The standard is short of break test China tire to evaluate pu

Published on 2019-12-10

July 2016, road tiger combines tire of tripartite of media pass an imperial examination to check an orgnaization, evaluate 10 of sell like hot cakes popular tire jointly.

Check content this, include tire to roll obstruction, tire glides noise, dry / function of wet apply the brake, dry wet ground is held charge a sex subjective evaluation, comfortable sex / the noise inside the car is subjective the evaluation.

This makes people pays close attention to the standard issue that evaluates to tire.

The standard is short of Chinese tire code break

Be in Europe, rely on mandatory tire label law, consumer can catch the index such as soil fertility and noise to go through obstruction, wet ground tire of choose and buy.

And be in China, the code of standard sex tire with at present powerful force of objective without still, indifferent, mandatory, public letter.

On the other hand, road transportation situation of China compares Europe again complex, cannot copy Europe mark law to come to Chinese tire qualitative.

Cite a case, some car are belonged to truckload entrance, also foreign production installs an entrance the tire of car formerly, but in home very incidental however beat includes an issue.

This actually greatly, because the design of tire is actual to China,be road condition considers to be not worth.

So, according to is Euramerican standard malady is heavy, according to China road condition quantity makes statute of standard of a tire personally imperative.

Like tire this kind is after the car the market standardization relative to high frequency consumption product, china does not have the standard sex code of existing writings. In territory of the market after more capacious car, of all kinds service product more be faced with a standard to be short of the corner that break.

The industry that relies on what practitioner ego restrains basically in this, resemble very hard maturing superintendency industry is sleek in that way.

This got the person that run to stay to make standard opportunity to the industry.

Consumer is easy by misdirect

Instantly, the consumer acknowledge of the market after the car is in the process of work up. However, a few kinds of common channel often lack benign modes of life and relation to their environment, give consumer extremely easily misdirect in initial stage.

For instance, the proposal that tire manufacturer gives out, often was thought to adulterate to cross what much commercial purpose; is full of “ to receive Qian Ping to measure ” in each media to go regular, give out a few guiding that contain clear business bias.

It is more difficult that this makes consumer decision-making.

It is with tire of choose and buy as before exemple. The information of Chinese consumer discriminates ability finite, encountering “ tire to rouse a bag is wall of embryo of quality problem ” , “ the sidewall of structure of carcass of double deck of thicker safer stronger ” , “ fights concussion ability the problem such as stronger than monolayer ” , meet normally hurry-scurry.

When tire of choose and buy, on brand of choice foreign capital or own brand, consumer also often is full of inflexible impression.

The personage inside course of study thinks, such tire checks similar way tiger, to the industry the influence is many sided.

Future, the information that consumer satisfies at be being colorred by ” of treatment of tire manufacturer “ , “ ” passes no longer, this will force the standard of the market and development.

Accordingly, this kind by with all possible means the findings that the orgnaization releases jointly, made beneficial attempt to drive what Chinese tire tests a level to build, may become the cornerstone that standard of standard of product of industry of prospective China tire carries out.

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