Shenyang machine tool is early dish pull litre of 5.43% quantities to compare considerably amount to 11.32

Published on 2018-11-26

Early on March 29, 2018 dish 09 when 30 minutes, shenyang machine tool (000410) occurrence transaction, share price is pulled considerably litre 5.43% . Up to distribute news dispatches, this sign up for 10.49 yuan / , clinch a deal measure forteen thousand seven hundred hand, the rate that change a hand 0.20% , amplitude 2.10% , the quantity is compared 11.32. This recently a day (2017-03-17) data of certificate of financing be in harmony is: Financing remaining sum seven hundred and twenty-seven million one hundred and twenty-three thousand one hundred yuan, financing buys the specified amount sixty-three million eight hundred and fifty-two thousand seven hundred yuan, certificate of be in harmony sells a quantity 35 thousand. Recently a the middle of a month, this add up to ascend dragon tiger a list of names posted up 3 times. Newest annals shows, this realized business income on December 31, 2017 4.189 billion yuan, net profit 118 million yuan, every accrual 0.15 yuan, city is filled with rate 65.07. In the past inside a year this have harden 2 times, after harden the 2nd trade sun rises 2 times, drop 0 times, go up occupy than 100% . And in the past inside a year this have 1 times drop stop, drop after stopping the 2nd trade sun rises 1 times, drop 0 times, go up occupy than 100% . The industry of machine tool equipment that Shenyang machine tool is in, whole goes up for 2.39% , its are relevant a numerical control in China, eaves annulus numerical control, shenyang machine tool goes up bigger, rise respectively 10.0% , 6.7% , 6.0% ; Eaves annulus numerical control, china in numerical control, shenyang machine tool is relatively active, the rate that change a hand is respectively 5.8% , 2.2% reach 0.8% ; China in numerical control, *ST east several, eaves annulus numerical control is clear to the limit of one’s capacity, the quantity is than parting 33.1, 11.2, 13.2; Amplitude is bigger relevant a numerical control of annulus having house, *ST east several, shenyang machine tool, amplitude is respectively 5.0% , 2.7% , 2.7% . Company of Shenyang machine tool advocate business Wu is made for mechanical equipment, the machine tool is made, machining, foreign trade (hold card to manage) . Up to on March 29, 2018, number of this company shareholder (door) for 116271, relatively last statistical day reduce 6980.