Magical software drives robot of yuan of research and development of science and technology intelligence of food treatment industry is changed

Published on 2018-11-26

 God yuan science and technology devotes oneself to synergic robot and robot flexible the research of production system, development and application, its achievement can be used at food and produce treatment company, company of the food that help strength improves manufacturing efficiency.  From 2016 ” China is made 2025 ” since print and distribute, replace the transition target that became a lot of traditional production companies artificially with the machine. Get governmental appeal, large company in succession layout, the Dong Zhihui that be like Beijing platform of COSMOPlat of Er of content shedding, sea, intelligence made a domain make wind gap.  But transition is not in one day can be finished, on one hand, be in at present home a lot of businesses that produce a robot, hardware is own production, software still wants rely on to export, on the other hand, in production enterprise devoid major handles a talented person. To enterprise of science and technology, must want to master software core technology, ability realizes intelligence to make.  The project that the near future understands is magical yuan science and technology is dedicated the company of science and technology that turns demand at solving food and produce industry intelligence, produce a business unlike common robot, god yuan science and technology devotes oneself to synergic robot and robot flexible the research of production system, development and application, what basically develop at present is intelligent cent collects a system.  Magical Liu Xi is in author of yuan of science and technology food and produce treatment industry had had old job experience, he discovers, in profit original this very small industry, intelligence changes extremely urgent. Disappear gradually as population bonus, labour force is in short supply, company move worker is harder and harder, cost of choose and employ persons raises; In the meantime, because feed the characteristic of moral course of study, want to ensure the safety of food strictly, choose artificially not only efficiency is low, and easy generation is polluted 2 times, affect product quality. In the market that processes this one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two form in food, undertake the technology is innovated, replace with the machine artificial, it is development trend of future.  Be based on above pain spot, magical algorithm of yuan of intelligence of labour of choose and employ persons of carry of science and technology and pattern recognition technology, own research and development intelligent cent collects a system, use at the sorting link of food and produce. The system of 3D machine vision that uses own research and development undertakes to having foreword supplied materials the position locates, article acquaintance is fastened and classify, directive manipulator undertakes capture, carry, rotate, put wait for an operation. For example, god yuan science and technology is new 3 board appear on the market the intelligent component that course of study of stay of proceedings of company abundant country manufactures collects a system, in the sorting of Xianggu mushroom, the robot can have deepness study independently, according to Xianggu mushroom character different undertake classified. The robot is odd second identify accuracy rate to be as high as 99.6% , and have 80% only artificially. The robot is indefatigable, efficiency is more artificial promote 2 times, an equipment can replace 8 individual worker worker, great promotion manufactures efficiency.  Equipment net understands food mechanism, besides sorting link, god yuan intelligence also is in further research and development is flexible assemble a system. Flexible assemble systematic distinction to produce a system at standardization, get used to the trend with custom-built C2M, let robot system and the fixed position orgnaization all round its, assemble private plane, content shedding to carry, supply makings system cooperates each other, pass linkage of MES system intelligence, those who realize much category product with the line full automatic turn production. Future, magical yuan of task craft demand that science and technology also differs the basis, production comprises a circumstance, for the client the quantity has something made to order personally, offer the system that has specific aim to implement plan, contented difference changes requirement.  God yuan science and technology held water 2014, it is home is engaged in synergic robot and robot the earliest flexible one of enterprises of science and technology of production system research, development and application, service client faces B end, basically be food and produce treatment company, through intelligent production help they promote efficiency, reduce cost. Be in at present this domain, still have no a competitor to appear. With common robot production industry posture is compared, god yuan intelligence is dedicated the development that at software system is not hardware, at present multinomial technology patent is in application.  Magical the group of research and development of yuan of intelligence all is graduated from university of Hua Zhongke ability, Wuhan project university, father Liu hopes also is computer major one’s previous experience, wuhan university MBA. This group takes a technology seriously, in the system development respect invested a large number of capital.  The promotion of the domain and application are processed in food and produce to drive intelligent robot, at present god yuan science and technology is seeking cooperative client and the investor that have industry background actively. 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