Come out for food machinery century anti-corrosion substance

Published on 2018-11-26
Recently, the "National Class A Design Institute Application Seminar", a project by the National Development and Reshape Comassignment, the State Science and Technology Comassignment as a 863 Torch Plan, to derive a century of corrosion patent depend on date technologies, depend on date substance stuff things, depend on date products and standards have been come out.
According to China Hao Hua Changyuan antisepsis (Group) Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Zhenzhou introduced, with the folks on food safety and variety of attention and processing raw substance stuff things, food processing complex, affair-to-food processing equipment safety commandments more higher and higher. Especially corrosion problem, delve inquire hunt look intoers desireing for a long time to overcome the problem, and equipment manufperformanceurers have been viewing forward to one kind of pushnt perennial anti-corrosion substance stuff thing available.
Hao Hua Changyuan antisepsis by the (Group) Co., Ltd. developed the invention of earth aluminum alloy corrosion products, spawnd by rare earth and aluminum, called earth aluminum alloy, a different corrosion resistance. It chloride and a saturated thereforelution of hydrogen sulfide plus the marine environment and in the test prove delve inquire hunt look intoal test under high temperature, high pressure composite conditions indicate that chloride ions marine environment, its annual corrosion rate is roughly zero, depend on a hundred years corrosion. This skill technique is considered by experts as the "Land into gold."
Industry insiders, this patented skill technique, the different substance stuff thing properties make the substance stuff thing of anti-corrosion skill technique has achieveed the world advance proceed go aheadd level. It can be used in the field of food processing machinery and food preparation appliances, oil processing equipment, dairy equipment, ovens , oven , brewing machines, beer, liquor, refrigerator and utensils.