Go to football China from tire occupational Milan

Published on 2018-11-26

Integrated media reports, outside intermediary published a problem to be recently ” the football is the most fundamental soft actual strength ” article, club of football of discussion Italy AC Milan is bought by Chinese financial group.

The report says, this all can be called ” occupational ” . Milan, perhaps say the Milan on football meaning, belong to China already completely now.

Not long ago, mo Ladi is familial international Milan club, evaluate counts euro to sell Su Ning electric equipment. Several days ago, beilusikeni also sold a Chinese the AC Milan of his general.

The TV station of complete Italy sends group of produce a film to head for Chinese city of Milan, the hope can hear the echo of owner of Chinese passerby of place, store.

A lot of people in them had lived to make in Milan old, blend in local society already.

Going up century 2, 30 time, a lot of immigrant that come from Zhejiang, Shanghai are here with the identity of silk businessman settle, it is sale cravat first, make leather business again subsequently, establish later oneself enterprise.

Nowadays, in Milanese China city, had been normally the 2nd or the 3rd generation is emigrant.

Milan is not by pitch on accidental, the style that has international force and design are here, red-blooded, it is Italy changes the fastest city.

Inside global limits, chinese city of Milan also is the history is most long one of. The Chinese had bought a few times endurance tire, palace, still bought the university of Milanese grain industry that has great reputation partly.

The football is most the soft actual strength of acme.

Cast those representing capital and did not encounter too much resistance. In this difficult period, should coming to what Italy invests only is a guest.

If the new host of team can be thrown again more turning membership due, let the achievement of team flare again, when broad fan can tolerate naturally also to be compared in the heart that be the same as a city, shengxiluo / Meiacha sits on the honoured guest banquet of field full Chinese.

Perhaps, still can a lot of China tourists come to here, the other place on cram bleachers.

The Italian has known now, in those days Milan is compared with city heart, it is Chinese TV station history go up first match of soccer of direct seeding Europe. Be in China, only the fan amount of graceful couplet exceeds AC Milan.

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