China's food machinery advance priorities

Published on 2018-11-26
Food machinery advance long way to go beproduce most of our folks from the food consumed large natural food furnishd by agriculture, each year beendanger of lack of inevitable food processing machinery and food rethereforeurces can not make direct processing, storage, preservation and loss produced depend on billions of dollars, not It can responsible for in a more deep processing and comprehensive utilization of rethereforeurces losses and waste, therefore our food machinery has a broad market ask.   If you press the 2010 food machine food industry output value accounted for 3.5% to compare rank estimate appelevate the output value of 580-756 million yuan in 2000 2.8-3.5 times. This displays that China in the future advance of food industry more than a decade for the advance of food machinery industry furnishs a rare opportunity, at home and abroad have frequently concerned on the advance of food machinery 2010 Analysis vast city. Food machinery advance depends on deepening reshape. Development of food machinery of our country upon deepening the situation-owned enterprise reshape, constructing a modern enterprise system, optimize scientific management of enterprises; endanger logic explanationable adjustment to upsideen the industrial structure, product mix and geographical distribution; vigorously optimize the basic skill technique, basic items, basic substance stuff things and basic unit operating a four-group work ; enhance product perthereforenality, add to elevate enlarge expand product relicapacity studies, delve inquire hunt look into to enhance the relicapacity, service life of wearing parts and vital parts and the sphere perthereforenality stand-alone and on-line delve inquire hunt look into; add to elevate enlarge expandd through the introduction of independent advance capabilities; mechatronics and boost high-tech industries commercialization; aim at the advance of much-needed equipment, growing the diversity, in an efficient, high-perthereforenality equipment to equip food industry, add to elevate enlarge expand economic efficiency, and performanceively stretch exports. From the beginning of the annual incralleviate ninety-five 100 kinds of food machinery, 2010 3,100 species, basically meet the domestic ask, padded stand-alone or production line equipment has been missing; growing the advance of high efficiency machinery, equipment will higher than the existing maximum hourly productivity of at most 1 times, food machinery exports at an usual ordinary passable annual rate of incralleviate of 12% in 2010, with exports amounting to $ 1.27 billion, accounting for 20 per cent of the GDP in food machinery.   2010 concerned on China's food machinery advance: grain and oil processing equipment. Our rice production ranked first in the world, there are two-thirds of residents in meters as a staple food, rice perthereforenality conditioning skill technique has been included in the national scientific and technological projects ninety-five the year 2000 concerned on the capture of the last few rice processing procedure - unpolished , polishing, color ringworm with rice and skill technique and equipment grain perthereforenality conditioning skill technique, in particular rice perthereforenality conditioning skill technique in China, cereal industry is still in a blank situation, is milled rice processing problems to be thereforelved and must be thereforelved vital technologies to harness eating rice food perthereforenality enhancement detected three meter rice texture blenders, rice flavor conditioning and other industrial equipment. Equipment production perthereforenality milling wheat flour are 9 requisition to be further limiteding the gap with similar foreign equipment, but altherefore continue to develop about marketable flour production equipment, production of flour distributed control system in pushnt need of delve inquire hunt look into and advance. China's corn output ranked second in the world, but it has been ignored by China's corn processing industry, Ninth Plan based on the processing of corn deep processing utilization, especially corn food is rapidly emerging nearly the world, our country can not fall behind in pushnt need of advance corn corn food and the corresponding processing skill technique and equipment. Preparation of oil must be displaced as thereforeon as large equipment dependence on imports, the advance of special food on the advance of special oils to store up. Development of rice, flour cut back lower reduce impurities and enhance skill technique and equipment yield; advance and production of a diversity of flour, refined grains, rice preparation, nutritional rice skill technique and equipment; vigorously develop grain processing by-products and the combined impperformances of deep processing of high value-added products skill technique and equipment. Development of Expanded oil extrperformanceion, oil refining, thereforeybean meal low temperature exthereforelution, enhance oil