Tire meets with repeatedly double instead reveal trade problem

Published on 2018-11-26

The car component such as Chinese tire is exported, always encounter “ double turn over ” , besides trade protectionism cause trouble, also expose a few issues that give industry itself to still exist.

Why is “ mixed at aluminous hub, tire repeatedly by the concentration of trade protectionism enroach on the component such as glass? ”

Li Xiaoqing of former secretary-general of committee of wheel of association of Chinese auto industry expresses: These “ component craft is relatively simple, make easily. Its export business to do do greatly strong, hit easily by the foreign country pressure. ”

The letter wears Geng Xiaojun of calorie of Inc. vise general manager to say in: The Chinese relevant industry with big, strong actual strength makes “ scale easily the target that trade protectionism hits. Additional, individual business has undesirable competition action, for component exit buries next hidden trouble. ”

On one hand, international market competition is intense with each passing day; on the other hand, car component exports existence principal part the problem of disorder of dispersive, order.

Concerned controller of business of a large export tells car tire industry media: “ order disorder basically is reflected mix in malign competition violate compasses exit to go up. Come so, the product exports the price to be united very hard, damaged image of brand of Chinese tire whole. ”

External China of academy of economy of international of economic commerce university external Yang Lijiang of director of economic commerce lab points out: A few exit of “ enterprise builds local contest to add up to relation respect to lack experience in compose. ”

Geng Xiaojun expresses, hope government strives for China to acquire market economy position as soon as possible, avoid an enterprise to be in answer “ double national ” pay often is replaced in turning over ” process by inequitable, unreasonable “ .

In the meantime, concerned management department can guide enterprise, limitation better inferior produce can build, strengthen export control, protection high grade enterprise, establish ethical brand.

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