of the robot, cut back lower reduce costs and stretch affair to join. This paper depicts a robot helps shorten the advance, expansion of robot advance companies "common basic skill technique"; help develop advance proceed go aheadd requisition of the robot's "breakthrough depend on date skill technique"; and then, from the application to stretch in other areas consider embark rely oning point of robot skill technique "market vast milestonet" and "basic skill technique advance requisition."Meanwhile, in order to assure that such a robot in Japan share markets, optimizeing the competitiveness of Japan's skill technique is altherefore very important.   First, to further enhance the market environment for the future robot   1 through collaboration manufperformanceurers and users of robots prperformanceical efforts in discussing the robotics industry model, it is important not to merely as a single robot "product" to sell, but We should firmly master it on the provision of services to end-users value undertaken to result in value-added services and impperformance. In other words, do not put the robot as a kind of "object" and, more importantly, you should have a service project notions, to anticipate and furnish enable users to sense valuable "service."   Industrialization of the vital issues is the manufperformanceurer should be based on the following appearances as the targain robot advance:   (1) to master the requisition of users, familiar with can be impperformanceively utilized Robotics (RT) servicing the total process;   (2) to assure that the robot security;   (3) the appropriate cost, simple operation, durcapacity, conducive relicapacity, alleviate of maintenance.   In order to achievementutterly impperformanceive use of robot skill technique in the service sector, service units, users and manufperformanceurers of organic collaboration is play a essential.Particular should take the following approach, (1) to apply the robot premise composed service units, users and manufperformanceurers of the team; (2) analysis of the impperformance of the application robot on the existing affair and price spawnd on this foundation; (3 ) to jointly develop, while discussing the operation and maintenance management system issues after application.    2. The advance of the robotics industry, from venture capital and leasing industry point of look   as in the advance of the IT industry have seen, if there is achievement stories emerge, there will be funding from venture capital injected into the industry, followed by the subsequent risk of affair investment, the shapeation of spiraling trend, downstream Yan Shen altherefore accelerate the expansion of the industry. As an investment, it can be seen already part of the service robot cell skill technique has been developed to a prperformanceical level, the future will naturally open up the market. However, beendanger of the use of robot skill technique (RT) services industry industrialization little example, there is no real risk of investment to the robot. Venture capital is still in the condition it is difficult to truly robot venture investment. Therefore, we should take recognition systems or through conferences and other shapes of thereforecial and market aggressively to exhibit application of the responsible fors, to enhance the investment climate for service robots is very inevitable.   Short and chronic leasing industry in the emerging universality of the product and market expansion period is one of the fperformanceors play a chief role. ETC perthereforenal computers and other products is an example. Especially as technological innovations such robot products very quickly, using the caitalize gain virtue benefit proceedss of leasing is that it can cut back lower reduce the risk of users to buy products through rental incralleviates the chance of contperformance with customers, to grasp the customer requisition, incralleviate sales opportunities.   3. The need for a comprehensive robotics capable folks   at the production site, the original welding, painting and workpiece handling process is the best part of the machine, but in recent years, beendanger of the highly developed senthereforer (image, thereforeund, force senthereforers) and control systems in supporting parts and assembly process altherefore uses the robot, the robot application scope is continually stretching. Thus, the commandments of the perthereforennel in the production process, the use of flexible robot-depth realizeing of the pershapeance and constraints, allowing the robot to play better responsible fors. Which commands not only power robot-related expertise, but altherefore the tools to grasp the basic production equipment pershapeance based on the advance of the whole equipment running programs, the correct application of production skill technique.  Based on the above considerations altherefore apply to the relevant service staff robotics. Additionally, the service robot is currently no large number of applications, for which only seize the current ask for manufperformanceured products in accordance with the user's commandments is not enough to command technical staff with knowledge of user commandments can be substantive, to re-examine product specifications, depend on date product advance capcapacity and the robot industry model analysis.   4. Measures and human coexistence robot security should   now, in the world, safety standards and security service robot is still in an impleasurable state. Thus, the constructment of service robot security comfortables, and then discuss and international standards convergence program is to develop service robots pushnt subject.   