5 grain fluid: Big country new era of brand navigate open

Published on 2018-11-26

Editor’s note: On May 10, 2017, when greeting ” of day of brand of first “ China, chinese famous entrepreneur sends word on behalf of passion, in all word China brand is good tomorrow. 5 grain fluid serves as the outstanding delegate that drives health of world liquor industry to develop, the Yangtse River of deep ploughing Yu Moli guest of appropriate of Sichuan of —— of the first city, dance of song be apt to grows in the history and reality, inheritance and innovation, with the distinctive scent of Chinese beautiful wine, tell the world to savour sufficient reason of China. “ uses ‘ ’ of wine of 5 food energy tells story of good China craftsmanship, make 5 grain fluid and more nation brand glaring world stage! Lishu of secretary of Party committee of limited company of group of 5 grain fluid, president is in guest of appropriate of ” Sichuan province solely ” of day of “ China brand, wear to world express 5 grain fluid a the the plainest, clearest big country brand feelings. Casting of ● craftsmanship character the fetch with respect to the brand May 10 is ” of day of brand of first “ China, in can combine held first China brand by cartel of Chinese trade union, China on day informal discussion, classics country Department of Commerce is recommended, the country adopts inspect appoint approval released “ GB brand to evaluate ” of sheet of attestation a list of names posted up, 5 grain fluid regards Chinese liquor as a list of names posted up on banner brand. Same day, fluid of Chinese brew Great Master, 5 grain channel of finance and economics of CCTV of be a guest of Chen Lin of joint-stock company general manager ” dialog ” column, outward bound delivers the aspirations of liquor industry: Liquor place accumulate the brand language that contained culture is communication world. Also be same day, ” of well-known trademark of the China in the “ netizen heart that sponsors by science and technology of sina finance and economics, sina, small gain chooses a result to announce, 5 grain fluid is in this second activity, with high bank note a list of names posted up of digital line general comment the 5th. Make outstanding brand, it is the 5 grain fluid that stands fast for a long time to be core with character of comprehensive strength reflect. 1915, 5 grain fluid cuts a figure on Panama world exposition first, the magical glamour of Chinese liquor from now on famous the four seas. Regard China as liquor get army brand, 5 grain fluid uses gift of wine He Guoli to pass a nation as state banquet for many times friendly the bosom of domestic national condition that interacts with international. It is better that promotion of brand force, value also aids power company to come true rapidder development. 2016, company of group of 5 grain fluid finishs job of double target of total of booked sales revenue, profit in the round, achieve sales revenue seventy billion three hundred and eight million yuan, grow 7.75% compared to the same period, occupy countrywide 1/10, exceed share of plain wine 1/3. Share of 5 grain fluid achieves business gross earnings twenty-four billion five hundred and forty-four million yuan, grow 13.32% compared to the same period; Implementation profit total 9.337 billion yuan, grow 12.67% compared to the same period. 2016 100 strong ” choose a list of names posted up of value of “ China brand in, 5 grain fluid continues to hold a title with eighty-seven billion five hundred and sixty-nine million yuan a list of names posted up is odd the 3rd, reside Chinese liquor firmly 22 years to make continuously kind the first, continue to carry Chinese food industry and “ Asia brand wine of 500 strong ” kind the industry is gotten army position. In addition, still have the honor to win section of brand of the 10th award of the rank of nobility of gold of sale of line of business of wine of the 4th China, China China chart award, most suffer the special honour such as respectable business. Chen Lin of joint-stock company general manager is in 5 grain fluid channel of finance and economics of CCTV of be a guest ” dialog ” speak of when the column, future, 5 grain fluid will continue the delivers ” to serve as a brand Esperanto with “ culture, speak with the world, in all dance at international. As the person above average of the industry, 5 grain fluid from beginning to end bear promotes light big the mission of industry of this one nation, do not forget first heart, hold to character to be first, active play is gotten army the example action of brand enterprise, condense each force, devote oneself to to make Chinese white spirit the tie of the bridge that makes communication of culture of Chinese and