Today Mai Lang promotes production workshop automation rate c

Published on 2018-11-26

 1993, the farmer that county of Heibei province Long Yao does rock candy business hits upon a bold idea, he calls together 8 friends to invest 2.18 million yuan jointly, build had plant of a convenient cover, the key serves rural market.  As face of “ Hua Long, see the ad saying of ” is familiar with by people gradually every day, the dimensions of this enterprise and comprehensive strength are outspread 1000 multiple, become to have 38 production base in the whole nation, the company of bibcock of key of industrialization of national level agriculture that product sale spreads all over the whole nation and exports 40 many countries and area, cosmopolitan food company.  This enterprise is limited company of food of Heibei Long Yaohua dragon. 2007, company more renown, the name —— that had a more broad consumer to be familiar with from now on today limited company of wheat man food.  The first workshop in farm To food company, character lives namely the lifeline of development. Want to assure character, the fountainhead of chain cannot be ignored. This also was represented today the first workshop is in the concept —— that Mai Lang holds to all the time farm.  Today president of limited company of wheat man food holds president model concurrently to show a country to tell a reporter, as a result of geographical environment reason, our country is high grade and wheaten cultivate the land relatively dispersive, greatly aggravate flour quality canal accuses difficulty. To solve this one problem, today Mai Lang adopts the entire industry chain that sells a ” to “ from ” of “ wheat field to develop pattern, high grade and wheaten base is built in countrywide each district, accomplish from cultivate manufacturing whole journey to control, for the food such as downstream convenient cover, flour, fine dried noodles, noodle treatment chain provides high quality raw material.  In the meantime, today Mai Lang develops proposition of this one core to build combine of catenary of contemporary agriculture industry around contemporary agriculture, rise raw material production, treatment and sale link conformity, main compose is built supply a system to mensal safety from edge of a field. Current, combine has formed what vegetable, beef, egg attachs most importance to a dot to grow, production, purchase, the entire industry catenary of the sale develops pattern.  “ is in 20 old time, company successful implementation spans type develops, greatly the quality of catenary of perforative entire industry manages profit from system. ” model show a country to say, a file puts forward to push reform of sex of structure of agricultural supply side deep in the center of this year, this also offerred the new task that transition develops to the enterprise. Future, today Mai Lang will continue to make great efforts on character, drive convenient food industry to develop towards more high quality direction with better raw material.  Put productivity with technical solution Below economic new normal state, market competition is sent more intense, environmental tigidity tie is increased ceaselessly, innovation makes the only outlet of enterprise break out of an encirclement. Today the important grasper that wheat man company improves the technology to liberate competition ability of productivity, promotion as the enterprise, next great strength replace technical facility, obtained manufacturing efficiency to break up one time, cost is managing ten million yuan good achievement.  Since 2010, today wheat man group begins to carry out production line to upgrade replacement, will common thread upgrades for high speed line, make manufacture efficiency by 160 packets / minute promotion goes to 330 packets / minute, manufacturing rate promoted 1 times much.  Spend prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of bigger, quantity of heat in the light of the resource in producing a course serious, recycle leads low issue, today Mai Lang wants beneficial result to innovation of science and technology, fall specific power consumption. Model citing showing a country says, previously, the one key of equipment “ of all working procedure starts product line ” , this means the course that produces case in convenient cover in, a large number of equipment are in idling condition. Do not have the principle that yields not to start ” according to “ equipment, today research and development of wheat man innovation gives “ to bolt intelligence is opened stop program ” , make the equipment of different link presses product line rhythm successive open, shut.  It is the new requirement that agrees with low carbon environmental protection on one hand, want hard to raise automation rate on one hand, to today for Mai Lang, this 2 o’clock is the two general orientation that enterprise innovation develops.  In today wheat Lang Longyao produces base to produce a workshop in, the reporter sees manufacturing facilities is in high speed in operation, from pour pink, knead dough germinantly to last case to piled up a battlements to implement automation basically, whole product line is only 9 workers are working; Be in today in the monitoring room that wheat Lang Longyao produces base, the staff member is paying close attention to big screen closely, real time is showing a workshop to produce a situation above, any workshop occurrence circumstance, the staff member can pass long-range system to be handled in real time.  