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Medical treatment robot has come

Published on 2018-11-26

Now, had had robot of a lot of kinds of medical treatment. The famousest is operation robot, but they are an iceberg only one horn. Still have

Guo Taiming talks to whether should be opposite robot levy: Should learn to get along with them

Published on 2018-11-26

Patriarch of group of ability of Fuji Kang Ke holds president Guo Taiming concurrently 4 days to be accepted on congress of Internet of the 4th world when interviewing, express, the mankind should learn how to get along with the robot, ponder over the mankind how to cooperate with artificial intelligence better, is not to say how to follow robot levy. Patriarch of group of ability of Fuji Kang Ke holds daily of economy of inscription of president Guo stage concurrently, Ma Changyan of reporter o

Ma Yun: Allow a machine more like the robot more like the person

Published on 2018-11-26

Opening ceremony of congress of current world Internet, ma Yun makes the presentation that press an axis. Associate with in every case makes a speech with respect to gold sentence he ceaseless, also did not make everybody this disappointed. If say Internet from do not have have , so did not come 30 years, internet will from have without , this without be nowhere is absent without , can leave a network without the person and exist. begin, ma Yun expresses, internet is arriving deep square field s

Robot morning paper: Internet turns the person into the machine but the robot surmounts the mankind impossibly

Published on 2018-11-26

On December 4 message, on the opening ceremony of congress of Internet of the 4th world that undertook yesterday, the Babaji in gram of library of · of Mu of malic CEO the base of a fruit and A is round Ma Yun of chairman of board of directors happens to coincide refer artificial intelligence is right the mankinds minatory problem, ma Yun shows the human understanding to him cerebra, less than 10% , the machine that 10% creation come out, surmount the mankind impossibly. What does the robot ind

3 years industrial robot develops future good luck and trend

Published on 2018-11-26

In recent years, get the influence of manpower cost and population structure, industry of Asian area robot grows quickly, china made the worlds biggest robot market. According to international robot federation (IFR) forecast, to 2020, in the plant that will robot of 1.7 million new industry applies world each district. Industrial robot is implementation flexible the infrastructure of automation, more and more agile robot product satisfies the requirement of the factory, be helpful for accelerati

3C industry establishs next extraordinary service industrial robot sales volume went up greatly last year 16%

Published on 2018-11-26

According to Reuter report, international robot federation (IFR) point out, as a result of electronic industry drive, the global sales volume of industrial robot rose 2016 16% , predict its sales volume was added 2017 fast will faster. The global vendibility of industrial robot amounts to 13.1 billion dollar, incremental ratio exemple is 18% (it is 40 billion dollar about) . This includes software, peripheral equipment and systematic project among them. As the dimension of the robot ceaseless an

Mobile robot locates the technology considers to sum up

Published on 2018-11-26

Mobile robot fixed position is affirmatory its are located in foregone environment positional process, it is implementation shift robot the key of automatic navigation ability. What use sensor type according to robot place is different, its locate means differs somewhat. The sensor with at present wider application has camera of speedometer, ultrasonic, laser, camera, infrared ray, deepness, GPS to locate the system is waited a moment. With its corresponding robot locates the technology can divi

How much is the average price that buys industrial robot?

Published on 2018-11-26

When you want to buy a robot, the first issue that you consider to know is this robot need costs you how many money, how much are its tool and the price of all fittings. Before the specific quoted price with detailed requirement, win the general think of a way of referenced price hard sometimes. It is a when synergic type robot fixes a price rough idea below. The robot fixes a price more and more robots walk into an enterprise now, walk into a factory. The price of estimation robot also can beco

Fosan year cast 130 million yuan of interest elect a robot

Published on 2018-11-26

Yesterday, Fosan city drives robot application and industrial development to give aid to plan (2018~2020 year) (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) release formally, the time that seeks an opinion comes to ended on September 18 since yesterday. The robot application that registers in the light of Fosan city, noumenon is made, the system is compositive wait for 3 kinds of enterprises and robot industry to expand relevant business (orgnaization) , should ask for opinion draft to give out package

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