To introduce the kinds of rubber machinery

Published on 2018-11-26

Rubber machine is used to manufacture tires of various rubber products such as machinery, including general rubber machinery, tires and other rubber products mechanical three categories.General rubber machinery: general rubber machinery is a preparation of rubber or semi-finished products, including raw material processing machinery, rubber mixing machine, extrusion machine, rolling machine, shade canvas pretreatment device and cutting machine, etc.Tire machinery: this kind of machinery including tire molding machine, tire steel wire circle, and the press is reviawed capsule vulcanizer, cushion belt vulcanizing machine, inner tube splicer and inner tire vulcanizer, and force the tire machinery, tire renovation and reclaimed rubber machinery production.More than 60% of the world’s rubber used in the manufacture of tires, so tire machinery occupies an important position in the rubber machinery.Other mechanical rubber products: including tape, rubber hose, rubber shoes, model products, latex and latex products used in the machinery.China rubber machine industrial production rising year after year, sales soared, showed blowout development trend.China rubber machine is the rise of the east, and start to establish great-power status.& other;11th five-year plan & throughout;, rubber products will be fully updated, it put forward new request to the domestic rubber machinery industry, also provides a new opportunity, domestic rubber machine still need further follow and meet the requirements of rubber technology progress, especially must pay attention to the development of non-tire rubber rubber machine, in order to realize and synchronous development of rubber industry.& other;11th five-year plan & throughout;Article during the period of Chinese tyres production will reach 300 million, meridian rate will reach 70% of the all-steel tire tubeless and metric to the development of tyres, semisteel tire to develop wide level of cross section, high speed products, engineering tire radial tire is imperative, these all need rubber machine manufacturer to provide new equipment, but also meet the development of rubber industry safety, energy saving, environmental protection requirements.In addition to the tire equipment, rubber machine enterprises should also will look of tire and rubber products.