Character: leading rubber machinery made in China

Published on 2018-11-26

Last month on the 18th, in sha county garden fujian sands China rubber automatic control technology co., LTD., production workshop, the company’s chief designer, senior engineer Liu Caisheng bent on command hydraulic vulcanizing machine installation and debugging.Immediate Liu Caisheng dressed in overalls and dark eyes appearing a little tired, his lips a wisp of beard could trim.One side of the technical staff told reporters, & otherLiu Gonggang from belarus on a business trip home, standing over time they arrived at the production line.Throughout the &;Liu Caisheng 50 years old, sha county.Studied at sanming chemical machinery factory technical school, in 1983, to the sanming chemical machinery factory when Turner.Due to the studious, in 1986, he was recommended in the provincial TV university at mechanism for sanming machinery manufacturing process and equipment professional full-time study, since then, he has close relationship and machinery manufacturing.In 1989, Liu Caisheng returned to the factory as a technician, after become a senior engineer.It dries nearly 30 years.& other;11th five-year plan & throughout;For giant radial tires, rubber market demand is big, but because of the foreign technology blockade, domestic giant radial tire production technology has been learning the ropes around here.According to the market and business development needs, the company put forward development 170 – inch hydraulic giant engineering meridian tyre vulcanizing machine.& other;Technological innovation is the impulsion of enterprise development.Throughout the &;Liu Caisheng interpretation by action.He shouldered the project research and development mission, led the team plunged into the development workshop.Establish project team, from the overall design, the formulation of product solutions, products to the main components, hydraulic control system, various channels to decorate, all details are thoughtful.Under his leading, the team overcome difficult, just three months to complete the task, prototype use an acceptance by the user, and mass production, realize the output value of 35 million yuan.The successful development of this product fills the domestic gap, provides the domestic giant tire production equipment support.On this basis, the Liu Caisheng 56-point thrashing, organization completed the 220 – inch, 145 – inch giant series of radial tire vulcanizing machine development.In 2011, according to customer demand, the company proposed 70 – inch hydraulic truck tyre vulcanizing machine design and manufacturing tasks.Liu Caisheng again stand up, lead the project team work overtime, the successful completion of the design task, and belarus customers fully affirmed.Then, the company with belarus merchants signed subsequent 16 65.5 -inch hydraulic tire curing machine orders, foreign exchange earning 5.8 million euros, implements the company independent research and development products in the international market big order zero breakthrough.The road of innovation endlessly.In the development of 122 inches, 170 inches and 270 inches in the process of the giant tire vulcanizing machine, Liu Caisheng vision will be the center of the traditional institutions and demoulding mechanism, adjustable die driving mechanism and three to one.Through repeated practice, as one of the vulcanizing machine center design is completed, implement multiple functions in an organic whole, synchronization is greatly increased.At the same time, he created the engineering tire vulcanizing machine adjustable die set precedent, to overcome the traditional engineering vulcanizing machine, adjustable die combining a model installation, cleaning, and realize the mass production, realize the output value of 35 million yuan.He also bold innovation, the chemical industry use of special plastics is introduced in the design of the product research and development, makes the high temperature vulcanizing machine seal life from 3 months to 2 years.Adjustable die underneath type tire vulcanizing machine, vulcanizing machine center organization, supporting arm tire unloader turn-over device, a vulcanizing machine at the center of the rod seal structure & hellip;& hellip;Now, in the company, the national patent peremptory became Liu Caisheng & otherBusiness card & throughout;.In his and the team’s efforts, the company more products listed in the national project of major technical equipment, and otherDouble & throughout;Brand of meridian tyre vulcanizing machine has become a complete independent intellectual property rights & other;Made in China & throughout;Products, set several & other;China’s first & throughout;And represents the tire vulcanization mechanism to build leading level in our country.God reward those who work hard.Liu Caisheng efforts not only let him won the company’s reputation, won the provincial model worker, & other;China association of machinery manufacturing technology outstanding engineers & throughout;, & otherThroughout the national machinery industry advanced individual of worker technology innovation &;, as well as the sanming first & other;Top ten scientific and technological innovation star & throughout;Such as the honorary title.