DC maintain in rubber machinery industry welcome advance opp

Published on 2018-11-26
In 2011, the automotive industry downconsult about degree affected the advance of rubber machinery industry, but from the sales point of look, the market is still derived more than 30% develppment. This is mainly beendanger of the "Eleventh Five-Year" the rapid advance of motorcar lorry truck car bus coach industry has accumulated a enormous amount of cars in the enormous ask for original equipment and substitutement tire markets. 2011 rubber machinery sales rebounded bottom margins and gain virtue benefit proceedss to the conducive affair advance potential has altherefore incralleviated, entire assets incralleviated crucially.
Source: National Bureau of Statistics (sales revenue as of the end of November each case)
DC maintains products in the rubber industry use
Categories: DC maintain product is used in rubber machinery including: mixing, calendering, extrusion and the resemble.
Rubber machinery industry applications, beendanger of the qualityistics of the load produces the DC maintain is still the main skill technique orientation. The pershapeance of depend on date markets constitute only 80% of the pershapeance, which is the most important manufperformanceurers of many DC maintain the competition area.
Main brands: rubber machinery industry in the application, the chief manufperformanceurers are thereforeld.
Market Size: 2011 DC maintain product in the field market size of 1.5 billion, compared with identical period in 2010, an incralleviate of 11.1%. Stock market develppment rate higher than the usual ordinary passable develppment rate of 20.0%.
Rubber machinery industry advance prospects
Positive fperformanceors and opportunities:
The rapid advance of the automotive industry and a enormous amount of car ownership and furnish a great space for rubber machinery. The next five years is China's largest result inr of cars from motorcar lorry truck car bus coach production to skill important stage, China's auto industry will insist rapid advance, including SAIC, FAW, BAIC, etc., the outstanding 12 domestic motorcar lorry truck car bus coach manufperformanceurers are expected to entire ability will achieve 2015 32.5 million; semi-steel radial tire rubber machinery industry to furnish hot market potential, "five" of semi-steel radial tire project in more than 20, more than the depend on date steel-belted tire size of 200 million; Michelin, Bridgestone Division etc., through the relalleviate of the world tire giant equipment purchasing skill, furnish more affair opportunities for rubber machinery industry; in addition, the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, such as coal, electricity, metallurgy, establishing substance stuff things, ports and other industries the rapid advance of these industries is the rubber communicateor the main cpurchaser industry belt; in addition, has a full set of equipment for "turnvital" capcapacity rubber machinery manufperformanceurers, the next five years but altherefore the opportunity to develop international rubber machinery market.
Negative Fperformanceors and Challenges:
Rubber prices high rubber machinery industry incralleviated unsurety; all-steel truck radial tire for many years to speeding the advance of crucial drawback risks planted rubber machinery ask; anti-dumping and other job hurdles on Chinese tire and rubber machinery exports; China to become the world center of rubber machinery in recent years, the famous rubber machinery manufperformanceurers have build fperformanceories in China, an growingly competitive market; low-carbon economy and safety in production of rubber machinery put forward higher commandments.