Western, communication world, “ brew ” makes 5 grain be sweet wave ” of “ China calling card. In recent years, face economic new normal state, 5 grain fluid does not forget from beginning to end first heart, get with the industry army person attitude “ holds to innovation drive, maintain development to decide force ” , for industry collective transition upgrades established new model. Industry transition leads to upgrade in enterprising of innovation of idea of inheritance craftsman spirit, acute. Since “ opens store of flagship of fluid of the first 5 grain in pacify river city from 2006, the company is accompanying 5 grain fluid to develop quickly, sale of 5 grain fluid reachs many 60000 of this year from many 600 first growth, grew 100 times. Business of ” outstanding operation is in on behalf of Zhang Xiuyun 5 grain fluid sighs with emotion on congress of agency of 2016 year “12.18” : “11 year faithful, hold to, we and photograph of person of 5 grain fluid immerse with foam, stayed confirmed to 5 grain fluid with graven brand. ”Spoke thousands of when spread all over the whole nation to be loyal to character service, faithful the agency of ” of “ iron lever that establishs at brand compose people, the aspirations of from the bottom of one’s heart of people in the same condition help each other, as joint as 5 grain fluid development. 2016, no matter 5 grain fluid is core brand value, still be series brand sales volume, gain major victory, superior performance suffers industry to fix eyes upon fully, make liquor trade together beautiful beautiful scenery line. The achievement with 5 grain outstanding 2016 fluid, profit from develops the innovation that mode of train of thought, sale, product furnishs, more after value of brand of 5 grain fluid accumulates profit from for years release. The personage inside course of study thinks, no matter 5 grain fluid is the culture of brand internationalization is delivered, or the international that brand construction trends changes is stated, and the diversification product position that complies with a times, the “ of a series of this brand operation combines boxing ” , reveal the profound wisdom that gives ethical brand and powerful force. Chen Lin of joint-stock company general manager joins 5 grain fluid to aid ” of force “ galaxy to give colour culture to become the core carrier of brand of 5 grain fluid with culture of brand of forum dialog ● . In 2016, 5 grain fluid answers national “ actively to be taken all the way ” proposal, open “ boasts the make one’s rounds of culture of brigade ” whole world of the world exhibits an activity, hold culture make one’s rounds to exhibit in Chengdu, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Xi’an, Beijing, Sydney in succession, revealed “ to the whole world the glamour of ” of 5 grain brew and ethical brand, spot of all circles celebrity mentions wine, pay close attention to extensively and be agreed reputably. 5 grain fluid is sweet wave the four seas, make the national calling card of be worthy of the name. In high-end collaboration domain, 5 grain fluid parts leader of youth of club of meeting, Chang’an, as Euramerican as Hangzhou G20 peak homecoming, China is chosen wait for platform collaboration, exhibit through culture activity and special performance make one’s rounds, deepen for brand connotation build the bridge to pave a road, for the product multivariate sale escorts the Emperor convoy, promoted brand value and market the sale, aid those who pushed company economic benefits to grow steadily. 2016, 5 grain fluid is combed further and optimize brand structure, brand strategy is more clear, decided with tasting 5 grain newly fluid is core, in order to make a cup of brand 5 grain fluid, 5 grain fluid 1618, 5 grain fluid is low spend series to be strategic brand, it is with 5 individuation brand additional the brand combination of “1+3+5” ; In series wine level, with “ 5 grain are made, galaxy flares ” locates 5 grain of “ fasten ” product, implement the double drive strategy of 5 grain fluid and product of 5 grain department. Those who wait for new generation IT is calculate to be driven in Internet, big data, cloud, 5 grain fluid and university of Chengdu science and technology are in the domain such as electronic business affairs, big data begins deepness collaboration, help strength Internet of “ of 5 grain fluid + ” strategy be born, implementation channel layout more optimize, more quick, market serves market reaction rate ability is more efficient. In the meantime, make through having electric business platform oneself, company market serves a level to promote apparently. 