The occurrence of rubber mechanical injury accident and prevention measures

Published on 2018-11-26

Rubber machinery usually refers to the rubber products manufacturing and processing used in general machinery, such as open rubber mixing machine, enclosed rubber mixing machine, rubber cutting machine, rolling machine, extruder, etc.In addition, according to industry segment also includes special processing machinery, rubber machinery, such as tire machinery, shoe-making machinery, latex products, such as machinery, rubber machinery.In this paper, the analysis of mechanical injury accident is mainly for the general processing machinery parts and special mechanical accident.1 open rubber mixing machine mechanical damage caused by open rubber mixing machine is the most versatile in rubber machinery general processing machinery, can be used as a rubber plastication, mixing, etc, the machine has simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, safety device for two roll at the top of the emergency brake lever, meet an emergency to pull the brake lever can make the machine emergency stop.It is because of this machine use convenience, so all the rubber processing enterprises are equipped with open rubber mixing machine, however, almost all companies are mechanical damage occurred during operation.To prevent the mechanical damage caused by mixing mill, various enterprises are more seriously, develop & other;Article 14 the safety regulations & throughout;, and strengthen the education and training, but because of the influence of various factors related to the accident also happen from time to tome.Described below is a more typical accident cases.Refined JiaoGong Dai Mou should be at four o ‘clock in the afternoon to the factory on GSM, but scratches motorcycle with others on the way, the results after the treatment to the plant late 20 minutes, the in the mind be agitated, work is good, is not the usual normal rhythm.Before long, his bow in the chassis material, the left hand above the two-high pushing (the move violates the & other;Article 14 the safety regulations & throughout;In article 5), because of the attention at the bottom of the right hand, when the accident happened.Left hand be inhaled into the roll gap in the rubber, because the people in lower part, can’t timely emergency braking pull rod, for others to find parking Dai Mou left hand has been seriously injured, finally the twenty years of seniority JiaoGong refinery in his left hand cut four fingers.Another in the mixing mill operation is one of the more common injury accident to delimit glue is zoned knife cut, when this occurs more easily in new hands.2 mixer for mechanical damage mixer by the earliest humanism “in the invention, used for rubber mixing, with the constant improvement of technology and auxiliary equipment, from mixing, weighing, feeding, discharging operations are realized mechanization, automation, labor intensity is reduced, the safe operation, and to develop in the direction of high speed large capacity, used in tire manufacturing.In the 1980 s, in order to adapt to the small rubber products factory (e.g., sundries, footwear production) species diversity and miniaturization of production requirements, the Japanese in the mixer on the basis of the basic principle of small mixer chamber can be made from whole flip the tilting of discharge mixer, then introduced to our country and widely used rapid localization.The characteristics of the machine for stand-alone applications without auxiliaries, less restricted by site installation, low cost.Here described the accident cases happened in a dalian 1991 annual output of 50 l small tilting skip homework nesting of mixer.New workers into the factory zhang mixer operation followed by master learning, three months, he had learned the basic operation process.Master one day vacation, workshop arrange zhang independent operation, the skip flip 120 & deg;Discharge, skip the corner there are small pieces of rubber failed to send, zhang think of at ordinary times the master in this case did not stop but under the condition of the rotor rotation in skip certain time, quickly took out the glue, so he did not stop, reached for the rubber.And mixer skip two teams two edges is installed in the ellipse rotor, the rotation of the rotor of the gap is in the range of 10 to 200 mm or so changing, hand in gap is rapidly from large to small, then changed from small to big) and stretching arms stuck to, and because the discharging mouth limits the human body move forward, so that his right arm was pulled from the shoulder quickly fall into the skip.Powder contamination and the vessel in the armless wound medical conditions, eventually lost by microsurgery reconstruction after the opportunity to live.3 the mechanical damage caused by four roll calender integral unit four roll calender integral unit used in tire nylon cord fabric rubber.The whole unit including guide, small tractors, cloth storage shelf, centering device, twelve roller dryer, rolling host, 10 roller cooling machine, tension, thickness measurement device and cutting and winding device.The whole set of finish rolling process mechanization, high degree of automation, but in the end the artificial process of winding shall be to the winding roller imported nylon cord fabric after coated adhesive lining cloth (to prevent tire cord adhesion).Because the whole set of units and related supporting material, feed back the open even glue machine combined power capacity of 500 kw, so to avoid using valley electricity at peak power (peak electricity and electricity price difference 315 times) production are started after zero at night.Until 2 o ‘clock in the production, workers from fatigue.In the coiling process of workers to the winding roller imported nylon cord fabric after coated adhesive lining cloth when difficulty concentrating, lining cloth and right hand at the same time involved in the winding roller.Unit at this time the linear velocity of 6 m\/min, do not meet the normal work of 40 m\/min, but the tension of winding cloth, hand can’t take out after being involved in, for the parties for help emergency stop, winding roller has turned a circle above, right arm fracture caused by workers.After the accident treatment rectification in coiling wearing two side with the emergency stop button.4 other specialized rubber machinery of some mechanical damage by 411 tyres dual-mode vulcanizing presses the machine in the process of sulfide, the tire mold zhongtong into steam, mould temperature reached 143 ℃, and embryos center access to finalize the design inside the capsule is 215 mpa pressure of hot water.In the process of the machine maintenance, it happened more than hot water pressure, caused by local burn in the tube disassembly.Article 412 three color scarf machine three color machine is the automatic extruder extrusion, cooling, fixed-length cutting rubber welt shoemaking class machinery, which has been widely used.The welt cutting device is controlled by time relay electromagnetic magnet driven CAM make the cutter movement, the directional cut the welt, after the blade wear, straight through the welt may cause product stuck in the blade, then some workers will be eager to reach for it and the fingers tend to be the next cycle of cutter cut.413 shoe factory assembly line flow molding line shoe factories are principle of belt conveyor length determined by various factories, are not unified.In practice due to the reverse conveyor belt, rubber leftover material falling into the lower reach roll will stick on the roller surface, cause the belt running deviation, should stop to clear at this moment, but a line with 50 people at work, liquidators tend to think of conveyor line speed is slow, it is not necessary to let all staff to stop waiting, adopt non-stop cleaning.Adsorption is firm, because of the large rubber viscous hand is easy to slip in the cleaning up, were involved in the conveyor belt and roll, cause a broken arm.There was a similar accident shoe factory.5 rubber machinery in the prevention of accidents at present, China’s large rubber processing enterprises concentrated in tire production and other industries, including state-owned and joint venture enterprise, such enterprise safety management ability, mostly are specialized management institutions and professional personnel, the system perfect, a safety evaluation agency to conduct safety assessment on a regular basis.But private economy from the diversity of China’s economic system and small processing enterprises occupy a considerable share in the national economy, such as the management of the enterprise on its own progress and governments at all levels of strong regulation, safety management ability and level is in constant progress, especially with the “labor law”, “law on the prevention and control of occupational diseases,” byelaw of inductrial injury management and regulations on the produce safety incident reporting and investigation and handling the promulgation and implementation of the laws and regulations such as the safety production situation of our country is embarked on a track of healthy development.But at the same time, because of the different nature of enterprises and regional difference, the existence of the factors such as regulation, there are still a lot of fatigue strength is too large, with a high incidence of inductrial injury accident is worth enterprise head guard put an end to!The above content from the network, more wonderful please visit China rubber machinery http:\/\/\/suliao\/xjjixie.html pages.