Cha Weisi suffers invite attend beef cattle of the 2nd 2017 whole nations to produce seminar of applied technology and industrial economy

Published on 2019-12-10

 Production of beef cattle of the 2nd whole nation applied “ on June 11, 2017 technology and ” of industrial economy seminar are held in Beijing, cha Weisi company is honoured to suffer director of research center of beef cattle of college of agriculture of professor of Chinese agriculture college, China, China very much Meng Qingxiang of director of council of major of economy of beef cattle of society of economy of Lin Mu fishery invites attend this meeting, the learning of the Gao Shuiping that general manager of Cha Weisi Ministry of Agriculture Mr Lanny Smith attends this beef cattle to produce a field on behalf of Ministry of Agriculture of Cha Weisi company, high standards and industrial distinguished gathering.  Bencihui is discussed with ” nutrition and raise new technology to promote beef cattle breed aquatics benefit ” undertake discussion for the theme, make special subject report with respect to advanced technique of industry of world beef cattle and actual combat experience. The different situation that Lanny Smith of general manager of Ministry of Agriculture of the Cha Weisi on the meeting teachs awarded query comparative and Sino-US two countries with respect to the first month gave out to solve compose a quarrel wonderfully to suggest, related to home at the same time entrepreneur reachs famous expert and scholar to discuss the development of course of study of Chinese beef cattle jointly: Predicament and outlet.  Cha Weisi Ministry of Agriculture, major offers field of beef cattle fatten to design bear build, seed selection and gene breeding, breed management and technology to groom, development of advisory service of entrance of animal nutrition and animal welfare, beef cattle, agriculture and feed store etc, and come for years cooperate cheek by jowl with orgnaization of American relevant authority; Our target is: Pass 100 old integrated experience, continue to be you to provide more professional and excellent service in domain of beef cattle breed aquatics.      Label: Cha Weisi states: 1, the article fastens this net editor to reprint, do not represent this website approval its viewpoint and to its authenticity has responsible, textual research. 2, if the article involves its work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this net inside 30 days please, we will be in undertake corresponding processing for a short while! [return list | Join collect | Make printed books page]