Machine of results of earthnut of series of fertile heart research and development drives results machinery industry to upgrade

Published on 2018-11-26

  Henan Ward machinery makes limited company devote oneself to science and technology to innovate all the time, research and development a variety of earthnut are mechanical, have pull up seedlings, picking up, pick fruit, collect wait for comprehensive function, each area that can get used to domestic earthnut to cultivate, be chased after energetically by the market hold in both hands.    Earthnut of “ our country grows the mechanization rate with results all the time not tall, occupy cost of above of whole process 1/3, exercise to constitute the results segment of above of total cost 1/2 with labour especially, labor strength is greater, manufacturing efficiency is inferior. ”6 month 21 days, the Henan Ward machinery of area of assemble of Hong Zhou industry of city of county of Yu Hui of v/arc be on the throne creates limited company (next weighing that Ward is mechanical) earthnut results machine produces a workshop, li Wei of chief inspector of sale of fertile heart machinery introduces to the reporter.  In recent years, as agriculture reform of sex of supply side structure is advanced, agriculture saves Henan greatly around “ 4 actor 4 change ” to adjust agriculture to cultivate a structure, accelerate development high grade earthnut is cultivated, earthnut of complete 2017 province cultivates area hopeful to break through 20 million mus, continue to get run the whole nation. The earthnut results machine with easy operation, expensive efficiency becomes earthnut to grow a the most pressing demand.  “ is current, demand of earthnut results machine is exuberant, constant out of stock. This and national agriculture cultivate structural adjustment to concern, also add with earthnut industry the cost is high about. ” Li Wei thinks, cultivate the propulsion of structural adjustment and mechanization of crop whole journey as national agriculture, market of earthnut results machine will be a La Hai.  Since of machine of “ earthnut results is contemporary agricultural equipment ‘ wisdom the new gain that makes ’ , also be the ‘ multiplier ’ that earthnut carries qualitative synergism. Innovate through science and technology, make earthnut results faster increase production of more relaxed, farmer synergism, it is Ward machine of results of earthnut of mechanical research and development not the motivation of exhaust. ” Li Wei introduces, regard province inside and outside as famous collect technology research and development, production, sale, service at an organic whole integrated model company of agriculture machinery equipment, fertile heart machinery takes scientific research group seriously to build very much, hold to own innovation. In recent years, ward is mechanical in succession research and development rolls out 4HW—1900 earthnut to harvest earthnut of machine, 4HW—1650 to harvest earthnut of self-propelled of machine, 4HZZ—2600 to pick succulence of fruit machine, 4QZ—8 self-propelled to harvest corn of machine, 4YZ—5 to harvest the 5 old series such as machine jointly 18 kinds of products. The product passes the evaluation of national authority branch and appraisal, each project all accords with national level, be popularized in the whole nation and enjoy national subsidy.  Li Wei introduces, machines and tools of results of earthnut of fertile heart series has pull up seedlings, picking up, pick fruit, collect wait for comprehensive function, each area that can get used to domestic earthnut to cultivate. With excellent product quality and content of science and technology, perfect sale channel serves a system with what perfect, this year since spring, earthnut of “ Ward ” harvests machine series product to demand exceeds supply, get broad cultivate a reliance with cooperation of agriculture machinery major. The product sells the throughout the country such as past Henan, Heibei, Shandong, Shanxi, Ningxia, Anhui, Gansu Province, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and northeast more than 10 provinces, city, municipality.  “ intention ability innovates, competitive ability develops. ” Ward machinery takes such spirit of enterprise all the time, pay attention to research and development of science and technology, hold to own innovation, drive economic crop to harvest mechanical industry to upgrade, health of industry of earthnut of stimulative our country develops. Label: Ward states: 1, the article fastens this net editor to reprint, do not represent this website approval its viewpoint and to its authenticity has responsible, textual research. 2, if the article involves its work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this net inside 30 days please, we will be in undertake corresponding processing for a short while! [return list | Join collect | Make printed books page]