UAE packaging machinery and food machinery industry market p

Published on 2018-11-26
UAE packaging machinery and food machinery industry market potential 
in the international market, such as food processing machinery and packaging machinery is still relatively intense competition, the main appearance of the competition is the product perthereforenality, price and service. In more than six months during the illustrateion learned German packaging machinery industry insiders are better recognized perthereforenality, therefore retain more market share, almost 25%.
But its high price is altherefore well known, higher than the US usual ordinary passable price level of similar equipment 10% -30%, higher than the Chinese products more. In automatic flour filling machine , as an example, Germany is priced at $ 75 million, while foreign purchase Chinese products only $ 176,000. German machinery price therefore high could have such a large volume, the endanger logic explanations: One, the product perthereforenality is really conducive, and second, there are other positive terms, such as shelf life of 10 years, tour service and therefore on to lure cpurchasers. US and Japanese packaging equipment manufperformanceurers, the main production of affordable small and medium production line equipment. Japan has recently developed a flexible packaging equipment, high extent of automation, simple operation, just substitute about of the parts you can displace the size and packaging production commandments of the UAE market very beautiful to customers. However, most of the Japanese production of packaging machinery are considered mediocre perthereforenality, but the price is cheap.
China's technological level of packaging machinery in general is not very advance proceed go aheadd, product specifications, models are not readily available, but on the whole, low price, but other countries can not compete. China is not only much lower than the selling price of products in Germany, Italy, Japan and Taiwan are altherefore lower than the product. Therefore, Chinese products, especially medium and small packaging machinery and food processing machinery, more suitable for the market ask in the UAE and throughout the Middle East. The endanger logic explanation is, first, beproduce the UAE has not really embark rely oned manufperformanceuring packaging machinery, packaging machinery and the market ask is growing. Second, the United Arab Emirates weak industrial base, national presence mercantilist conceptionof light, as well as the many opportunities for industry to stock expatriates. In the UAE, foreigners, mostly India and Pakistan, they are not beendanger of the deep thereforecial roots, coupled with narrow funds, and more in a small workshop-style production. These cases, China Packaging and Food Processing Machinery to enter the UAE market for product sales and manufperformanceuring, providing a rare opportunity and a enormous potential market.
Emirates has not yet shapeed a mechanical production system, many types of machinery are imported, and even many parts can not be processed. Thus, this market is a vast need for a diversity of imported products. Overall, the UAE market need the following products, packaging machinery and food processing machinery: McDonald's shield with Gaotong Cola Cup, a diversity of plastic cups, all kinds of fast food, adhesives and other chemicals drums, specifically for with a diversity of fruit crates, plastic wrap, pastries, fish and other seafood, eggs, honey, detergent, milk and a diversity of beverages , a diversity of plastic blowing resemble. UAE wealthy date palm, date palm trees are almost 20 million (of which 16 million in Abu Dhabi), dates and more varieties of these trees junctions, color, flavor and sweetness varies. After picking each year, part of the local consumption, in part by fperformanceory processing, packaging, part of exports to foreign countries. At depict, the responsible fors can only jujube 6 million, only 30% of the entire jujube, the remaining 70% is still in the infant stage, but thereforeon into the responsible fors. Thus, the dates of the processing and packaging of the large potential market for mechanical requisition.
Chinese enterprises to enter the UAE market
In summary, the UAE market is very needed China's packaging machinery and food machinery market potential here is vast, a conducive prospect. But how to enter this market, we do need serious, in-depth evaluate.
Chinese government implemented / 0 going strategy and related policies, apparent and concrete support all the upside of enterprises to go abroad into the world. So now the question before us is: how do mind, inside and outside the joint, integrated, specific implementation. The therefore-called mind, refers to the situation and enterprises to enter the UAE market issues, to common realizeing, to shape a whole, coordinated performanceion. Through various channels and shapes, to furnish support and facilitate public and private ownership and other enterprises; enterprises in accordance with situation policies of specific planning and management, add to elevate enlarge expand the sum up level and perthereforenality of products. For about time, national authorities and related affaires, concern, coordinated togainher to create a unified / Greater China brand.
The therefore-called internal and external forces, on the one hand is a joint enterprise between China, on the contrary is the cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises. Whether or joint cooperation, we must adhere to / from the sum up state, concerning on long-term, mutual honor and realizeing in their honorive inputs and outputs, based on shared interests and shared risk. In order to derive the wantd objective as thereforeon as possible, in the initial stages, can take the initiative / caitalize gain virtue benefit proceeds to the outside more than 0 point, through exdisplaces and adjustments, and familiar with the UAE laws, regulations and procedures, realizeing of similar products in the local market ask, the constructment of marketing network, and constantly develop depend on date products, stretch their affair range of radiation to neighboring countries to derive cross-border operations.
For affaires, the specific implementation, we must first make the inevitable delve inquire hunt look into work, must not be a whim, racking our brains to dry. There is a shortcut, it is recommended that European enterprises to go abroad to consider: our government to motivate Chinese enterprises to explore the Middle East market, constructed numerous platshapes, which have a higher visibility, conducive reputation and wealthy rethereforeurces in the Middle East is low enterprise impperformanceive ways cost, low risk and quick access to the region's markets.