Cheng Tai is dry: Drier of vacuum of circumgyrate of SZG series double awl

Published on 2020-09-08

About us this product is it is my factory the new generation that in combinative home place of congener product technology develops is dry device, drier of vacuum of double awl circumgyrate uses leather belt- – chain means of two stretch connection, consequently equipment moves smooth. The craft of special design, what reflected two axes adequately is good and homocentric, hot intermediary and vacuum system all use reliable machine sealed or the swivel pipe joint of American technology. On this foundation, we developed SZG-A it already but stepless speed regulation, can undertake constant temperature is controlled again. System of drier of vacuum of double awl circumgyrate is main by Shuang Zhui system of bleed of circumgyrate vacuum drier, condenser, dust catcher, vacuum, heat system, cooling system, electronic-controlled the composition such as the system. Drier of vacuum of double awl circumgyrate is the circumgyrate can without lid of double taper, immanent vacuum condition issues coal tub, to vapour or hot water are connected to undertake heating inside chuck, quantity of heat passes wall of can without lid and wet stock contact, the lunt that evaporates after wet stock absorption of heat, be smoked through vent-pipe of vacuum of vavuum pump classics. Because vacuum condition is in inside can without lid, and the fluctuation inside and outside that the circumgyrate of can without lid makes stock perpetual flips through, reason accelerated the dry rate of stock, improve dry efficiency, achieve even and dry goal. Characteristic of function of drier of vacuum of Shuang Zhui circumgyrate:When oil heats. Use control of automatic constant temperature.   of goods of OK and dry biochemistry and mineral raw material, temperature can be between 20 ~ 160oC. Thermal efficiency is tall, raise 2 times above than general oven. Heat secondhand. Stock won’t be polluted, accord with “GMP” requirement. Equipment maintenance operation is handy, yi Qing is washed. Commendatory craft finds a place for demonstrative dissolvent answers knock off art to find a place for. Regard professional dryer as the manufactory, this factory product uprights to heat up intermediary from high temperature conduction oil qualitative, medium lukewarm vapour and everything needed is ready of microtherm hot water. When dry adhesive expects, this factory will be you inside coal tub special design “ is copied board ” orgnaization or setting ball. Vacuum of double awl circumgyrate is dry   of   of operating rules 1, the examination before driving:Vavuum pump of A, open is checked, conduit joint, filling cases whether leak, into, give makings opening sealed good, vacuum meter response is sensitive. Valve of cooling water of B, open checks joint of conduit holding heat, filling cases whether leak, pressure watch response is sensitive. C, examination is electronic-controlled ark each appearance, pushbutton, indicator light is normal, examination ground wire is good, have without leakage of electricity, short circuit phenomenon exists. D, full grease is added in each grease cup, empty wagons of starting electric machinery runs, it is normal to hear noise, if abnormal, should check the source that gives noise, try to eliminate. 2, will need to do stock to join container inside (stock of shape of petty and farinaceous, graininess, oar uses vacuum to enter makings) , shut next build into makings aperture. 3, after closing a vacuum valve, open vavuum pump, negative pressure is shown inside desiccate dry container (600–755 MmHg) . 4, add up to mains switch, the electric machinery that start, make push button by come off work, drier begins to rotate the job. 5, open carries hot body valve, let carry hot body to enter dry container interlining inside, ask by craft check is measured. 6, stock is dry after finishing, close valve of body holding heat first, next cooling water of the infuse inside Xiang Ga layer, wait for stock refrigeration to arrive after normal temperature, stop vacuumize. Open discharges vacuum a powerful person, involve electric machinery, stop drier to rotate, open aperture to build a material. Drier of vacuum of circumgyrate of double awl of   of utility of drier of vacuum of double awl circumgyrate is applicable of the industry such as chemical industry, pharmacy, food farinaceous, graininess reach fibrous to condense, mix, dry reach want the stock with dry low temperature (wait for) like biochemical goods. More apply to volatilize easy oxidation, easily, of stock of heat quick sex, intense stimulation, poisonous sex and the stock that do not allow to destroy crystallization system dry. This machine is applicable especially applicable the stock that has following demand: 1, the heat that cannot accept high temperature quick sex stock; 2, easy oxidation, have dangerous stock; 3, need to reclaim the stock of solvent and toxic gas; 4, the stock that asks rudimental volatile content is extremely low; 5, the requirement mixes sufficient, even stock. 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