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Search difference to change deep treatment to raise produce additional cost

Published on 2018-01-26

To cater to the psychological demand of consumer, 100 abundant produce of Heibei develop limited company to tackle key problem through science and technology, undertake the product experiments ceaselessly, developed to boil a clique of soup of pear of A mother-in-law. This product uses outfit of canister of asepsis of high-grade glass bottle, classics high temperature is antiseptic and insurable 12 months, ensure from fountainhead Shang Pin of each bottles of pear is qualitative, safeguard feeds

Health master is had the honor to win dozenth a year of award of responsibility of people enterprise society the award that help deficient up

Published on 2018-01-15

On January 11, what sponsor by people net is dozenth a prize-giving grand ceremony of award of enterprise society responsibility in Peoples Daily company new media edifice is held formally, current grand ceremony takes on new era, new duty, newly with gives priority to a problem, discuss study to carry out 19 great mind, drive an enterprise to fulfill the core topic of social responsibility . Stand the heavyweight award that fix eyes upon fully among them year helps deficient award up to be anno

Bright 2018 Xin does not become rusty product of special type steel is recommended meeting - hand in hand win-win, build dream future

Published on 2018-01-15

On January 6, 2018, to bright Xin stainless steel it is a special and extraordinary time, hand in hand win-win, bright Xin of 2018 of the future that build a dream does not become rusty product of special type steel is recommended can be in without Xi Mingdou big public house is held ceremoniously. This grand meeting, bright Xin invited more than 500 new old client to assemble in. Spot music is ablaze, heart-stirring. A royal and grand product is recommended can pull open in spot honored guests

Clean water of Shu Fu spy implement behead obtains customer satisfaction trademark

Published on 2018-01-15

In what just end won 2017 in enjoying grand meeting of brand of industry of Chinese clean water, the Shu Fu of Softena of clean water brand that banner of limited company of science and technology of clean Ying Jiankang issues Jiangsu is special, after classics public polls and the expert evaluates integrated assess, have the honor to win honor of of brand of customer satisfaction. The pot of heavy and medal, delegate industry and consumer are especially clean to Shu Fu water implement of the br

Big 3 Hunan delicacy squeezes tea-seed oil craft line was started a few days ago try machine

Published on 2018-01-15

Tea-seed oil is oil of our country edible kind medium main component, just come for years how does monsoon undertake to fruit of big batch tea-oil tree exuviate depart and air basked in the big difficult problem that restricts development. Recently, big delicacy of 3 Hunan squeezes tea-seed oilCraft line tries formally machine start, this craft broke through the 3 great traditions of tea-seed oil to machine bottleneck, can better improve tea-seed oil quality, increase raw material additional cos

Competition of engine of outfit of sauce makings fill turns white-hot how does Tan project machine come true transfer

Published on 2018-01-15

In last few years, a lot of sauce expect fill installs aircraft company to think brand construction is one of the most effective competition ability. Be aimed at brand psychology of the client, tan is versed in machinery is led to enlarge the market to have, make great efforts on brand construction, ensure self interest while, can establish a good company image in the person of the same trade again, attract a client to achieve profit goal thereby. But grow at full speed as economy, market trends

Different ground ability changes product line of beer of China embellish snowflake the project pays turning point

Published on 2018-01-14

It is reported, beer of China embellish snowflake (south Guizhou) limited company was passed in March 2011 and buy former Guizhou means of magical beer limited company is entered be stationed in Long Li county. The enterprise was grabbed 2016 catch 1000 look forward to of Guizhou to transform chance, aim at Guizhou not to have the market blank of canned product line, take the kind of the change after be being built first, in Long Li area of garden of new and high industry is started produce per

Encounter automation when the tradition

Published on 2018-01-13

The rusk with this kind of clinking, brittle crisp often can evoke the good memory that has our childhood, make a men and women old young on the face of broad client the smile of excessive full happiness. Come more than 100 years, when Brandt rusk has become the go on a journey outside everybody to play necessary article, also be the frequenter on desk of every family breakfast at the same time. Regard the rusk of famed Europe as the brand, this employee number of household company amounts to 80

Put into production of new base of star cold chain is perfect one-stop facilities serves a solution

Published on 2017-12-08

A few days ago, new base of Suining of star cold chain opens up endowment 450 million yuan begin to throw production, this will become the cold chain equipment of Asian influential force and set production platform. In addition, also will offer for the client one-stop solution of cold chain equipment. Recently, autograph of 2018 strategies collaboration makes an appointment with star cold chain and ceremony of new base put into production is held ceremoniously in Jiangsu Suining. Content of Cui

One food of Inner Mongolia processes operation of project put into production

Published on 2017-12-08

Food of limited company of food of go smoothly of Inner Mongolia good mind processes a project a few days ago complete put into production. This project is located in area of garden of food of green of 9 former divisions, always invest 100 million yuan, cover an area of a face to accumulate 50 mus, build 1000 model biscuit product line 2, power turn biscuit product line 1, french cake product line 1, egg roll product line 1, cake product line 3. Construction content basically includes manufactur