Innovate through series, today the employee of base of Long Yao of limited company of wheat man food falls from the 20 thousand more than person 2010 to present 9300 people, manufacturing efficiency promoted however 1 times superabundant; In respect of specific power consumption, use report and steam only two annual but managing cost 11.88 million yuan.  The person is the biggest resource Competition just has power. Today Mai Lang runs a system from reform of proceed with of activation employee subjective activity, arouse the innovation enthusiasm of employee and working enthusiasm.  To administrator of company high level, the company holds development seminar regularly, insist to send the study of advanced institution of higher learning such as Tsinghua, Beijing University to take advanced courses industry key member, personnel of help business management and new idea “ contact ” intimately.  To personnel of research and development, today wheat Lang Dao enters PK drive system, the enterprise holds PK incentive plenary meeting every months, every two months hold plenary meeting of innovation achievement appraise through comparison, everybody can be participated in, the person that win out all has money reward. Last year, the stacking machine technology of own research and development acquires staff of 5 research and development of company breakthrough, 1/14 what relevant cost is market price case only, reduced business equipment to purchase cost greatly, this group also wins 100 thousand yuan award accordingly.  To market sale personnel, today Langyou innovation uses wheat to change administrative system subtly. “ is in traditional idea, sale personnel belongs to ‘ to fly all over the sky of ’ the sort of, went to where home site, when to go depending on completely the plan of sale personnel oneself, enterprise impracticability essence allows to manage effectively. Be aimed at this one problem, today Mai Lang adopts ‘ 4 syncretic ’ manages mode, rise conformity of personnel, car, area, terminal, form a whole, support informatization method is uniform attemper, management. ” today Li Feng of general manager of center of wheat man operation tells a reporter, through “ 4 syncretic ” manages mode, the company job to sale personnel detail know sth like the palm of one’s hand, can discover a problem exquisitely and try to solve, improve work efficiency and level of management effectively thereby.  “ company should grow to must try hard to improve the use efficiency of all sorts of resource in supply system, this among them key is to want recognize two problems. The first, the person is the natural resources with the biggest company, how be in charge of the good person, esteem that using good person is pair of manpower resource not only, it is the main impetus that the enterprise carries qualitative synergism more. The 2nd, should raise matter kind the use efficiency of resource, need concept of innovation technology, innovation, these innovation in the final analysis fulfil employee body to go up even. So, the desire that stimulates employee, enthusiasm and latent capacity are the business that an any enterprises must value. ” model show a country to express, future, today Mai Lang will continue to take this one concept, promote an enterprise competition ability hard, strive implementation is produced during 935 ” of “ can break up time.  Give somebody a new lease on life today wheat man The drink with world the largest area produces workshop, fine dried noodles to produce workshop, flour to produce a workshop, the speed of world fill outfit is the most advanced flour on the fastest drink product line, world machines equipment …… as today the food drink intelligence that Mai Lang always invests 1.62 billion yuan is changed upgrade the project accelerates construction, the area of garden of industry of Oriental food city that these will appear in Long Yao county.  The course develops for years, today company of wheat man food has had 38 production base in the whole nation, produce per year 12 billion convenient food, own research and development product of a variety of 20 much stature brands, 100 taste, 300 many norms, registered trade mark and patent application 600 multinomial, it is taxes of turn over to the higher authorities of county of grand Monarch Yao every year to exceed 200 million yuan.  “ today Mai Lang’s target is to build one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan of businesses, intelligence is changed future of enterprise have sth in mind carries out upgrade, bearing the weight of the enterprise continues to cross the significant move that extends an earnest wish even more. ” model show a country to say, this project includes drink, fine dried noodles, flour 3 big board piece. Drink board piece go up newly 8 Germany overcome Lang Siguan to hold a line, fill outfit speed is achieved horary 72 thousand bottles, it is the fastest fill outfit product line on the world; Hang face plate piece to building the plant of fine dried noodles with the biggest productivity on the world; Flour board piece building the oldest flour processing factory on the world, build storehouse of 200 thousand tons of unprocessed food grains and day handle wheat 3200 tons job shops.  Current, this project is clutching in construction, predict will total this year put into production. After the project builds entirely, will increase sales revenue newly 4.6 billion yuan, be equivalent to give somebody a new lease on life today Mai Lang. 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