2011 industrial robot market is still the better

Published on 2020-09-08
In 2010, after the financial emergency key piont of the robot affair sales displayed steady develppment for all to see. In particular, about well-known mainstream manufperformanceurers such as ABB , Fanuc . Beproduce of China's manufperformanceuring labor shortage of tension and unprecedented rise in ask for cars in 2011, the robot market will usher in the golden period of advance. 

        The shadow of the economic emergency key piont seems to still yesterday, but to spur economic recovery, has let this shadow slightly fades. 2010, all industrial robot manufperformanceurer, or are tired but happy mood spent. roughly each industrial robot company , whether it is mainstream manufperformanceurers, such as abb, fanuc them, or about other company, this develppment were previously unimaginable.         this is an economic recovery from the fourth quarter of 2009 and this kind of economic stimulus, the most important is that there are two appearances, one is the advance of depend on date energy industrial applications , as well as a considerable incralleviate in the ask for the automotive industry, both of which share in the automotive industry, in particular, Asian ask for cars, directly spur the advance of related industries in 2010, Chinese auto sales are almost 18 million, simultaneous develppment of almost 38% of this develppment rate, direct stimulation of motorcar lorry truck car bus coach manufperformanceurers, promoting depend on date models;.. domestic brands the depend on date line to snatch market.         industrial robots are very important in automotive production equipment, production of various components are needed in industrial robots. we stock you a few examples. production of motorcar lorry truck car bus coach production in the body, there are a lot of die-casting, welding , testing and other applications, about of which are currently involved in the completion by industrial robots, especially welding line, welding line have a large number of industrial robots, it is generally now about leaders visited, mostly to the welding shop, a row of robot, quite spectacular , but altherefore displays a very high extent of automation; production of automotive interior, automotive interior pretty much, most chief displace is the dashboard, instrument panel and production, you need to weaken the epidermis robots, robot foam, eventually cutting robot products; motorcar lorry truck car bus coach body painting, this one beendanger of the heavy workload, the risk, but altherefore by a large number of industrial robots in place therefore fulfill car manufperformanceuring, robots need quite a lot from the process to just a few. view, at most eight robotic system to fulfill the car manufperformanceurer is currently ask for cars, altherefore continued develppment in China, although Beijing under the order of the draw, limit car, Shanghai license fee or aboutmatter. However, economic advance of other cities in China, ask for cars is still quite large, and this is a chance to construct their own brands in the market.          of course, beendanger of the particularity of the Chinese market, the ask for industrial robots incralleviate, there are about other fperformanceors as an example to boost the modernization of government, the develppment pressure is shapeer salary policy, or that is planned for;.. which is not the most direct response to the market economy now, each plant has a manufperformanceuring facility in China and most of the fperformanceory, and not in accordance with foreign standards to construct an automated fperformanceory, most of the work is done by folks in the United States, a worker is spending $ 30 / hour; while in China is almost $ 300 / month the multiplicity is very large, however, this multiplicity is cut back lower reduced slightly, I dare say, three to five years, China's wage faculty must be doubled. this pressure is bound to let those who can not move aaccess to sth to the low labor costs plant area, consider the use of industrial robots instead of doing therefore.         the European current industry trend is the state after China. of course, this does not displace thereforeon, but it is already slightly coming. China's economic stimulus will help Europe slightly store this country for state, to stock them about depend on date time displace, and beproduce the competition down to the pressure, make international relations more complex, while China's industrial robots, autonomous brand completely uncompetitive. incralleviate the ability of independent manufperformanceuring and robotic systems integration capabilities, is altherefore a outstanding priority.         based on about of the above inshapeation, we think that the 2011 robot sales market will still be quite conducive, and in 2010 only worse. wait and see! in 2010, corporate sales robot after the financial emergency key piont displayed steady develppment for all to see. In particular, about well-known mainstream manufperformanceurers such as ABB, FANUC. In the past year, ABB has altherefore built China's first robot vehicle spraying test prove delve inquire hunt look into center. abb robot unit head of China predicts Dr. Gu Chunyuan, he said: "The number of industrial robots in the future China exceeded one million units in just a thing of time."March 1, 2011, ABB and fast layout, bring China's largest robot system integrator of Xiamen Siert Robot System Co., Ltd. was constructed in West's first robotic system integration base. China Industrial Network editor that beproduce of the shortage of faculty in the manufperformanceuring sector of tension and unprecedented rise in ask for cars in 2011, the robot market will usher in the golden period of advance.