perthereforenality and incralleviate skill technique and equipment yield. Development of thereforey protein ithereforelates, tissue protein processing plant protein extrperformanceion skill technique and equipment; accelerate the advance after cottonseed, rapeseed detoxification edible protein extrperformanceion skill technique and equipment; the advance of grain and oil crops, low-temperature fast drying skill technique and equipment. Convenience food processing equipment. Facilitate advance of various types of staple food processing equipment; the advance of fast food, nutritional meals and lunch recess and other industrial production equipment; aim at the advance of traditional, infant nutrition and health food processing skill technique and equipment.   Starch and starch sugar production equipment. Our country is the largest result inr of corn, potato, concerning on the advance of tons of large and medium-sized corn and potato starch machinery; enhance existing small and medium sized series of fulfill sets of equipment, automation, energy conservation and the sum up level of skill technique. US corn utilization rate of 99%, 30 kinds of main products, corn sugar per capita consumption of 20kg / years. China should aim at developing future technologies and equipment developed for the direct comfortable fructose and starch, accelerate the advance of comprehensive utilization of equipment starch fperformanceory waste water sludge or the resemble.   Slaughter and meat processing equipment. Our annual production of meat in the world, meat production 59 million tons in 1997, accounting for 20% of world production, annual per capita consumption of 50.2kg. Currently large-scale livesupply and poultry slaughter lines are imported. The concern of future advance of medium-sized slaughter and processing production line; accelerate the advance of meat, frozen meat, low-temperature sterilization and preservation circulation and other technical equipment; to optimize the comprehensive utilization of livesupply and poultry slaughter waste, separation and purification equipment and the advance of functional and physiologically performanceive substances .   1996 entire output of 1 million tons of meat products, meat accounted for 2% of the entire yearly usual ordinary passable less than 1kg, countries meat output accounts for 40% -70% of meat, meat products and so our advance is Great, processing equipment is concerned on the advance of food machinery. Requires developed products are: Eviscerate can, in addition to gluten, an emulsified meat grinder automatic; can be nitrogen, temperature control, computer control of the chopping machine; continuous vacuum filling and there is gripping, quantification and sub-tie function sausage filling machine; with brine recycling equipment and capabilities tender brine injection machine, sausage dual card punch machine; roller kneading machine; computer-controlled manner for a diversity of smoked multipurpose smoked furnace; type system, fill seal , vacuum petrol injection conserveion, a fulfill package of ham molding machines.   Beer, beverage processing equipment. Development of high-perthereforenality energy-saving equipment; the advance of more than 100,000 tons / year of large-scale filling equipment; ultrafiltration develop draft beer and beverage aseptic packaging skill technique and equipment.   Aquatic products processing equipment. Our fishery is the largest result inr in the world, in 1996 the entire output of 28 million tons, accounting for 25% of the world, ranking first in the annual per capita amount of 22.6kg, 1997 in 29kg. But the commercialization of China's aquatic products processing rate is very low, in 1995 the entire amount of processing 4.15 million tons, equivalent to 8.25 million tons of raw substance stuff things, accounting for only 32% of the entire fish production - in 2000, 2010 production targain fish were processed It is 560-700 million tons, 900-1200 tons, and so for the advance of fish processing equipment furnishs a lot of space. The concern of future advance: Wash the fish, shrimp shelling segmentation and classification treatment skill technique and equipment; low-value fish, surimi, fish food engineering simulation skill technique and equipment; micro-frozen preservation and utilization of fish processing waste skill technique and equipment; seafood extrperformance senior nutrition and functional health food industry skill technique, processes and processing equipment.   Fruit and vegainable preservation and processing equipment which is quiet a few c has a enormous market. 