How to improve the stability of rubber machinery technology

Published on 2019-12-10

By absorbing and trade with the world famous rubber company, China rubber conveying machinery has been great progress, has the independent innovation ability.Rubber machinery in China is not the traditional & quot;Fair & quot;Leads the world, the price performance ratio has other rubber machinery manufacturers.In equipment procurement and bidding, and to the world famous tire company of vulcanizing machine, mixer and other fleet type products tend to use Chinese products.China’s fleet type rubber machinery such as vulcanizing machine have reach the advanced level of the contemporary world.Especially the tire vulcanizing machine has become the world’s largest producer of vulcanizing machine.The stability of the rubber machinery in our country has greatly improved, in recent years, China’s rubber conveying machinery factory has attached great importance to the stability of the equipment, especially some equipment such as the stability of the steel wire cutting machine and so on have been close to the world level in the late ninety s.Now in the new Chinese tyre plant has begun to most of the domestic equipment.But China in stability of these devices is still some way to go.Rubber machinery in our country pay more attention to the development of the international market: the main manufacturer of rubber machinery in China have products batch complete export rice Westwood, bridgestone, Goodyear, leaving foreign tire company & quot;China rubber machine affordable & quot;A good reputation.According to statistics, the world top ten tires at least nine strong batch of China’s rubber machinery products, 05 rubber machinery exports reached $80 million in our country, this is good for our international rubber machinery for more business opportunities.Synchronize with the world rubber machinery control level has been in China, with China’s accession to the WTO and the world economic integration, to the world famous brand in China procurement has been quite easy to control components, fittings, China’s rubber machinery control level has been able to synchronize with the world.The rise of new control technology in the world all use on rubber machinery in China soon.Tyre forming machine has been using the CC – 1 ink, servo and sports center control technology, improve the accuracy of control and automation level.Mixer in vigorously promoting mixer system automation, intelligent, group control at the same time, also with a special focus on single WanShanHua and system safety protection system.China rubber machinery more seriously than ever rubber machinery in the international market development, such as ITEC exhibition from time to time with the figure of rubber machinery in China, like the ITEC China rubber machinery group to reflect the overall strength of China rubber machinery and the determination to develop the international market.In the next few years China’s several big rubber machinery will gradually achieve by & quot;Domestic factories & quot;To & quot;International company & quot;The transformation.At the same time, China imported from abroad will be drastically reduced, rubber machinery trade deficit is expected to be around 2012 balance.Vulcanizing machine has been widely used in the control of PLC, PID, tablet computer and network control etc.