East battalion tire go producing can enter battle of assault fortified positions

Published on 2018-11-26

In carry out in the round in fulfilling sex of supply side structure to reform great and decision-making deploy, shandong province gets used to economy actively to develop new normal state, give structure of side of stroke good supply actively to reform battle of assault fortified positions, raise level of supply system quality hard, drive the economic transition development, taking that carries the respect such as qualitative synergism new achievement of numerous new practice.

In the tire trade that takes dominant in buyer’s market, how to extend sale channel, broken solution produces can surplus difficult problem, develop new consumptive market?

By force of market pressure, company of a few tire opens the store on the net, made Internet + the experiment of tire. Move however not long, delicacy has effect.

To such current situation, controller of a company explains, lack the professional technology staff of high administrative levels, and platform construction expenses is tremendous, step forward to be in the tire industry of dimension difficult, frost is added on Yu Xue of as good as.

Tire belongs to small profits product, profit of a tire is not worth 100 yuan on average. Because corresponding content sheds an environment to still be not perfected, the content that can rely on company oneself only sheds chain, increased to carry cost greatly. A few small clients buy 35 tire only, be equivalent to sustaining losses in business.

To optimize industrial supply structure further, battalion tire development carries out “ to produce east can battle of ” assault fortified positions, compress, control and stable tire industry are produced can, ” of enterprise of corpse of implementation tire “ exits the market.

Their formulate tire falls into disuse backward produce can plan, decompose fulfil wash out tire to lag behind produce can year end; rises wash out tire to lag behind produce can standard, announce year to fall into disuse regularly backward produce can company list and task in finished state.

This city builds tire company standardization to exit a mechanism, clear deal with tire tall pollution is tall discharge, break the law for a long time violate the compasses blowdown, company that did not acquire environmental protection admittance.

In addition, east structural adjustment of industry of nation of battalion city comprehensive check coachs catalog eliminates kind of tire company mediumly, build ” of “ corpse enterprise to classify a database, indebted to asset rate is exorbitant and consecutive loss 3 years of above, stop production or half stop production the company of dimensions above tire of 1 year of above, depend on lawfully compasses is compulsive close stop exit.

Battalion economy developing zone is mixed to the south of them king industry garden is breach, adopt commercialize exit, annex recombines, give aid to the means such as development, classification deals with be not ” of enterprise of state-owned “ corpse, and appropriate finds a place for company worker.

Rely on Shandong peninsula to innovate independently agriculture of demonstrative area, the Huanghe delta is new and high technical estate demonstrative division area of innovation of science and technology of level of two big countries, shandong province supports and guide the enterprise have more than needed such as tire to produce can outward move, make full use of local resource, the industry outside building city collects an area, drive tire relevant industry is transferred outwards, drive the output of entire industry catenary of equipment, product, technology, standard, service.

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