Double instead win the lawsuit to have important sense to Chinese tire

Published on 2019-12-10

Damage according to what the United States released on Feburary 22 about the respect cut into parts eventually, the “ that China won embryo of wheel blocking a guest double oppose ” proposal, this is Chinese tire industry win the lawsuit first to what the United States obtains.

Department of Commerce expresses about chief, adjudication accords with objective fact.

On Feburary 19, 2016, beautiful Department of Commerce issues announcement, the decision is right the tire of card passenger car that imports from China initiates “ double turn over ” to investigate.

On January 24, 2017, beautiful Department of Commerce make cut into parts eventually, top tax rate exceeds 80% .

On Feburary 22, committee of American international trade is released damage cut into parts eventually, cognizance China is defeated by the United States to block passenger car tire, did not form materiality to damage to the industry inside the United States or damage menace.

This means Chinese future to be defeated by tire of beautiful card passenger car, be collected to turn over no longer dumping and oppose allowance tax.

The objective and judicial ruling that commerce of Department of Commerce relieves bureau director Wang Hejun to be made to ITC expresses admiration.

He says, this one case involves China to export tire company to the United States many 100, obtain employment 100 thousand person, basically suffer influence area to be Shandong province. Through concerning chamber of commerce, association, enterprise and lawyer clasp, last a period of time a year, achievement hard-earned.

Of the case win the lawsuit those who reflected consciousness of authority of Chinese enterprise dimension and contradictory ability rise, and the promotion that counterpoises in the speech in international classics trade.

Wang Hejun points out, sino-US the tire commerce between is complementary, both product has difference, utility is different, china is defeated by the United States to blocked passenger car tire to satisfy the market requirement that raises ceaselessly inside the United States effectively.

He hopes industry of two countries tire strengthens dialog and communication, effective canal accuses trade friction, safeguard the commerce environment of open fairness jointly, happiness and benefit of people of promotional two countries.

As we have learned, the United States is the biggest market of Chinese exit tire, the product includes to block passenger car tire, by mix with tire of car and small truck blame highway uses tire, amid of embryo of wheel blocking a guest is occupied than the biggest. Other two kinds of big products already were adopted commerce relieves measure.

Since 2000, the United States is right China initiate “ double turn over ” to be investigated 193 cases, chinese nondestructive kills the having of end a case 35 cases.

The personage inside course of study expresses, this wins the lawsuit the effect with the most immediate case, the tire that protected China namely exports the market, also encounter “ in the future for the enterprise double turn over ” investigation to undertake counterplea accumulated experience, to Chinese tire line of business development has important sense.

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