Foreground of pomegranate deep treatment makes industrial catenary earnest wish

Published on 2019-12-10

 As people living standard rise, more and more people pay attention to health, pomegranate wine is one kind suits wine of the female’s drinkable preserve one’s health. Pomegranate has tasted not only, still hairdressing protects the gain of skin. Pomegranate is most get female friends gay fruit. And now wine more and more get the youth’s jubilation, because healthy, vogue is its label, this is representing wine industry to begin arisen. Foreground of pomegranate deep treatment: Choose abroad’s advanced equipment + new treatment technology + mature engineering experience. Make industrial earnest wish: Oil of seed of wine of pomegranate beverage, pomegranate, pomegranate, pomegranate extracts content pomegranate juice: Pomegranate juice cent is pomegranate chaotic juice and pomegranate clear juice two kinds. Pomegranate clear juice is to fruit juice produces company production commonly, besides extracting juice, still need to pass enzymatic solution, clear, thick filter, exceed the measure such as filter, can compare more long-term saving. Pomegranate clear juice contains Chan Ning to want than pomegranate chaotic juice little, taste is close to fruit raw ingredient more. Pomegranate wine: Pomegranate wine department uses pomegranate to be main raw material, classics is broken, ferment, detached, the wine that old wine is allocated and becomes. This wine uses Fu Erxi to machinery ferments technology energy is brewed distinctly and be become, form of pomegranate wine wine is pure, brightness of colour and lustre is transparent, acid is sweet tastily, withheld pomegranate acid, sweet, acerbity, Xianzhi natural gust, its color is distinctive. Pomegranate seed is oily: The extraction of pomegranate seed oil is to use inferior low temperature of technology of critical live thing is extractive, pass pomegranate seed raw material enter after pre-treatment inferior system of extraction of technology of critical live thing, receive pomegranate seed crude oil, repass fine process can receive high quality pomegranate seed oil. Pomegranate seed oil still is contained a lot ofdefy oxidation factor, have very powerful cleared human body freedom radical and the capability that delay consenescence. Machinery of blessing Er happy event is professional be engaged in fruit vegetables commercialization research and development of processing and profound treatment equipment, make, the industry bibcock company that the whole set such as installation joins key project. The company passed attestation of ISO9001 quality system 2008, characteristic produce is grading reach vegetables of stoving equipment, fruit to machine solution, extraction and low temperature to condense the produce such as project of wine of vinegar of equipment, fruit to machine mechanical equipment. Offer a client to reach product line design, plane to decorate from plant program program, technological process, installation is debugged wait for whole set to join key project. Label: Female of garnet pomegranate wine machines equipment to state: 1, the article fastens this net editor to reprint, do not represent this website approval its viewpoint and to its authenticity has responsible, textual research. 2, if the article involves its work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this net inside 30 days please, we will be in undertake corresponding processing for a short while! [return list | Join collect | Make printed books page]