5 grain fluid takes the lead in be with the market in the industry oriented, optimize operation business service, increase pair of agency policy support, value common interest more, promote the development that embrace a group energetically. Advance innovation of sale of interior management reform, market deep, promote mixture ownership reform actively, active compose builds platform of own report business, embrace Internet actively. Establish strategic collaboration relationship with company of business of many famous cable early or late, rolled out specialized product in the light of the channel on the line, taking an active part in diversity content fluid is big data of construction, consumer and rising market development. Optimize sale management, for brand sale infuse new vitality. Refine through essence of life, big data and the construction that experience type sale, optimize and promote traditional sale mode, do do greatly penetrate terminal market, roll out essence of life to refine sale strategy in a large-scale, progressively compose builds the platform operation system of firm resultant force. Channel collaboration and terminal taste ancient bronze mirror to meet, promoted the consumption of 5 grain fluid atmosphere and brand image. 2016, 5 grain fluid and Shihualuoshiji, Su Ning is bought easily, taste meeting, Beijing only east, the travel that carry Cheng, nicotian system reach the strategy to cooperate, drove channel exclusive the sale of product and individual character product. Hundreds held bulk tastes ancient bronze mirror to meet, pull close the distance with consumer, built good consumptive atmosphere. 5 grain fluid holds the post of the group such as president Li Shuguang newly to be in charge of international of ● of thorough workshop survey high to develop “ to walk along ” pace to carry fast in recent years, “ of country of have the aid of of 5 grain fluid is taken all the way the chance that ” and Chinese culture “ take ” to initiate, advance process of internationalization of 5 grain fluid quickly. Culture of the west in using good every time communicates shirt-sleeve opportunity, transmit Chinese liquor and liquor culture. In August 2011, 5 grain juice is huge advertisement lands square of times of new York of ” of “ world crossroad; In November 2013, 5 grain fluid is held to taste ancient bronze mirror in British congress meeting and ceremony giving wine; In June 2015, 5 grain fluid pulls hand England to love happy philharmonic society, its whole world is made inside 5 years chief strategy partner; In July 2015, can go up in rich of Italian Milan world hold whole world of wine of “ world name to share ” activity of series of week of 5 grain fluid, 5 grain fluid is held to be tasted newly in Australian Sydney release reach high end to taste ancient bronze mirror to meet; In September 2016, in October, “ is taken all the way high end of 5 grain fluid tastes global travel ” ancient bronze mirror can be in Milan of city of Frankfurt of Vienna, Germany, Italy to hold respectively. Image of brand of 5 grain fluid and Chinese liquor culture declare one’s views world stage often, overseas market lifts Chinese liquor to heat up ……Current, the 60 many countries such as 5 grain fluid and United States, England, Japan and area established relationship of purchase and sale, the product spreads all over 5 continent of world. The 5 grain fluid that leads team “ expeditionary ”“ to open international market of ” of border monarch earth for many times Liu Zhongguo of joint-stock company president, having deep understanding to culture and brand output: “ China liquor takes door going abroad, with respect to an ably Chinese wine culture and economy of current world goods grow and social civilization progress is united in wedlock cheek by jowl, combine traditional culture and modern life cheek by jowl, develop hard, maintain and develop outstanding Chinese wine culture, the life that lets each country consumer understand Chinese of Chinese culture, experience is consuetudinary, accept Chinese liquor then, like drinking way of the Chinese. ”“ regards Chinese nation industry, nation as the delegate of the brand, those who regard liquor as the industry get army brand, we all the time ground of do one’s best is begun, the civilian diplomacy that participates in disparate arrangement of ideas, different form and international communication, carry the part before bridge of peaceful emissary, friendship, in let world near neighbour, Yuan Peng experience an ancient name for China culture and China are traditional 5000 industrial glamour while, the communication that promotes different region culture, culture ceaselessly, include with understanding. ” Liu Zhongguo thinks, “ serves as south the culture delegate of district of filar road start, 5 grain fluid is taken an active part in, the ‘ that blends in current China to be being advanced is taken all the way ’ proposal, it is the responsibility that we should use up and obligation. ”Value of ● promotion brand spans one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two step are alleged industry surveyor’s pole, should have not only have condescending and Rong Naida, open-minded mind, should have more turn up one’s nose at the world, abandon me whose courage and insight. The reporter sees group of 5 grain fluid is in “ puts forward in 935 ” program, group company broke through 100 billion yuan of dimensions 2020, joint-stock company should implement scale of 55 billion yuan of sales 2020. Became 5 grain fluid to fulfil 935 ” of “ to plan 2017, achieve one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two goals, of the tamp foundation, a connecting link between the preceding and the following, key that seeks a breakthrough year. The force implementation business that how develops a brand does fixed target lead industry health development? Do motivation and outside resultant force lay inside how will come true? 5 grain fluid is in the expression on congress of “12·18” congress, sale of brand operation business and spring candy bender, gave out for “ blue print and ideal ” explanation and annotate. On March 20, attend in business of operation of brand of nearly 800 whole nations 2017 5 grain fluid brands of countrywide on conference of job of operation business sale, blow of 5 grain fluid “ is strong carry out, seek a breakthrough, in all hand in hand, win prospective ” build up date. 5 grain fluid puts forward, 2017, will continue to strengthen a brand to model promote with value, do good terminal to taste ancient bronze mirror and pull move; Fulfil “ of product of 5 grain liquid stoutly high grade put in, increment excessive price, violate compasses the policy of the ” that reduce an amount, in order to optimize product structure and sale channel; 5 grain of establish “ are made, galaxy is glaring the brand of 5 food set of ” group; Promote the channel of the company force, innovation force, executive force in the round, develop infuse new kinetic energy for the brand. 2017, also will be figure of brand shop of 5 grain fluid upgrades year, form brand shop of brand-new 5 grain fluid industry condition: Flagship store, standard inn, shop 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces. Original storefront rebuilds in the round figure upgrades. This year first quarter, brand shop of 5 grain fluid opens close a hunderd schools newly already, the potential that presents to anabiosis in the round. Basis of character of ● excelsior tamp Zhu Zhongyu of joint-stock company vise general manager ever was in 5 grain fluid expressed on conference of sale of 5 grain fluid 2017, the product is a foundation, sale is to make addition, innovation is to doing multiplication. Must want to emphasize sincere letter managing, stress product quality, emphasize craftsman drive, true viewpoint of value is established in entire industry. As we have learned, 5 grain fluid all the time since adopt pure grain solid state to ferment craft, no matter be high-end core product, medium still low series product, come from recipe of same 5 kinds of commissariat. 5 grain fluid is selected from raw material, the music that include a package makes brew of music, ancient magic art arrive by pick wine, old wine character, base wine ticks off add, want to pass develop of ” of “42 line defense line to change, promote 85 keys the process mixes 217 only be cautious. The craft place production of such Yan Ke goes out base wine, it is actor, good that through “ actor is chosen be chosen after good ” , merely only 20% control ability to the opportunity is become very rare be short of, wine of Mi Zuzhen’s expensive 5 grain fluid. Exert oneself of 5 grain fluid develops foundation at consolidate character. Thing of new Ren Dong grows Li Shuguang to assume office beginning, capture quality this one lifeline, concentrated survey produces a workshop greatly each, and with have an informal discussion of retired old technician. Producing the spot, li Shuguang emphasizes again and again, quality work is Chongzhongzhi is weighed, the workshop must insist to turn management subtly, closing good quality while, catch safeguard of good safe production, equipment, provide high grade product and service, for brew production lays good foundation. He still asks workshop team must carry good head, catch seriously solid catch good production. On the informal discussion, li Shuguang listens to the proposal that retired old technician develops to the company, represent a company to the old technician that once struggled to produce front line in brew people thanks. He points