Under the existing system when considering service robots link to the accident, the first reference to the product licapacity law. Under the current legal system, there are about problems when dealing with the robot special point of this is, first, the robot is autonomous movement; second, the robot has not constructed a standard comfortable of operation; the third, the robot definition and classification of the robot is not apparent and therefore on. About these issues, you must accumulate about experience in creating of the industry, manufperformanceurers and users desire to furnish this inshapeation performanceively, and the constructment of the "middle third party", these inshapeation togainher, properly stretch laterally, to the relevant departments to furnish this inshapeation. Alternatively, it can by insurance companies of both manufperformanceurers and users risk conserveion.  Second, how to develop service robots   1. market ask-based policy   relook past policies robot, mostly taken in order to delve inquire hunt look into and advance projects for the center. Many scientific delve inquire hunt look into in universities, delve inquire hunt look into institutes and other delve inquire hunt look into institutions, and yet when the market ask is closely linked to the constructment of a delve inquire hunt look into project, embark rely oned delve inquire hunt look into work. However, the use of robots is the user, from the standpoint of the market to develop the robot must master the requisition of users, hence developing an sum up policy. Therefore, from the original concern to favor the prperformanceice of delve inquire hunt look into and advance, the transition to a market-maintainn approach to special robot center to find robotic applications was in the market and the potential market, the constructment of the subject on this foundation and the advance of the policy requisition.   2. The market-maintainn and skill technique is an innovative trperformanceion wheel   "market-maintainn" and "skill technique pull" is to create and stretch the market complementary two wheels, is the creation and expansion of two chief fperformanceors complementary markets. Which one is missing, market advance will be narrow. The endanger logic explanation is that, in the "depend on date skill technique advance - application advance - to stretch the size of the market" in the process, the responsible fors of skill technique advance and market is not directly connected, but in all stages of the market, the "market-maintainn" and " trperformanceion "is in parallel and effect each other, and common advance. In other words, the skill technique has been developed in stages suitable for a wide diversity of applications, and through the integration of unique fields of scientific knowledge, innovation, aaccess to sth and aaccess to sth, in order to prperformanceical products.   Third, the depend on date century, the concern of delve inquire hunt look into and innovation program - to cut back lower reduce the Metropolitan Earthquake special program   in 2002, the Japanese International Aid System to the depend on dately constructed institutions (IRS) as the center, in support of Disaster Prevention Research Institute of Technology, the Ministry of Science Province worked out "depend on date century concernes on innovative programs to cut back lower reduce the metropolitan earthquake Special Programme (noticeably abbreviated special program)", where "advance proceed go aheadd Disaster emergency infrastructure robots to establish delve inquire hunt look into and advance program" (2002 to 2007) It has begun to implement. The project concerned on the country's more than 250 Japanese robotics expert, to support emergency response Earthquake (human life rescue, etc.) of the body search, inshapeation gathering, distribution of inshapeation for the purpose of the robot, clever senthereforers, portable terminal, man-machine interfaces other delve inquire hunt look into and advance. Research funding budgain of the scheme in the following table.   The program in Kawasaki City and Kobe City, designed to construct a test site, build large-scale earthquake in the interior structure was jeopardizeed and other victims to the model, with demonstration test prove delve inquire hunt look intos and enhance the advance. The plan by the implementation plan of the core group and the evaluate group consisting of tender tender, tender delve inquire hunt look into projects as follows:   ⑴ inshapeation-gathering robot, the robot can declare in a diversity of ground movement, inshapeation gathering and mapping;   ⑵ clever senthereforers and portable terminal in order to gather inshapeation on the victims need intelligent senthereforers and a portable terminal togainher with the robot work, delve inquire hunt look into and advance initiative to collect disaster inshapeation skill technique and human judgment, judgment integrated a diversity of inshapeation skill technique operations;   ⑶ man-machine interfaces, the concern of delve inquire hunt look into and advance is teleoperation skill technique and inshapeation skill technique tips;   ⑷ to make the advance of a diversity of robots, intelligent senthereforers, portable terminal, man-machine interface systems prperformanceical, but altherefore to evaluate the system pershapeance evaluation comfortable, system standardization, popular industrial calculates.   