In 2018 China rubber machinery industry development present situation analysis of new technology and new products are constantly emerging

Published on 2018-11-26

The global rubber machinery report 2017: the situation of continued warming of the journal of the European rubber rubber machine (which) in April 2017, released 2017 annual report the global rubber machinery.According to the report, the world rubber machinery industry sales revenue in 2015, a slight drop in negative growth after a clearly unbalanced development features.From the enterprise, has a high technology enterprise is much better to traditional products enterprise;From the region in east Asian countries especially Chinese sales revenue decline, North America, Europe began to rebound;From the product is given priority to with tire equipment rubber machine supplier big decline, but predominantly injection machine supplier to present a degree of growth.Bullish on the future, most of the rubber machine enterprise investment expansion will increase, the whole rubber machine situation continued to rebound in 2017.Chart 1:17 year the global rubber machinery enterprises 36 ranking – 1 (unit: us $source: which prospective industry institute organizing chart “36 ranking 17th annual global rubber machinery enterprises – 2 (unit: us $source: which prospective industry research institute to sort out the top 10 enterprises sales to total sales revenue of 60.3%, lower than last year’s 5.5%, the industry concentration have fallen.Germany H – F company to continue the dominant;The Netherlands VMI sales flat with the previous year, but ranks 1 ranked second place;Soft holding sales revenue fell nearly 28.2% ranking dropped to 3;Japan’s mitsubishi heavy industries and kobe steel exchange, ranked fourth, fifth;Turow ranking n0.6 ester;SaChi group two ranks seventh forward;LWB and tamar des placed eighth, ninth;Dalian rubber and plastic columns. 10.Chart his 17th annual global rubber machinery enterprise concentration analysis (unit: %) source: which prospective industry institute according to the national division, in the global rubber machine 36 enterprises, Chinese enterprises have the 16 seats, six German enterprises, Japan’s three, three, Italy, the Netherlands 1, France 1, Australia 1 1 1, Israel, Turkey, the United States 1 1 1, Finland, India.Our shortlisted companies for 13 consecutive years ranks first, accounting for 38 world rubber machinery total market share from the previous year.6% to 36.2%.Chart 4:20 17th annual global strong rubber machine 36 countries enterprises occupy seats (unit:) source: which prospective industry institute according to the product analysis, tire machinery sales decline is larger, the tire and rubber machinery sales mostly flat or slightly increase.