China's food machinery market analysis

Published on 2018-11-26
China's food machinery market analysis
With the rising living standards of our folks, especially the incralleviate in folks's income, the ask for food marginally diversified, multi-level, for the advance of the food industry to furnish a broad market. As the food industry to furnish industry equipment, food machinery and packaging machinery industry will furnish more varieties, high-perthereforenality products to meet the requisition of the food industry. Faced with such a great market, the chief categories of food machinery should be how to master it? Reporter recently interlooked on this issue relevant experts. 
A grain and oil processing equipment, the vital is to enhance the grade of 
1997, the national food sector owned grain and oil processing enterprises 11297 (5777 wherein rice processing enterprises, flour processing enterprises in 4104, vegainable oil processing enterprises in 1416), the output value of 752 billion yuan. 
Experts think that the rice milling equipment should be concerned advance. Our country is the world's chief rice producing areas, while in 1999 China's consumption of rice was 186 million tons, is overprovide. China's consumption of rice in 60% to 70% of a farmer's rations. In 1996 the food sector rice processing enterprises have more than 6300 in 1997 to 1999 decreasing. Most of our rice mill mechanical result inr paddy rice mills, rice mills, home currently separated iron roll rice mill, rice milling jet wind machine production is still very vast, mainly for rural areas, yields were not in the tens of thousands etc., beproduce of their technical pershapeance behind the low perthereforenality rice production, low productivity, its sales declining trend, but the short term will not be fulfillly out of the market. There will be about need to "fifteen" period, but the number is not too large. 
Testifies to grind rice machine is a combination of the last century in the late 1980s and early 1990s, developed, and now the annual output has already achieveed more than 10,000 units in the period ahead, with a strong momentum of advance. 
Experts say that small and medium sets Metric machinery and mechanical refined rice rice beendanger of incralleviated machining accuracy and universal, in recent years the rapid advance, the future market will be conducive. 
According to industry experts estimate that the annual ask for the "fifth" period, rice milling equipment will achieve 0.5 to 1 million sets. 
Flour processing equipment at the end of 1998 our country has a large production ability of 50t / 24h ~ 1200t / 24h device, medium and small types of flour processing enterprises around a thousand, of which a small unit 50t / 24h or less almost 40 000 , the annual processing ability of 273.1 million tons. 
Currently the great rural areas is still a small flour processing units, small units therefore that ownership and production have accounted for a large proportion of the current domestic production of small units have been able to meet the requisition of the great rural market. However, with economic advance, folks's living standards continue to enhance, the rapid develppment in ask for high-grade flour, many small milling machine has been unable to meet the commandments. Over the past decade, the entire flour little displace in ask, but ask for high perthereforenality flour increasing production standard powder has dropped below 20%, a special, two special powder proportion of further develppment. Currently flour processing enterprises excess ability, performanceual production of flour processing ability of less than 40%, therefore experts pointed out that the flour enterprises to reach certain economic caitalize gain virtue benefit proceedss, will handle skill technique and equipment for technological convertation, enhance product standards. This flour processing machinery to put forward depend on date asks.