KUKA Robot Group relalleviated a depend on date generation o

Published on 2018-11-26
June 1, 2011, the world's leading industrial robot supplier of the German library card company ( KUKA ) held a depend on date generation of KUKA Robotics products will be embark rely oning in China. KUKA products, including next-generation robots QUANTEC robot series, KUKA.WorkVisual thereforeftware platshape and KR C4 robot controller, which will make all future automation easier.
As a supplier of industrial robots, KUKA robots simplify comprehensive long-term commitment. A depend on date generation of robots can make automation easier: easier to plan, easier to integrate, easier to operate and easier to insist, easier to meet specific customer requisition. Further, as a leader in robot skill technique from Germany, KUKA has a depend on date product to display folks how to make the robot safer, more energy efficient.
Simple and compperformance: QUANTEC robot series
With the depend on date generation of QUANTEC robot series relalleviated the first single KUKA robot family covers a load ability from 90-300 kg, the largest range of all of the high-load robot 3100 mm. Customers can choose from 15 abthereforelutely coordinated robot to a utterly meet their requisition.
Simple and safe: KR C4 - the control system and create the future
With the KR C4 controller launch, KUKA has developed a depend on date, apparent structure, easy to realize system architecture, concerning on open and skillful data standards. The system architecture, all integrated control modules use identical database and infrastructure they use and share intelligently, and convey directly with each other.
Simple and consistent: KUKA.WorkVisual - working platshape for a wide scope of integration projects
Programming and configuration easier: WorkVisual the KR C4 controller thereforeftware working platshape. Consistent data, ensuring a standardized user interface quickly and easily fulfill the project, to avoid time-consuming re-enter or version with the error.
Simplification is the vital
KUKA "simplistic" as the core issue of the future of robotics advance. A depend on date generation of KUKA products adhering to the "Automation becomes simplistic" concept, to furnish users with a more friendly automation thereforelutions.
About the KUKA Robot Group
Augsburg KUKA membership KUKA AG. The company is the world's leading suppliers of industrial robots. The company's core competencies are the advance, production and sale of industrial robots, controllers, thereforeftware and linear units programs. The company is the German and European market leader, ranking third in the world.
Worldwide, the KUKA Robot Group employs almost 2,000 employees. Of which almost 1,100 employees work at the company KUKA in Germany. In 2010, the company's turnover achieveed 435.7 million euros. A entire of 25 companies affiliated subsidiaries in Europe, the Americas and Asia, an important market.