Rubber machinery industry development and the present situation of our country

Published on 2018-11-26

Rubber machine is used to manufacture tires of various rubber products such as machinery, including general rubber machinery, tires and other rubber products mechanical three categories.Rubber machinery industry is developed with rubber processing industry at the same time establish and manufacturing industry.Rubber machinery industry in China has experienced from scratch, hard and tortuous development.After years of effort, since the reform and opening up on the basis of the weak, through continuous introduction, digestion, absorption, development innovation, China is gradually becoming the world rubber machinery manufacturer.In the continuous development of China rubber machinery industry at the same time, the industrialization of scientific and technological innovation and capacity to be strengthened, also the existing patent concentrated in a few companies, and focuses on the vulcanizing machine, forming machine, in quantity and with abroad, there is a big gap in transformation of scientific and technological achievements and practical still have great potential.Shortage of China rubber machinery brand awareness and influence is the do & other;Strong & throughout;One of the main factors, and most of the slow pace of internationalization of enterprises, in addition, the product after-sales service is more weakness, has not yet been established perfect global service system.11th five-year plan & throughout;Article during the period of Chinese tyres production will reach 300 million, meridian rate will reach 70% of the all-steel tire tubeless and metric to the development of tyres, semisteel tire to develop wide level of cross section, high speed products, engineering tire radial tire is imperative, these all need rubber machine manufacturer to provide new equipment, but also meet the development of rubber industry safety, energy saving, environmental protection requirements.In addition to the tire equipment, rubber machine enterprises should also will look of tire and rubber products.With the rapid growth of the world rubber consumption, global demand for rubber machinery will generally synchronous follow up, the global rubber machinery consumption key areas will also continue to shifting from west to east, China is expected to become the world’s largest consumer market rubber machinery production.