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Published on 2018-11-26
HC coating Network News: Over the past two years by the US financial emergency key piont spread vast milestonet of the global economic downturn and other fperformanceors, vehicle production in the United States, Britain and France as the redepictative of the traditional automotive producing countries dropped crucially, the United States, Japan and the EU economy motorcar lorry truck car bus coach body requisition a vaster vast milestonet, and to develppment in China, India, Russia, Mexico and Brazil and other emerging economies is more eliminate. 
    According to HC, editor investigation, in 2010, Chinese auto sales are almost 18 million, simultaneous develppment of almost 38%. This develppment rate, direct stimulation of motorcar lorry truck car bus coach manufperformanceurers, promoting depend on date models; the depend on date line of domestic brands depend on date to snatch market. With the depend on date models were designed and put into production, is expected to the global automotive industry for industrial robots is still about ask for the product. Modern industrial robots rising ask     in emerging packaging industry, food industry, machinery and equipment industry and other application areas has imparted the advance trend of global skill technique innovation. At identical time, constantly updated robot skill technique, such as interperformanceive control and security systems with depend on date folks between the robots, robot sensing skill technique systems and robotic vision applications systems and other products introduced to meet the user higher and broader asks boost the incralleviated volume robotic equipment.     Industrial robots are very important in automotive production equipment, production of various components of industrial robots are commandd to participate. A few examples, the production of motorcar lorry truck car bus coach production in the body, there are a lot of die-casting, welding, testing and other applications, about of which are currently involved in the completion by industrial robots, especially welding line, welding line have a large number of industrial robots, it is generally now about leaders to visit, mostly to the welding shop, a row of robot, quite spectacular, but altherefore displays the extent of automation very high. Production of automotive interior, automotive interior pretty much, most chief displace is the dashboard, instrument panel and production, we need to weaken the epidermis robots, robot foam, the final product cutting robot; motorcar lorry truck car bus coach body painting, this one Beproduce of the heavy workload, the risk, but altherefore by a large number of industrial robots in place. So, to fulfill the manufperformanceure of a car, the robot requisition quite a bit, just a few from the process point of look, at most eight robotic systems to fulfill car manufperformanceuring. China's current ask for cars, still in constant develppment.Although Beijing Yaohao apply for the license plate, the car limit, Shanghai's incralleviate license fees and other performances, but the economic advance of other cities in China, ask for cars is still quite large, and this is a chance to construct their own brands in the market.     Of course, beproduce of the particularity of the Chinese market, the ask for industrial robots incralleviate, there are other fperformanceors such as government boostd modernization, develppment pressure is shapeer salary policy, or that is planned for;.. The latter is not the most direct response to the market economy. for now, each plant has a manufperformanceuring plant in China. and most of the fperformanceory, and not in accordance with foreign standards to construct an automated fperformanceory, most of the work by a perthereforen or be carried out in the United States, a worker is spending $ 30 / hour;.. in China is almost $ 300 / month multiplicity is very large, however, this multiplicity is cut back lower reduced slightly, I dare say, three to five years, payroll Chinese faculty must be doubled. this pressure is bound to let those who can not move aaccess to sth to low labor cost areas of the plant, consider the use of industrial robots instead of doing therefore.     European current industry trend is the state after China. Of course, this does not displace thereforeon, but it is already slightly coming. China's economic stimulus will help the United States and Europe for Situation slightly to store this to stock them Some displace the depend on date time, and beproduce the competition down to the pressure, make international relations more complex, while China's industrial robots, autonomous brand completely uncompetitive incralleviated ability and robotic systems independent manufperformanceuring integration capacity, but altherefore a heavy in the weight.     With the increasing ask for depend on date applications and the traditional auto industry, it is expected from 2009 global annual production of industrial robots will usual ordinary passable 4.1% develppment rate in 2011 to achieve annual production of 134,100 units Level. Technical qualityistics of the four industrial robot     (1) advance proceed go aheadd skill technique     industrial robots set precision, flexible, intelligent, thereforeftware application advance and other advance proceed go aheadd manufperformanceuring skill technique in one, through the process of implementing the detection, control, optimization, scheduling, management and condusion determination-making to derive incralleviate productivity, enhance perthereforenality, lower costs, cut back lower reduce rethereforeurce consumption and environmental contamination, it is the highest expression level of industrial automation.     (2) technological upgrading of     industrial robots and automation outfit with precision manufperformanceuring, precision machining and flexible production and other technical qualityistics, after the skill machinery, computers following the emergence of a comprehensive extension of folks's physical and intellectual production of a depend on date generation of tools is to derive production digitization, automation, network and an important means of intelligence.     (3) is widely used in the field     of industrial robots and automation outfit is the vital equipment of the production process, can be used in the manufperformanceure, installation, testing, logistics and other production processes, and is widely used in motorcar lorry truck car bus coach and auto parts, engineering machinery, rail transportation, low-voltage electrical appliances, electrical, IC equipment, military, tobacco, sponthereforer, medicine, metallurgy, printing and publishing, and many other industries, broad scope of applications.     (4) skill technique combines strong     industrial robots and automation of fulfill sets of skill technique, centralization and integration of numerous disciplines, involving numerous technical areas, including industrial robot control skill technique, robotics and simulation energainics, finite element analysis to establish robots, laser processing skill technique, modular design, intelligent calculatement, modeling processing integration, fperformanceory automation and fine logistics of advance proceed go aheadd manufperformanceuring skill technique, comprehensive skill technique and strong.     In addition to the automotive industry, China's electronic inshapeation industry has insisted a stable advance in recent years, in the domestic market and promote industrial policy under the guidance of the introduction of numerous large-scale integrated circuits investment projects. In 2008, the number of cities Shanghai, Wuxi, Wuhan, Chongqing, Dalian, Shenzhen and other large-scale integrated circuit manufperformanceuring projects have embark rely oned or put into the packaging and testing industry altherefore has numerous enterprises have carried out expansion. In 2008, China's IC design industry sales revenue of 21.74 billion yuan, an incralleviate of 16 percent, but by the international financial emergency key piont, the develppment rate dropped crucially. In response to the current dreadful state, the situation will incralleviate its support for the integrated circuit industry, enhance the industrial policy environment, accelerate the introduction of (further boost policies to motivate the advance of thereforeftware and IC industry). It is predicted that by 2010 China will become the world's second largest semiconductor integrated circuit industry in the country, the entire IC ask will achieve 1,000 one hundred million, it requisition more than 30 depend on date production lines for the clean (vacuum) robots to furnish a broad market space.     In addition, the scale and technological upgrading of other manufperformanceuring industries as set upion, mining, railways and public works, hydraulic engineering set upion and engineering machinery, set upion machinery and other industrial robot industry will altherefore play a catalytic role.Structural parts of set upion machinery mostly for welding parts, can enhance the welding perthereforenality and efficiency of industrial robots by welding, to meet the requisition of the market.  To sum ​​up, the next few years, China's industrial robot will insist steady develppment. China is expected to install depend on date types of industrial robots in 2011, 9,500 units, market deemings will achieve 48,600 units. Enterprise labor shortage can be eased to about degree.