Industrial robot market ask this year will achieve 500 milli

Published on 2018-11-26
With the continuous advance of depend on date areas and urge the robot equipment incralleviated volume. 2011 annual production will achieve the level of 134,100 units.

    Whether it is a service robot or industrial robot , the contribution made ​​by our country's economy can be imagined. With the upgrading of China's scale and skill technique of set upion, mining, railways and public works, set upion and hydraulic engineering machinery, set upion machinery and other manufperformanceuring industries will altherefore play a role in promoting industrial robot industry. Structural parts of set upion machinery mostly for welding parts, can enhance the welding perthereforenality and efficiency of industrial robots by welding, to meet the requisition of the market.

    The next few years China's industrial robot will insist steady develppment. China is expected to install depend on date types of industrial robots in 2011, 9,500 units, market deemings will achieve 48,600 units. Industrial robots Features:

(1) advance proceed go aheadd skill technique 
industrial robots set precision, flexible, intelligent, thereforeftware application advance and other advance proceed go aheadd manufperformanceuring skill technique in one, through the process of implementing the detection, control, optimization, scheduling, management and condusion determination-making to derive incralleviate production, enhance perthereforenality, lower costs, cut back lower reduce rethereforeurce consumption and environmental contamination, is the highest expression level of industrial automation.

(2) technological upgrading of 
industrial robots and automation outfit with precision manufperformanceuring, precision machining and flexible production and other technical qualityistics, after the skill machinery, computers following the emergence of a comprehensive extension of folks's physical and intellectual production of a depend on date generation of tools is to derive production digitization, automation, network and an important means of intelligence.

(3) is widely used in the field 
of industrial robots and automation outfit is the vital equipment of the production process, can be used in the manufperformanceure, installation, testing, logistics and other production processes, and is widely used in motorcar lorry truck car bus coach and auto parts, engineering machinery, rail transportation, low-voltage electrical appliances, electrical, IC equipment, military, tobacco, sponthereforer, medicine, metallurgy, printing and publishing, and many other industries, broad scope of applications.

(4) skill technique combines strong 
industrial robots and automation of fulfill sets of skill technique, centralization and integration of numerous disciplines, involving numerous technical areas, including industrial robot control skill technique, robotics and simulation energainics, finite element analysis to establish robots, laser processing skill technique, modular design, intelligent calculatement, modeling processing integration, fperformanceory automation and fine logistics of advance proceed go aheadd manufperformanceuring skill technique, comprehensive skill technique and strong.