Tire raw material depreciates manufacturer and agency on delicate ground

Published on 2018-11-26

The near future, the price of tire raw material such as natural balata, synthetic rubber, appear relatively glide substantially, carbon black price also has descendent sign.

Before this, raw material rises in price cause tire to rise in price spring tide, agency insanity filling library.

Nowadays, the market new change that raw material depreciates, let tire give birth to the unfavorable situation that produces enterprise and agency to become delicate.

Balata futures price drops continuously

East the researcher of card futures recently survey Shandong wide forgive two tire dealer. From the place of dealer of these two tire, can see the development trend of a few markets probably.

Tire dealer one

What this agency basically supplies trailer plant is truckload embryo of complete steel of form a complete set, acting as agent other trademark while, they also own independent tire brand, hang rely on some tire manufacturer to have production.

Before New Year, the inventory level of this agency is very low, its finished product is close to full library nowadays, shipment difficulty.

According to introducing, they before sale of every month tire is in 4000, at present sales volume glides apparently, only 500 are controlled March.

In former years, agency is in March stock up, took money to terminal in May. This year, dealer is primary March need not stock up, the stock that issues fully before New Year can be digested May.

In rise in price when atmosphere is the strongest, their capital probably 5 days of have enough to meet need, nowadays is two months have enough to meet need, because terminal demand does not follow,basically go up.

This dealer shows, various agency and terminal, need proper time to digest early days inventory, predict demand of the middle ten days of a month carried a likelihood in May somewhat improvement.

In addition, after raw material depreciates, follow-up tire manufacturer uses sales promotion method, still can arouse the apiration of partial stock up of agency.

They think, although raw material price drops considerably, but big tire company won’t depreciate easily, may adopt other measure to have sales promotion, small company can reduce the price more quickly.

Tire dealer 2

This agency has his tire processing factory, produce tire of meridian of carring capacity complete steel, first phase put into production 600 thousand / year, 2 period plan put into production 1.6 million / year.

Early days rises in price in the process, agency insanity filling library, cause terminal to consume the false appearance that grows considerably. Current, no matter be terminal shopkeeper or agency office, have a large number of stock.

Current, terminal shopkeeper and agency all are in inventory digestive phase, do not fill basically library. March should be the shipment busy season of tire manufacturer originally, shipment rate slows apparently this year.

If raw material and tire price can continue to rise, enthusiasm of agency filling library still can last, but price of current raw material drops apparently, they also enter wait-and-see phase.

Normally, rise in price in tire in the process, there is consultative agreement between tire production manufacturer and agency, but cheapen the countersign in the process concludes the agreement that keep a cost.

They think, tire manufacturer won’t reduce tire price easily.

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