China's food machinery need advance proceed go ahead the adv

Published on 2018-11-26
With China establishing a mildly prosperous thereforeciety, the masses of life is gainting better, the food in folks's lives as an important necessity, will lead the sum up advance of the total food industry. Food Machinery is an important pledge for the advance of the food industry, the advance of the perthereforenality of the food industry, food machinery will play a leading role. Therefore, food machinery advance prospects and vast potential. As food machinery manufperformanceuring industry, how to seize this rare opportunity, grand plans? Experts think that features three forward-asserting.
First, the delve inquire hunt look into ahead of consciousness. Current folks's living standards higher and higher ask for more healthy, food machinery manufperformanceurers to go deep into the general public, the variant "What the market requisition, advance and production of what I" to "What do I develop and result in what the market universal" therefore own food machinery advance has always led the market, "the advance of generation, generation cleard, and constantly develop and cleard." With more market segmentation, the concern of future advance of food machinery will tend to fast, efficient, easy to use, low skill consumption, especially small food machinery ask will grow, which commands the chiefity of enterprises to go out, Daxing delve inquire hunt look into wind. 
Second, the brand awareness ahead. Brand is the thereforeul of an enterprise. Right now all kinds of machinery products, but little conducive brand, and why? Some companies do not pour attention into brand, only delve inquire hunt look into and advance, the responsible fors of a conducive product beproduce there is no conducive brand and incralleviate market share affected. A affair of their own brand, must have "reliable product perthereforenality, service perthereforenality and image establishing marketing campaign", three are fundamental proceed. In fperformance, now we have lost a lot of market opportunities. By a friend introduces a small food machinery, very easy to use, perthereforenality is altherefore very conducive. Introduction of other friends using the very conducive response. But he altherefore said that had never heard of this product, most areas in the province altherefore see this product. Thus, this small food machinery market is very broad, but not high profile, responsible foring in the production do not incralleviate. If this enterprise into a large number of appearances of the brand in the affair, perhaps the responsible for will be unique. Brand awareness is a affair philothereforephy, ahead of brand awareness therefore that enterprises in the competition is always in the forefront of the market; and consciousness is lagging naught, all bets are off.
Third, the user ahead of consciousness. No thing what the product, its ultimate cpurchaser object is the chiefity of users, the user decides the market. Abroad, about milk result inrs to construct a cpurchaser user files that each user's health and physical requisition, to result in unique ingredients. Despite the trouble, but "to all users" awareness for enterprises to win the final user. Our great land and large population, living standards are not identical everywhere, throughout the customs are not identical, the user requisition is not identical everywhere. Therefore, as a food machinery manufperformanceurers to construct a forward-asserting users that, according to the standard of living, population, diet, raw substance stuff things and other rethereforeurces throughout the advance and production of customer satisfperformanceion products.
With China's accession to WTO, the direct affair performanceivities of enterprises will be enlargeed to the international market, and users ahead of the consciousness of the international market will be more intense, companies should not be underestimated. It was reported at the time foreign affairmen to open up the Chinese market, attaches vast significance to the user ahead of awareness, which is why we quickly occupied the Chinese market, China has made important users trust "magic." Therefore, domestic enterprises must be based on user-based, do a conducive occupation, therefore deep in our food machinery delve inquire hunt look into and advance to meet customers increasing requisition.