Tire of passenger car of card of response of 5 mine chamber of commerce double instead cut into parts eventually

Published on 2019-12-10

According to message of website of Department of Commerce, local time on Feburary 22, committee of American international trade is maintained, china blocks passenger car tire to beautiful exit, did not cause materiality to damage to American industry reach materiality to damage menace.

Chamber of commerce of 5 imports and exports of mine chemical industry and Chinese tire industry express to welcome to this.

The relevant evidence in be being investigated this shows, operation of industry of tire of passenger car of American home card is good, manufacturing business is in exam paper the net income of fill in a form and submit it to the leadership is total, by 705 million dollar growth comes 716 million dollar, hold sale proportion by 16.5% rise to 18.3% , cash shedding rises to 842 million dollar by 809 million dollar, shipment volume increases to by 11.79 million 12.08 million, integral performance is greatly good at American other industry.

Because product requirement is exuberant, business of the production inside the United States is undertaking extensive fixed assets invests all the time, produce in order to expand can.

Labor force of the United States not considers a fact, mention forcibly double to Chinese “ turn over ” to investigate application, the tire of card passenger car that accuses China is exported was caused to American industry damage. This is the commerce salvo that American applicant abuses relevant law to be adopted in the light of Chinese product, the home made product in attempting to prevent competes in the equality of American market.

In be being investigated this, 5 committee members of committee of American international trade, made nondestructive kills adjudication is objective justice, it is to build what go up in factual foundation, it is strict according to the United States, relevant law undertakes analytic judging.

This case is paid close attention to by the height of Sino-US industry group.

5 mine chamber of commerce is free-standing case at the beginning of dog closely all the time the case makes progress, take the lead organize and the trade that whole journey shares a case should inform the work.

5 mine chamber of commerce insists to think, current, chinese tire company is according to market rule the organization is produced completely, develop sale activity, and be exported to the United States according to the demand of American market, ” of nonexistent “ dumping and “ allowance ” , also did not cause to relevant industry of the United States damage.

They hope, sino-US both sides should continue to cooperate hand in hand, respect international trade regulation, the abidance that pushs bilateral trade investment jointly grows, solve the problem that bilateral industry pays close attention to jointly, the prosperity of commerce of collective stimulative whole world develops.

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