Chinese tire abandons fetal sea tactical extremely urgent

Published on 2019-12-10

Tire industry is the epitome of “ China production ” . Come for years, domestic tire brand all the time with low product of qualitative, low, contend for the market with means of primitive ” of “ price war, get scanty profit.

Without world-class brand

The course is accumulated for years, chinese tire is in quantity of global tire total produce and sale, held 70% market share of the left and right sides, give the tire brand of world-class without be pregnant with however.

Elegant Li of Deng of chairman of Chinese Society of Rubber Industry expresses: Although “ mainstay business has international advanced technique, the product is assuming on function and quality at advanced level, but ethical brand market is famous spend and be being spent in the acknowledge in consumer is us is short board. ”

Chinese tire deformation develops, the bottleneck that also allows growth as agreed upon and to.

As ” of law of European “ label and American “ double turn over case ” be born, exit of Chinese tire industry faces grim challenge.

Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, trade barrier will raise China to export tire to bank cost.

2015, american “ double turn over total of product of tire of China of ” experience case to amount to 1.07 billion dollar, these products are collected of 14.35%-87.99% turn over dumping duty and 20.73%-100.77% oppose allowance tax, bring about the Chinese tire that sells a site for core with low to export competition ability to glide.

In the meantime, the international tire tycoon such as card of Mi Jilin, horse, in order to enlarge scale of production, roll out taste newly wait for means, compress the vivosphere of Chinese brand.

Environmental great change lets the melt into thin air of bubble of ” of “ embryo sea of Chinese tire.

According to the data of Chinese balata association, 2015 with compared 2014, chinese tire production value drops 14.62% , sale drops compared to the same period 15.37% , exit forehead dropped compared to the same period 2015 16% , integral profit drops 22.22% .

Superfluous yield can, inventory of accumulation mountainous low makes Chinese tire industry deep-set the Red Sea, inherent regulation is not applicable already, extremely urgent of break out of an encirclement.

In doing tire business China for

Without the eddy that the enterprise wishs to be ebbed by be involved in, should send force, want to cast off, force must use pair of places. Resemble China for, millet makes the brand symbolize for the enterprise, then makes ethical industry label.

According to tripartite data the orgnaization is analysed, china bed brand value was added 2016 to nineteen billion seven hundred and forty-three million dollar, in stand up to sb as an equal of the mobile domain with intense competition and apple, SamSung, 3 minutes of the world.

Actually, chinese tire industry is in already had tremendous progress in recent years. From apprentice, to associate, arrive again competitor, the product of tire pledges the difference of quantity and international tycoon already shortened apparently.

However, chinese consumer is right the acknowledge of tire product, stay basically still in 10 much be opposite before New Year the cognitive degree of the car.

Be opposite as consumer the ceaseless fractionize of car utility, chinese tire market is sure to experience to change about upgrading cognitively. Poor dissimilation demand provides need company the sale measure that has specific aim more, will move captious user.

Want to send new sale measure through leaving ceaselessly, have an insight into consumer needs sue for peace to comb product structure, establish brand essence to allow fractionize, cultivate Chinese customer to tire more the consumptive consciousness of “ exquisite ” .

The fractionize of product category, it is the necessary strategy of sale not only, also be the important mark that brand maturity converts at the same time.

Ever had Chinese tire company investment is huge endowment, promotion produces actual strength, the attempt rolls out high level product, encounter tremendous resistance when exit and sale in domestic market however.

An unmanned and witting tire brand, it is to cannot rely on a product to hit those who use an user. Strong brand can solve the giant vacuum between enterprise and user, still can bring the additional value that estimates hard for the product.

The promotion of value of this kind of brand just is the urgent affairs of Chinese tire industry, also be one of challenges that Chinese manufacturing industry faces jointly.

2016, the tycoon of Chinese tire industry such as the second best plan, triangle, exquisite, regard core as direction brand construction, advertisement of Chinese tire brand becomes each frequenter of big media for a short while.

Look from the data that put in, the sports platform such as motion of the public media such as TV, network and racing bicycle, limit, already became these tire companies to acquire the significant position of brand appreciation.

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