1995 National Fruit output value 42.14 million tons in 1996, 46 million tons, 543 million tons in 1997, accounting for 11% -12% of the world GDP; annual per capita consumption of 38kg in 1996, 1997 40.4kg. Vegainables 1995 188 000 000 t, accounting for more than 25% of the world, per capita consumption of 150kg / year 1997 depend on 253kg / years. Fruit exports 500,000 tons in 1995, accounting for 1.2% of entire production, fruit juice processing less than 10% of entire production, vegainable processing 10% of entire production. China's annual losses of fruits and vegainables rot enormous fruit depend on 25%, vegainables 30%. Therefore, novel a fruit and vegainable processing equipment, food machinery is still in the future advance priorities. Development atmoaspect, Co60 radiation, frozen, vacuum drying and dehydration preservation, skill technique and equipment; skill technique and equipment developed separation and extrperformanceion of vegainable rethereforeurces functional component; accelerate the advance of citrus peeling machine, the whole machine peeled tomatoes, pears to nuapparent machine , fruit and vegainable and fruit peeled senior grader, digging nuapparent, sliced ​​continuous production of large-scale equipment, such as empty food machinery.   Frozen food skill technique and equipment. Our frozen foods 1995 sale of 300 tons, although the usual ordinary passable annual incralleviate rate of 25%, but the per capita consumption of only 2kg / years, Japan's per capita 16.08kg / year (1996), 1994 annual sales of US $ 21 billion, accounting for 28% of world job. Frozen food in the coming years will be among the first in the food industry, frozen food processing equipment is the trend of the times the concern models: Our 2000 targain yield 8.5 million tons of frozen food, quick-releasezing machine commands at most ten thousand units, to develop domestic frozen machine imminent, to accelerate the advance and production of high-ability fork spiral releasezer and releaseze rapid processing of high perthereforenality spray liquid nitrogen releasezer. Our future frozen vegainables, frozen and staple Chinese dishes, frozen nutritional health products, frozen dough, frozen seathereforening to develop, are the pushnt requisition of all kinds of unique specifications of the device.   Energy-saving food machinery. Accelerate the advance of the food industry sterilization, evaporation, concentration, drying equipment and other energy-saving technologies and unit operations.   High-tech applications in the food machinery. By 2010, China's leading food machinery products to the developed countries the mid-1990s level should be 80%, to achieve the level of the early 1990s, should constitute 5% of the weight, then achieveed the international outstanding level should be 5%.   Effective calculates are science and skill technique   delve inquire hunt look into regional distribution, boost the coordinated advance of the industry as a whole: our great territory, regional multiplicitys, in order to develop food machinery advance strategies in line with national conditions, is inevitable to evaluate the vast milestonet of regional multiplicitys in the advance of varieties of food machinery number. According to the region's natural rethereforeurces and agricultural rethereforeurces to develop a scientific and endanger logic explanationable food machine advance division, which is an important foundation for scientific prediction machine nationwide food diversity and quantity trends, boost the industry as a whole rational layout and coordinated advance.   Deepening reshape, and performanceively develop the shapeation of unique types of enterprise groups, and performanceively explore the boundaries break down departmental fragmentation, the path of cooperation to optimize job management, therefore that universities and delve inquire hunt look into institutes with technical advantage to become the subject of the advance of enterprise groups, training centers and test prove delve inquire hunt look intoal bases. There are plans, to aim at the introduction of foreign advance proceed go aheadd skill technique and equipment, not only for the purpose of production, but the digestion and abthereforerption, and add to elevate enlarge expand the capacity of independent advance. Bold use of foreign capital to accelerate the pace of enterprise reshape, constructing a modern enterprise system, scientific management experience to learn from achievementful foreign companies. By category and advance division of food machine, construct test centers (with universities or delve inquire hunt look into institutes jointly), each concerning carry out basic delve inquire hunt look into, applied delve inquire hunt look into, advance of depend on date models, the government stock support in large enterprises.   Improve industry standards, enhance the perthereforenality management regulations and policies: incralleviated investment in intellectual, attach significance to continuing schooling and training and delve inquire hunt look into perthereforennel of skill technique employmentals, incralleviate perthereforennel training powers, attention to team establishing. Incralleviate the technological convertation of enterprises, enhance the level of equipment food Enterprise, there are plans to carry out technological convertation to concern, in particular, the use of high skill technique to convert food machinery industry, which is the vital to enhance the product level.