Beautiful dishwasher upgrades system of dry of intelligent hot airing

Published on 2019-08-15

  The abluent, drying, basic function that eliminating bacterium is dishwasher, but wash abluent structure as a result of the special gush of dishwasher, make 3 person cannot very good compatible. The ” media that walks into the United States as beautiful group “M-DAY opens day of spot, beautiful dishwasher high end is embedded X3 of machine of 2 acting intelligence appears ceremoniously, the has 12 patent the 2nd generation that its carry heats up airing dry system, it is the important milestone that basic to dishwasher function promotes, this also indicates the dishwasher of a beauty already led an industry in the round in core index.  User pain spot urges the black science and technology of global original creation of hair to overturn industry intelligence is washed carbonado 2.0 Review the development course that dishwasher enters country more than 10 years, abluent, drying, installation, waiting for a problem except bacterium is block up all the time the main reason that its enter an innumberable families. Afraid west dishwasher washs ungodliness Chinese style to weigh condition of smeary, kitchen not easy installation, wash tableware …… of bacterium of damp be shy with strangers nowadays, interest of gush coming back washs the beautiful 360° that is used to in the light of Chinese meal abluent system already made compatriots great to abluent problem have change, antiseptic technology also lets the steam that the industry carries first dishwasher is in groovy the 99.99% rate that eliminate bacterium are explicit and brand-new dimension spends stride one stride, the embedded, independent type that gets used to all sorts of kitchen configuration, complete range of products that avoids machine of installation type, table to wait also lowered the installation threshold of compatriots have a taste of what is just in season greatly.  However, wash than the hand, machine is report of province of the water that wash a province, cleaner outside, can you still accomplish more? The bowl dish of strong clean down as before damp, can you become moldy in cupboard or dishwasher frowzily is there peculiar smell? Can you resemble washing machine is same catharsis swung do one pace to reach the designated position?  Of the beauty that is about to come out embedded dishwasher X3 type, the sirocco of global original creation that its carry does dry system, be the United States in dishwasher drying domain overturn after the gender breaks through —— catharsis program to end, the machine runs dry program automatically, heat the fresh cold air that introduce, 80 ℃ of 70 ~ heat up wind energy tableware of more efficient implementation and wall drying, tableware takes be sent on a diplomatic mission to use still can retain Yu Wen, curb bacterium is more complete. Even if is tableware bussiness trip long-term need not or the circumstance such as weather of southern overcast and rainy, the system also can time start, heat automatically asepsis new wind, help tableware realizes more abiding more healthful memory. This technology already won 12 patent.  The tableware of drying of traditional dishwasher condensation that imports than Oushi can leave the awkwardness that has water eventually, the even if of system of hot airing dry that beautiful dishwasher X3 type carries does not put bright dish agent, also can realize housing and tableware quickly double and dry. Tableware is abiding retentive “ is warm outside Gan Shuang carbonado ” environment prevents to store process bacterium and peculiar smell are caused further. Such since, abluent, drying, memory 3 big demand all can father in high level the requirement issues perfect implementation. Beautiful dishwasher with revolutionary technology, guide intelligence of industry make one’s bow to wash carbonado 2 timeses, implementation lets what consumer is at ease wash on real significance carbonado keep an organic whole.  Core science and technology leads an industry to delimit change beautiful lift again dishwasher popularizes storm The dimensional environment with comparative China complex, diversiform kitchen and Chinese consumer ask high to what dishwasher uses, all choose question that beautiful dishwasher X3 answered dishwasher to upgrade as alexipharmic ark almost. On installation, this embedded dishwasher X3 type is measure of standard disinfection cabinet, perfect replace. On the function, true implementation is washed outside emancipatory both hands carbonado keep an organic whole, abluent phase the 99.99% rate that eliminate bacterium, stoving memory phase also bacterium of can abiding curb. In the meantime, it still carried system of catharsis of the 2nd acting intelligence, intelligence washs a program automatic induction is smeary match suitable catharsis order; Program of about a hundred kinds of catharsis all can pass DIY mobile phone WIFI is on APP at any time the palm accuses, know sth like the palm of one’s hand of state of water bad news, power consumption, catharsis. It is Jing admires more on the appearance clinking, this dishwasher industry uses black rolled steel to pledge first, craft of fashionable Hei Gang, contracted and elegant exterior, all show the clever beauty of line, and easy clean black steel, a namely clean, do not leave fingerprint, do not take wholesome dead space.  It is reported, this beautiful dishwasher is embedded X3 type is about to appear on the market in day cat, beautiful all be opposite this with day cat revolutionary taste newly hold great hope, the dishwasher that is about to make its the United States with innovation product prize, lead product of core of all-pervading of Chinese style dishwasher.  The dishwasher first time that this is not the United States chooses technical product catalysis to popularize the strategy. March AWE spot, of the beauty that breaks through an industry to install difficult problem model avoid world of installation dishwasher justing one side to ascend the body sells well type, count industry of Zhou Chan couplet to sell head of a list of names posted up continuously, the situation with the as sudden as lightning lets become silent as before dishwasher market breaks ice successfully, drive large quantities of customer in succession god of the save labour when dishwasher of have a taste of what is just in season is saved this implement.  This, beautiful dishwasher carries the intelligence that leads an industry to wash carbonado black science and technology adds held innovation product to raid, wash unprecedentedly carbonado put an organic whole to upgrade experience, be destined to will cause dishwasher market new round popularize storm. 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