The punch product line that 2 machine tools provide for one steam passes Jinan to be checked and accept eventually

Published on 2018-11-26

2 machine tools are Jinan one steam – the product line of punch of automation of 8100 tons of high speed that masses Tianjin factory provides, the course is successive 6 orders check, lead with the actuate of 96.8% one-time through 96% functions test and verify, passed on schedule check and accept eventually. Jinan 2 machine tools are standing Zhang Shishun of vise general manager, compressor and automation company general manager Liu Lin justice, one steam – Xu Mocai of masses chief inspector, in Tianjin factory Jiang Shujun of vice secretary of Torres of square factory director of Song Zhiyong of square factory director, heart, Party committee attended to check and accept a ceremony eventually. One steam – project of masses Tianjin mill was started in September 2016, passed in May 2017 check and accept beforehand, whole production process undertakes completely by the plan. In the process that bring air, 2 projects group overcomes aid insecurity of time limit for a project, various the difficulty such as alternate construction, cooperate cheek by jowl, canaliculus of essence of life manages, show a good group quality and lofty technical level, by the plan node high quality finishs the job that bring air, got the sufficient affirmation of the user. On signing ceremony, factory director Song Zhiyong expresses, 96% functions test and verify is passed satisfactorily on schedule, mean Tianjin punch project to set sail, the sense is great, appreciate benefit the outstanding contribution that 2 projects group is Tianjin factory to make! Tianjin mill project, it is Jinan after project of mill of Qingdao of afterwards of 2 machine tools, for one steam – the product line of punch of automation of another high speed that masses user provides, entire line is used synchro control, full automatic change the crucial technology such as control of model, intelligence, represented current international the advanced level that punch of large whole set equips. One steam – 2 machine tools maintained the masses and Jinan good cooperation concerns. 1991, one steam – at the beginning of the masses builds a plant, used what 2 machine tools offer Jinan instrument of double motive of first 2000 tons of many connecting rod develops line ball at that time. Up to now, one steam – masses Changchun, Chengdu, Fosan, Qingdao, Tianjin base of 5 big production, all used Jinan the punch equipment of 2 machine tools.