Car tire should by whose recall

Published on 2019-12-10

A few days ago, from the country qualitative check total bureau learns, 2016 1-12 month, the car that its receive always complains a quantity to be 10018.

Among them, feng Tian, Ford, Xue Folan, masses is 4 complain most brand, each complain a quantity to exceed 1000.

General benefit department connects tire to be complained repeatedly

As we have learned, xue Folan platoon is in the 3rd when complain a quantity, basically be by the tire of the model that achieve cruel the problem is caused, include to remove bag of skin, chap, beat to wait.

The object that this brand is complained, the general benefit department that all began configuration 2014 for its connects tire.

After receiving consumer to be complained in great quantities, the model that achieve cruel uses firm from the instead since 2016 distinctive tire, complain a circumstance to improve somewhat.

The personage inside course of study says, below the double pressure of sale price and profit margin, control cost makes the main attack way of company of a lot of tire.

Here the circumstance falls, add the glue that return temper with fire overly, introduce line of low cost shade, decrease technological process to wait secretly, those who become many tire manufacturer fall cost-or-market method treasure.

Purchase square leader plant as component, on steam is general look this it seems that a little “ lies gun ” , but its are purchasing politic, quality accuse, the respect such as supplier management, still have due responsibility.

Voidance of main body of car tire recall is white

” regulation of recall of blemish car product ” the 27th regulation: Of the tire existence blemish that when “ car product leaves factory, did not equip along with the car, be in charge of recall by the generator of tire. Specific measure consults by supervisory branch of quality of product of the State Council this byelaw is made. ”

By this token, recall byelaw stipulated the recall of spare wheel is regular only, be be in charge of recall by the supplier, but the tire that installs along with the car produces a problem, by who recall was in charge of a blank.

And the recall byelaw before this ” ask for an opinion to stalk of grain ” , the 26th among them is so those who say: Of the tire existence blemish that when “ car product leaves factory, equips along with the car, be in charge of recall by the generator of car product. ”

If set so, be helpful for consumer tracing right of responsibility, convenient dimension, but the implicative risk that increased car manufacturer at the same time, consequently, this one is deleted in formal draft.

So, does tire encounter a problem to whose argue look for? Is tire producer active recall?

Very difficult.

2011, because tire of bright and beautiful lake returns refine glue incident by exposure hind, be forced recall more than 30 tire. But the tire company of other and active recall, almost never heard of before.

In Feburary 2016, because tire is safe,general benefit department is connected element, in Australia tire of series of active recall SuperCat.

Of the same age in May, pulisitong is in the United States recall 2900 tire, the reason is workmanship existence blemish.

But, be in China, general benefit department connects tire to be built repeatedly complain, consumer faces basically be not to have solution however.

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