out, the development of 5 grain fluid cannot leave generation to take the place of the arduous effort of artisan of 5 grain fluid and dedication. The old artisan of 5 grain fluid is an ace that produces a gleam of in those days, be familiar with production of 5 grain fluid, familiar brew, accumulated experience is very precious fortune to the company. Investigation and study of thorough to assuming president newly basic level and take play old technician seriously people the act of action, a lot of staff of company of 5 grain fluid express admiration. They say, the character of very clear liquor weighs Li Shuguang president most should, it is a magic weapon of get the upper hand of of 5 grain fluid. The future of 5 grain fluid cannot leave inheritance and development to develop simultaneously, want to have the experience of older generation person already, also want to have the innovation of new generation. Market of deep ploughing of construction of ● aggrandizement brand serves 5 grain juice old Li emphasizes minister of ministry of general affairs of government of brand of fluid of assistant of joint-stock company general manager, 5 grain, the working centre of gravity of brand of 5 grain fluid will return to brand promotion 2017, ” of “ brand construction is the core of 2017 year not only, also be the core content that 935 ” of company whole “ plan. 2017, 5 grain fluid will be combined to “1+3+5” brand, make ” rise to “ brand to make ” from “ product, in the aggrandizement in core consumer image of brand of 5 grain fluid, the client value that increases a brand is experienced. Company brand construction is wanting advertisement of redo good “ to publicize ”“ consumer to breed ” and “ terminal atmosphere to build ” the job of 3 respects. Rediscover of intrinsic to traditional media value, face new media, new form, new platform with opener stance, with younger communication language and expressive means, era is multivariate when revealing brand of 5 grain fluid to be expended in new pass the time in a leisurely way, include, young brand manner. Continue to be met through “ essay ”“ tastes meeting ” and “ greatly 3 kinds of means strengthen the brigade ” of culture of 5 grain fluid consumer is bred, with core consumption encircles a layer to be stuck nearlier, raise consumer to be spent to the good impression of brand of 5 grain fluid and even faithfulness. Act on “ to be able to accuse, the effective, principle that can operate ” , take the lead in be in what essay meets to run the shop inside system of brand shop of fluid of place, 5 grain, agency self-supporting or offer convention of terminal, part to sell terminal and partial KA continuously (large chain) sell a terminal, begin atmosphere to build the job, the propagandist ” that does last kilometer of good “ serves. 2017 channel builds an aspect, company of 5 grain fluid will be stabilized with “ , the overall demand that can control ” is premise, stress countrywide market position balanced build working mass with channel foundation. Optimize traditional channel structure, restart brand shop system, strengthen electric business and KA channel management. Chengdu stands ” of honor of century of rich of hundred years world collects “ of 5 grain fluid wine appears on the market reveal ● all the way Gaoge sets sail the 5 grain fluid that regards Chinese wine line of business as aircraft carrier, new journey has set sail. As we have learned, 2017 one quarterly reports, battalion of 5 grain fluid closes to achieve two digit above to add with net in pairs fast, came true 2017 good a bureau. Special those who be paid close attention to by environment place is, 5 grain fluid already entered ” of times of “ Li Shuguang in the round. Assume a post in the new person that steer a boat in the time that is less than two months, again and again the movement caused all circles attention. Li Shuguang gives out ” acknowledgment has you ” condolatory letter delivers feelings, clank one’s words is more what did not come in order to convey hand in hand is enunciative touched friend circle; Visit orgnaization of finance of strategic partner …… to observe the home thinks personally, in a series of actions that take again and again in 5 grain fluid, in the propulsion that works in each, not bad feeling is taken power with the act vigorously of seize every minute by 5 grain fluid, surely win to realize what target spurt gives out confidence and powerful motive force. Reason expects, bearing the weight of the brand of 5 grain fluid of Chinese liquor culture, in leading Chinese liquor industry to initiate the range of new tomorrow, exert oneself all the way Gao Ge, before braving the wind and waves, go. 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