The net buys tire price dominant position and not apparent

Published on 2019-12-10

The near future, low tire is full of platform of each big cable business, individual low even the half price that is the same as paragraph tire to hypostatic inn. This also becomes net inn to draw the client’s words or act meant to amuse or to excite laughter.

Face the temptation of low, many consumer ask a question: Why is the tire of these net inn so cheap? It is hypostatic storefront after all price is exorbitant, or are these net inn suspected of carry out holiday?

Tire industry has a catenary of industry of “ gray ”

Media investigates discovery, the price advantage of business of normal tire cable is relatively hypostatic storefront is not apparent, every tire petty gain already was ultimate; 100 yuan at every turn the tire of cheap half above, special likelihood is shoddy, the substandard goods tire that renovates the “ such as manufacturing date ” to pass.

According to Qu Fu easy travel tire sells Kong Lingfa of limited company president to divulge, tire industry has a catenary of industry of “ gray ” , from production business arrives sale channel everything needed is ready.

This industry chain is major online below, each link also it’s hard to say breaks the law violate compasses, but the sale link finally, often borrow the advantage that buys by the net and information asymmetry, it is the name the defective goods of substandard goods tire, the sale after been renovate gives customer.

The price of “ tire industry is very transparent, it is very cheap that the net buys tire, do you buy ‘ to renovate fetal ’ ? ” alludes when media when it is particularly cheap that the net buys tire, arrange the boss Han Shifeng that installs a car to serve a ministry to ask in reply so.

Difference of price of quality goods tire won’t exceed 10%

Han Shifeng says, allude ” of “ face-lifting embryo, because be the same as the quality goods tire of brand type,be, with hypostatic storefront on the net price difference won’t exceed 10% .

“ my stock goes over there brand agent. Their gain relies on a quantity, every tire may add valence 5-10 only yuan. Our steam builds a plant besides installation, aerate even, balance embryo is pressed, so again 50 multivariate services expend collection, this is the price difference that we follow net inn. ”

Kong Lingfa tells media, tire representative divides level at most, it is “ commonly ” of representative of city of level of ground of the ” that save era, “ two class, have an area representative again at most.

The Shandong “ that the company that Kong Lingfa is in is remote region tire, Fu Ruichi tire saves acting ” . “ saves acting ” to take money from manufacturer, again cent sells an area or ground level city acts as agent, each class representative adds valence 5-10 yuan, and a lot of brands of “ increase price fewer. ”

Han Shifeng expresses, a tire from leave factory, through repass of 3 class representative steam repairs factory installation to increase price, install the car of consumer to get on 80 yuan to increase price in all finally.

Same tire, inn of net of the course after leaving factory sends customer directly, hypothesis net inn does not add valence to still include post, the did not install tire that consumer buys will be cheaper than hypostatic inn 80 yuan or so.

It is with 215/60R15 of Mi Jilin of —— of tire of a sell like hot cakes exemple, lowest of price of car network ” is raised to be 588 yuan in tiger of road of “ of platform of tire cable business, the lowest that clean out treasure is 589 yuan, the price in the inn in Kong Lingfa 600 yuan, and the value that Han Shifeng gives old client is 650 yuan, it is 62 yuan with electric business price difference.

The solid with another commonly used series that fasten a gram is distinctive 225/55R17 tire, road tiger minimum price is 635 yuan, clean out treasure to be 620 yuan, 700 yuan are in Han Shifeng’s inn, price difference is 80 yuan.

Be in nevertheless embellish China does not overcome 4S inn, the price of this tire is 1300 yuan of stare letting a person. Adviser of carry out car returns special clew, by the industry the convention contains man-hour cost in this price, and tire is manufacturer is offerred continuously, quality has safeguard.

Look so, if be not compared with 4S inn, the price dominant position that the net buys tire is not clear.

“ if the net buys tire petty gain to exceed 100 yuan, had to be careful. ” Han Shifeng reminds.

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