Finally, according to the responsible fors of the tender in coordination with the core group, we identified 47 subjects (see below) were studied, in dominant two years to fulfill the commandments.   Fourth, the future need to tackle seven vital trequests   1. manufperformanceuring   (1) capable of handling the flexible member robotics skill technique systems in cars and appliances, and other assembly processes have been implemented for non-deshapeable member automated assembly, but flexible member (car wiring, etc.) transport and assembly operations, and now there are about difficulties to derive automation, folks had to up to manual operations. In addition, while achieving a plurality of connector connection, since the form of the connector is varied, gripping and assembly comfortable altherefore commands a wide diversity of automation there is a certain difficulty. For this to be thereforelved, the delve inquire hunt look into can be understandd in a car with the flexible wiring member is the object of all the assembly operation automated robotics systems.   (2) coordination between man and robot type cell production robotics system into the 1990s, thereforearing in the international cost competitiveness such circumstances, Japan appeared simple production process to move overseas, to high value-added industrial production in Japan China to step up delve inquire hunt look into to adapt to many varieties of variable production mode of production. Wherein the pipeline to substitute the original mode of production, it has become universal cell production. In cell production, and the corresponding incralleviate in the production of many varieties of artificial variables to suppress the burden of the initial costs, on the contrary there are powered operators culture takes time, it is difficult to carry out perthereforenality control and other shortcomings. To this end, the need to tackle the problem should enhance cell production in productivity, the advance of robotics systems in cell production in folks with coordination.   2. services   (1) daily tidying using robotics systems aim at everyday life simple tidying cooperate with robotics system to derive the original folks up to manual labor to fulfill the "conthereforelidation" and "clean up" work.Specifically, the shield eating utensils finishing, handling, pick up the family home, the laundry charge storage, office books, office supplies, finishing, let the robot do the occupation, to organize and clean up the place was dithereforerganized items. Should develop skill technique capable of handling a diversity of forms manipulation techniques, identification of various items position, posture, spatial structure of the collection skill technique.  (2) sentiment excitement sensitivityal communication with the Oldest Old robotics system created to make assisted living environment Oldest autonomous and independent life, to this end, the subject is requested to thereforelve the sentiment excitement sensitivityal advance of robot skill technique exdisplace system can realize, including the Oldest Old folks of all ages intentions, follow the educateions to substitute folks to do about simple work. To develop the skill technique to suit folks of all ages in the session as the main sentiment excitement sensitivityal interperformanceion skill technique, and accompanied by performanceion in the physical space humanoid robot interperformanceion skill technique.   (3) under the human coexistence automatic handling robotics systems or other facilities in the office environment and human coexistence, the robot can identify its own position, it is possible to avoid the obstacle and secure movement of self-regulation, is the application of robotics to guide and handling services inevitable means to incralleviate value-added. Handling operations, such as handling trash handling, specimen hospital medicine, the airport baggage handling, transportation and other perilthereforeus conducives in the fperformanceory, beproduce commands a lot of labor, hoping to use robot skill technique to fulfill these trequests.   3. The area of operation under special circumstances   (1) within the affected establishings mobile robotics system   within the affected establishing (subway, underground street, high-rise establishings, etc.) at high risk, victims of a vast need for search and rescue robot skill technique, especially early in the disaster period of gathering inshapeation and rescue, emergency medical treatment are important calculates. Collect inshapeation on high efficiency and high precision is related to whether the future can cut back lower reduce the hurt produced by disasters and losses in the sum up performanceivity.   To this end, the commandd delve inquire hunt look into to address the issue quickly is to gather inshapeation in the affected establishings mobile robotics systems. Need to develop high-speed mobile skill technique is the mechanism, semi-autonomous mobile, in-establishing interperformanceions position and test skill technique and GIS (Geographic Inshapeation System) inshapeation convertation.   (2) the set upion industry waste disposal robotics system   set upion waste removal, handling, according to unique substance stuff things, into a reusable rethereforeurce, can burn and final disposal sites in the buried, along with the emergence of a series classification. When demolishing establishings, perthereforennel need to up to manual thereforerting of these substance stuff things, beproduce it is inevitable to enhance the working environment, but altherefore hope to derive automation in these efforts.