5 grain fluid: Big country new era of brand navigate open

Published on 2017-12-08

Editors note: On May 10, 2017, when greeting of day of brand of first China, chinese famous entrepreneur sends word on behalf of passion, in all word China brand is good tomorrow. 5 grain fluid serves as the outstanding delegate that drives health of world liquor industry to develop, the Yangtse River of deep ploughing Yu Moli guest of appropriate of Sichuan of of the first city, dance of song be apt to grows in the history and reality, inheritance and innovation, with the distinctive scent of C

Intelligence of handsome abundant layout changes product line of kitchen utensils and appliances to introduce full automatic manufacturing facilities

Published on 2017-11-12

Product line of kitchen utensils and appliances of layout of limited company of handsome abundant electric equipment, make with intelligence to direct, introduce full automatic manufacturing facilities and lab detect etc, amount to manhood to produce 400 thousand intelligence to change compositive kitchen end, realize intelligence of entire industry catenary to change. On July 28, in carry on the that start city basks in window, in examining than outstanding achievement , the project of construc

Today Mai Lang promotes production workshop automation rate ceaselessly

Published on 2017-11-11

1993, the farmer that county of Heibei province Long Yao does rock candy business hits upon a bold idea, he calls together 8 friends to invest 2.18 million yuan jointly, build had plant of a convenient cover, the key serves rural market. As face of Hua Long, see the ad saying of is familiar with by people gradually every day, the dimensions of this enterprise and comprehensive strength are outspread 1000 multiple, become to have 38 production base in the whole nation, the company of bibcock of k

City of Yantai Zhang Yu wine introduces German product line to realize automation bishop to produce

Published on 2017-11-11

Inc. of brew of Zhang Yu grape is cast in Yantai build bishop and brandy kind monomer produces workshop, introduce product line of bishop, brandy from Germany, implementation can produce per year bishop and brandy 400 thousand tons are produced can while let produce process height automation. at present, zhang Yu should raise his wine cup with the spirit of get right on the job city project individually board piece receive good remaining part, yield as soon as possible benefit, strive, make larg

Cha Weisi suffers invite attend beef cattle of the 2nd 2017 whole nations to produce seminar of applied technology and industrial economy

Published on 2017-11-11

Production of beef cattle of the 2nd whole nation applied on June 11, 2017 technology and of industrial economy seminar are held in Beijing, cha Weisi company is honoured to suffer director of research center of beef cattle of college of agriculture of professor of Chinese agriculture college, China, China very much Meng Qingxiang of director of council of major of economy of beef cattle of society of economy of Lin Mu fishery invites attend this meeting, the learning of the Gao Shuiping that ge

Machinery of automation of support of contemporary animal husbandry improves efficiency from milk to want 2h only to treatment

Published on 2017-11-11

The pure milk of contemporary animal husbandry is picked take world food quality to judge congress of ancient bronze mirror 4 Lian Guan, the that what this basically relies on is its initiate grows add unifinication, 0 spaces 2 hours the innovation mode of , below this mode, use automation machine, came true from milk to machine 2 hours in finish. Recently, the character of 2017 worlds food that holds in the say meridional country Malta that having of Mediterranean heart judges prize-giving cele

Get run does heavy division of the couplet in market of grain heat-drying machine have recipe of He Du door?

Published on 2017-11-11

Current, dryer market appears of blowout type to rise situation. According to statistic of the personage inside course of study, at present dryer industry always is produced already can appear evidence of supply exceeds demand, estimation of rate of supply and demand exceeds 3: 1. In the whole nation technology of equipment of first grain heat-drying and industry grow a peak to be able to go up, a dryer makes the respecting when company controller is analysing industry phenomenon: dryer is foole

Beautiful dishwasher upgrades system of dry of intelligent hot airing

Published on 2017-11-11

The abluent, drying, basic function that eliminating bacterium is dishwasher, but wash abluent structure as a result of the special gush of dishwasher, make 3 person cannot very good compatible. The media that walks into the United States as beautiful group M-DAY opens day of spot, beautiful dishwasher high end is embedded X3 of machine of 2 acting intelligence appears ceremoniously, the has 12 patent the 2nd generation that its carry heats up airing dry system, it is the important milestone tha

Strong strong together, make plant of Vinamilk modern intelligence

Published on 2017-10-12

In Vietnam, of liquid state dairy produce add fast very considerable, market potential is tremendous. Regard Vietnam as the biggest milkings company, vinamilk decides to build exceed large plant with extending market share further, the international market marchs in the meantime, in order to realize enterprise of milkings of ascend body whole world 50 strong lofty aspirations and great ideals. Those who stem from many sided element is integrated think, vinamilk final decision is happy by benefit

Company of chicken of Qingdao beer treasure is pure be born to pull coal tub product easily to get offline successfully

Published on 2017-10-12

On May 9, as Qingdao of 330ml of the first canister pure produce steps down 1# smoothly to draw coal tub line easily, company of chicken of green Pi treasure obtained Qingdao production of coal tub product permits pure Shengyila, make green Pi group permissive license produces pure Shengyila in pure unripe factory one of manufacturer of coal tub. Company of chicken of green Pi treasure according to pure Shengyila technology of coal tub production asks to pull coal tub line easily to 1# to carry

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