The United States asks for custom duty to fail to rescue obtain employment to Hua Lun embryo

Published on 2019-12-10

Recently, american media publishs a report, the problem is ” Aobama is hard to Hua Jiang, its cost is the United States loses obtain employment opportunity and prices to rise ” .

The article says, to protect opportunity of American obtain employment, need to be opposite Hua Jiang is hard. This is the United States is elected as presidential Donald · is special what Lang Puyang character wants to impose 45% custom duty to China is implicit meaning, this strategy aims to restore obtain employment opportunity of the United States.

Be in however before developing this strategy, telangpuke can need to make clear Hunan, what did his predecessor produce when trying this action.

American pays bigger price for tire

2009, aobama imposes the tall custom duty of 35% to Chinese tire. Before this, american company ever put forward to protest with respect to unfair competition, claim China is used cheap tire is occupational the United States, bring about American company to lose competition ability.

After this of this tire custom duty drops gradually, cancelled 2012.

The article says, this custom duty rescued the obtain employment opportunity of company of tire of 1200 United States, the obtain employment post of this industry before this drops considerably. After experiencing remarkable reduction in production, american tire production rises once more.

Aobama is in said in national condition report 2012: “ prevented Chinese tire to be swarmed into in great quantities as a result of us, the job of on 1000 American gets ensuring accordingly. ”

But, a research of international economy institute shows Petersen as a result, impose custom duty lift in other a lot of respects make American loss not little.

American paid bigger price for tire. A few China build tire to rise in price 26% , all valence makes an appointment with 31 dollars to rise from every tire to 39 dollars.

Because competitive pressure is reduced, the tire that business of American tire production produces homeland raises price 3.2% .

According to the research model of this institute, tire custom duty causes rise in price make American floriferous 1.1 billion dollar, be equivalent to prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of opportunity of 3731 retail obtain employment.

Number of obtain employment of beautiful tire manufacturing industry glides

In addition, china imposes castigatory sex custom duty to the chicken product that imports from the United States, serve as with this strike back.

Petersen estimation of international economy institute, of China strike back let American chicken produce business loss sale of 1 billion dollar.

Ball weighs Huo Fu of · of Gai Rui of person of compose of expert of this institute trade, report: “ protects American tire to produce and can not change Chinese policy effectively, also cannot promote American obtain employment. ”

The article says, this custom duty did not yield the obtain employment rate of tire manufacturing industry, restore before level, american other manufacturing industry is faced with same trend. But, this goes up in certain level really keep within limits prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of obtain employment opportunity.

2008, american tire manufacturing industry has 60 thousand about from personnel of course of study, have 55 thousand or so at present. Although the lowest 2010 is worth this number prep above, but still the level before this custom duty collects short of.

Government of abstruse Ba Ma is not willing to disclose the official of the full name, to Petersen the partial computation result of international economy institute and hypothesis raise doubt. For example, this official points out tire price go up what in studying, mention is so much.

Er of Huo Fu Bao says, since this report is published 4 years, still have no a person to had raised doubt as a result to his analysis.

He points out, this government official did not give bade declinable other estimation value.

Candidate of republic party president rice is special Buddhist nun of · collect Mu, the autobiography that published 2010 in its ” without but excuse ” in, assail tire custom duty of Aobama.

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