Rubber machinery market situation, what is the advantage

Published on 2018-11-26

Rubber machinery market situation, what is the advantage of hot sales revenue 23 major rubber machinery manufacturers in China to 32.1.3 billion yuan, the 19 year-on-year growth.2%, extrapolate rubber machinery in China in the first half of the total sales revenue reached 43.400 million yuan, up 19% from last year in the same year.The tire industry a new round of expansion, the strong rebound in demand for rubber machinery.Rubber machinery in our country present hot, customer delivery order hot flash, enterprise production situation.Rubber machinery enterprises in China most of orders after the first quarter of next year, current rubber machinery industry is in serious shortage situation, enterprises widespread phenomenon of overtime drive task.In the first half of the rubber machinery sales revenue increased overall, without a drop.Increase more than 50% of shaoxing sincere, mill [\/ url] [url=http:\/\/\/] liaoning panjin, panyu, guangzhou, dalian rubber and plastic, ningbo chap machinery, Shanghai thinks, wujin xiechang, etc., the shaoxing sincere growth of 104%.Soft holding portion, yiyang rubber, guilin rubber machine is located in the top three industry sales income.After last year fell for the first time in the new century, the rubber machinery industry a full recovery, sales and export growth, continue to improve the economic benefit.This rubber machinery from China chemical equipment association professional committee of the national 23 major rubber machinery factory in the first half of 2010 the main economic indicators in statistical conclusion.The first is the technology transfer down well.Industrial mechanical requirements for precision is very high, in order to realize high precision, requires long-term technical accumulation of experience.Pass health, according to industry machinery manufacturers due to the impact of economic recession, and has experienced many ups and downs.There are a lot of companies are humiliation, insisted that enterprises in the status and make a lot of technology to obtain the very good inheritance.Pass jian said: & other;These enterprises operators will be seen as their own children, to cultivate the enterprise technical force made a great contribution.[url=http:\/\/\/art\/p53.htm] ceramsite rotary kiln [\/ url], [url=http:\/\/\/news187.htm] high grinding cement equipment such as [\/ url], & throughout;For Japan industrial machinery, pass health also issued a personal opinion, he said: & other;U.S. industry machinery manufacturers of personnel will be treated as an investment company, mostly blindly pursuing economic benefits and ignore the technology of inheritance, the results led to a decline in business.Throughout the &;The second is to actively absorb the numerical control technology.& other;After the second world war, Japan’s industrial machinery factory is almost zero, but has been in academic aspects promote the operation of numerical control technology, in the 70 s got the recognition of the world.[url=http:\/\/\/] dryers manufacturers [\/ url], and [url=http:\/\/\/n147.html] fine crusher [\/ url], [url=http:\/\/\/] e [\/ url] and other stone crushing, stone grinding equipment.Throughout the &;Pass the healthy appearing in the tone of pride.Now, Japan’s production machinery and equipment more than ninety percent with the numerical control device, control level also rises in year after year.Industry economic benefits continue to improve, the main reason is the steel raw material price such as to maintain a reasonable level, [url=http:\/\/\/news185.htm] ceramsite facility [\/ url], [url=http:\/\/\/cp32.html] cement ball mill manufacturers [\/ url] drying equipment, such as the sales revenue increased significantly.Involved in the statistical report unit, 26 rising profits from a year earlier.2%, only a loss of enterprises.Profit growth larger design institute with guilin rubber, soft holdings and guilin rubber machine, etc.The industry output value than the same period last year growth of 29 new products.Asset and liability than last year 5% decline.5%, entered the stage of virtuous cycle.Product sales remain mostly in more than 95%, especially tire mechanical equipment is a basic logged out pick up the goods, no inventory.Export growth, the industry export growth than the same period last year.5%.Export growth larger dedicated to Beijing and guilin rubber machine, 257 higher than the same period last year, respectively.7% and 153.5%.Michelin, such as the world famous tire company to start a tyre expansion, strong Indian tyre industry, give more opportunities in our rubber machinery industry export.Soft holding a breakthrough in overseas development, following the May 2, thoughts.9.3 billion after the contract, the company has won Burma’s big orders, the contract amount is equivalent to about 4.Published 700 million, a history of rubber machinery in China’s largest export amount contract record.Item: [url=http:\/\/\/] sieve [\/ url] : [url=http:\/\/\/] http:\/\/\/ [\/ url] [url=http:\/\/\/62.htm] jaw crusher company [\/ url] : [url=http:\/\/\/62.htm] http:\/\/\/62.htm [\/ url] [url = http:\/\/\/news141.htm] chicken manure dryer [\/ url] : [url = http:\/\/\/news141.htm] http:\/\/\/news141.htm [\/ url]