Ruizhi establish China's industrial robot application theref

Published on 2018-11-26
1959 The first industrial robot in the United States was born, creating a robot a depend on date era of advance; today, in developed countries, industrial robots, automated production line equipment has become the mainstream and the future direction of automation equipment. Foreign automotive industry, electronic industry, engineering machinery and other industries has been widely used industrial robots automated production lines to assure product perthereforenality, incralleviate productivity, and avoid a lot of accidents. Prperformanceice using many countries worldwide around half a century of industrial robots displayed that the universality of industrial robots is to automate the production, enhance thereforecial productivity, boost an impperformanceive means of enterprise and thereforecial advance productivity.
  China's industrial robots embark rely oned in the early 1970s, after 30 years of advance, China's industrial robots a big step forward in prperformanceice, has developed a diversity of uses of industrial robots, and implemented numerous robot application engineering, shapeing a batch robot industry base for China's robot industry laid the erectation for takeoff.

As science and skill technique with Chinese manufperformanceuring industry from extensive to fine, from labor-intensive enterprises to develop automated production requisition, robots are widely used in Chinese manufperformanceuring is industrial automation, a way to enhance the efficiency of thereforecial production is very important . In 2011, as China is committed to enhancing the efficiency of the manufperformanceuring enterprise assignment, adhering to the corporate philothereforephy of creating value for customers, Ruizhi industrial robots as a dark horse in the Chinese industrial robots blaze field Ruizhi industrial robots adhering to the "sharp intellect, let wisdom performanceion "product concept, to become China's leading brand of industrial robot applications.

 June 27, 2011, Ruizhi industrial robots ( depend on date product launch was held in Shenzhen on this conference, Ruizhi displays a three-dimensional robot gluing device, gumming Ruizhi three-dimensional system is not only efficient , fast and accurate multi-demensioned complex parts of high-perthereforenality adhesive, glue products pay more attention to aesthetic sphere, to better serve the modern production skill technique. 

  Ruizhi industrial robots aim at delve inquire hunt look into, advance, manufperformanceuring and sales of leading brands for employmental applications. Ruizhi core conceptionof industrial robots is committed to enhancing the customer's manufperformanceuring efficiency and create value for customers, providing customers with employmental industrial automation robotics applications sum up thereforelution. Currently Ruizhi robots are widely used in automatic control gum (dispensing, spray irrigation and plastic), fields of expertise automatic locking sworkers fastening, handling and assembly components automatic detection.

 The 15th South China International Industrial Automation Exhibition will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center June 29-7 January Ruizhi industrial robots will carry a full scope of product diversity of the latest industrial robots debut illustrateion, at identical time, as a employmental industrial robots application thereforelution furnishr, Ruizhi industrial robots will be on suggest rapid application assembly, coating, assembly, handling, inspection, high-speed lock sworkerss and other fields.