Double money tire wins the lawsuit should cause an industry to take seriously

Published on 2020-09-08

Telangpu appears on the stage to ban Mu Ling ” to encounter a setback in American Court of Cassation because of “ , suffer Ha Fo · Persia writes Mi Nuo of · of Martha of dean of university law courtyard and Robert of dean of Yale law courtyard jointly especially ” of article “ cannon.

Recently, its trade protectionism encounters “ adversary ” again in court of American international trade.

On Feburary 6, 2017, inc. of group of double to “ fund tells court of American international trade OTR of American Department of Commerce turns over a dumping to part ” of tax rate case make a court decision.

United States of correlation of double Qian Heji imports subsidiary China Manufacturers Alliance, LLC wins the lawsuit completely in this case. Court of American international trade sentences Department of Commerce of your United States direct adjudication uses the minim dumping profit margin of 0.14% to double Qian Kuo.

Before this, american Department of Commerce turns over a dumping the 5th times in OTR tire in administrative review a case, ruling double money is applicable of 105.31% return dumping tax rate. Its reason is, american Department of Commerce rules double money fails to prove its do not get governmental control in fact, consequently illative government controls his to export an activity, will double money maintains the one part ” that is “ China general whole.

Notable is, the experience of double cash proposal in American Department of Commerce, just is in recent years the United States rejects state-owned to China company to give “ to part in trade protectionism a of tax rate ” main show.

The existence of this one policy, bring about a large number of China to export a company, in the pay that there is inequitable tax rate on American market.

Participate in a representative senior partner Zhang Yi weighs the office of Beijing Gao Peng’s attorney of this case: “ although according to American judicatory program, still do not know American Department of Commerce to whether can be opposite at present this case appeals, because this still does not know whether this court decision is final court decision, but the court decision of this case to be being turned round thoroughly the United States will is opposite henceforth China all turning over give in dumping case be sampled state-owned company throughout the country unites tax rate of highest penalty sex, produce sense of great legal precedent guidance. ”

Not only such, after plain general appears on the stage, public opinion predicts generally, american new government will publish a series of trade protectionism in the light of China very quickly, have the possibility that evolves into overall trade war even.

Below such setting, the victory of double cash proposal, dash forward showed answer a kind of way, make full use of namely American judicatory examines a mechanism, make judge the American government discrimination to China sexual trade protectionism.

“ is in the United States new government not considers United States of each estate bitterly attack below the situation of law, the company that encounters commerce is protected uses department legal system judge means, should be caused height takes seriously. ” Zhang Yi’s lawyer tells media.

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