City of Yantai Zhang Yu wine introduces German product line to realize automation bishop to produce

Published on 2019-12-10

 Inc. of brew of Zhang Yu grape is cast in Yantai build bishop and brandy kind monomer produces workshop, introduce product line of bishop, brandy from Germany, implementation can produce per year bishop and brandy 400 thousand tons are produced can while let produce process height automation.  “ at present, zhang Yu should raise his wine cup with the spirit of get right on the job city project individually board piece receive good remaining part, yield as soon as possible benefit, strive, make larger contribution for Yantai economy progress. After ” Yantai whole town leads caucus, regard National People’s Congress of smoke whole nation as the delegate, zhou Hongjiang of general manager of Zhang Yu company more without a stop bustles to push project of city of Zhang Yu wine. This year is Zhang Yu company holds water 125 years, look in Zhou Hongjiang, centenary in the past, zhang Yu initiated the beginning of Chinese wine industry, lead ethical wine industry trend world. Centenary henceforth development how, be about to see it.  Always invest 6 billion yuan, the bishop of Zhang Yu international that covers an area of 6200 mus city project, invested build 2011 by Inc. of brew of Zhang Yu grape, with “ industry + of travel ” brand-new development concept and mode, make the world production of the biggest market research and development, theme travels and trade show the region of garden of omnibus wine industry at an organic whole. Wine city includes grape and bishop academy, bishop to produce wine of center, Ding Luo spy place of business of orchid ground wine, grape cultivates wine place of business, Ke Yabai bishop of international of demonstrative garden, pioneer trades bishop of accept of center, sea is small town in all area of function of 7 big themes. On August 27, 2016, as Zhang Yu the first adds “ of fruit juice bishop of small grapes ” get offline, —— of first phase project produces wine city central project overall put into production, brew of industrialization of mark China bishop reachs world banner level. This is the wine with the oldest whole world and brandy kind monomer produces workshop, can produce per year bishop and brandy 400 thousand tons.  Can be so huge system measure and produce can, cannot see worker figure almost however, see robot arm caught the box that pack to enter moving process gently only, on conveyer belt one bottle of bottle brandy is divided automatically according to set install 6 bottles of one box, be finished to seal box ……“ in different link next the greatest single-track ability can realize horary fill to install 25 thousand bottles, traditional bishop product line is common horary assembly is measured be in 669 bottles, we are mixed this the assembly of beer rate is same, but bishop craft can compare beer much more complex! ” is introduced this from Germany at present till product line of the bishop with the fastest whole world, brandy, let Zhou Hongjiang be brought for a time think be proud. Because of its existence, let Zhang Yu have the manufacturing facilities of high automation and informatization, and the control that whole journey conduit turns, eliminated factitious element to confrontation greatly the influence of quantity, environment, assured product quality.  Bishop is a traditional industry, how to realize changeover of new old kinetic energy through informatization, quality of “ of Zhang Yu of carry out travel’s person is a root, the market is fetch, the brand is to imprint of ” stand fast, zhou Hongjiang thinks ceaselessly and accelerate the work that push just about. For this, producing end, zhang Yu transforms the producer type of the enterprise through informatization, make wisdom plant, future comes from the order of the market client that sells end, run those who pass informatization the system, generate the production on product line automatically to make, implementation individuation is custom-built. In sale end, electric business business of Zhang Yu is in countrywide wine kind before already striding in the industry 10, future, the client can be replaced with order of mobile phone make known to lower levels, rich appreciation serves will better contented consumer to pack the requirement with underlying tone to individuation. Managing link, zhang Yu has invested 100 million yuan at present, to traditional manufacturing management mode undertakes weighing building, future still will invest 5 ten million to finish informatization to transform.  History of 125 years is accumulated, base oneself upon at Chinese dimensions the bishop with the biggest, the longest history produces a business, zhang Yuli annals makes China’s best wine, this decided the wine that wants a level of wine place of business has been done. Zhou Hongjiang tells a reporter, go to Yantai from Xinjiang, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Beijing, Liaoning the Custer of the developing zone wine place of business, at present Zhang Yu already was in countrywide layout place of business of 6 old wine, and Zhang Yu still has two wine place of business inside wine city, the Zhang Yu Ke Yabai that plans official October start business place of business of orchid ground wine is place of business of first brandy of Chinese, the Zhang Yuding the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces in still be being built is special wine place of business is China first collect class wine place of business, plan the investment at the beginning of next year to use. “ at the appointed time, this wine place of business gives birth to the product that produce, the bishop that is domestic top end. ”  During interviewing, zhou Hongjiang has feeling ground greatly to say, wang Hao’s secretary emphasizes on caucus of whole town leadership, yantai wants front row, must nod fixed position high to contend for pursuit of top-ranking, high mark to achieve top-ranking, delegate of National People’s Congress should take the lead in be the first the requirement that carries out good municipal Party committee. “ is right for Zhang Yu, high mark locates even if want as big as the world’s top-ranking bishop group to conform. ” Zhou Hongjiang expresses, internationalization layout of Zhang Yu, hopeful is finished this year.  2013, after Zhang Yu is completing domestic overall arrangement, comprehensive open internationalization strategy. Afterwards was finished in Spain, France accuse after buying a company, this year in May, zhang Yu announces formally to buy place of business of wine of Chile demon lion again, still plan to be finished in Australia inside year buy, the position that urges whole internationalization is finished as soon as possible, realize the internationalization of raw material, product, brand, talent truly. At the appointed time, in home market, remove the Zhang Yu brand that sale mainland turns, abroad buys the product of the enterprise to also can walk into domestic business to exceed. And be in abroad, zhang Yu also will be used abroad the sale that buys network of company be on sale and channel to have him brand, implementation struggles through 5 years 30% sale come from Zhang Yu abroad target.  “ believes those who adopt strategy of the construction of wine city project and informatization to carry out, be based on ‘ industry + of travel ’ brand-new development concept, after city project builds bishop of Zhang Yu international entirely, the newly bid that makes Yantai travel, create new economic point of growth for Yantai. ” regards piece of abundant the next as hundred years project, zhou Hongjiang expresses, project of city of Zhang Yu wine will guide Zhang Yu to go further. 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