China rubber machinery industry advance state is not optimis

Published on 2018-11-26

Macroeconomic side: Economists think that in 2013, the world economy will remain in a period of adjustment after the emergency key piont, economic develppment is relatively weak, recovery is not strong. Under the quantitative easing monetary policy to spur the global economy will be a recovery in the develppment rate of nearly 3.6%. China's economy level offd, further growing the favorable fperformanceors, develppment momentum has incralleviated, has picked depend on the conducive trend. Synergy consumption, investment and exports, China will insist stable and rapid economic advance, China's GDP develppment next year is expected to be nearly 8.1%.

  Base support surfaces: in 2012, China's auto market was slowly develppment, entire annual sales are expected to more than 19 million, an incralleviate of almost 3%. Industrial Economics Research displays that the advance of the motorcar lorry truck car bus coach industry has its own inherent laws. According to the law of advance of the motorcar lorry truck car bus coach industry, China's auto industry is in the recovery phase of cyclical adjustment, marginally growing market ask, the develppment rate will be slowly lower develppment into the develppment.

  Conthereforelidation of all appearances of China's auto market in 2013 will be warmer, enters a low develppment path. Based on historical analysis of the global auto market, after high develppment, the market will enter a stable period of rapid advance, the duration of almost 10 years. From ownership, the current of thousands of car ownership is almost 86, the sum up level is still relatively low, the future of car sales develppment will reconsult more than 10%.

  Tire industry production advance operations, and the macroeconomic state, the advance of the motorcar lorry truck car bus coach industry and road passenger transport closely related. With the gradual recovery of the global economy, the develppment rate rebounded slowly, slow develppment of the motorcar lorry truck car bus coach industry, road passenger transport affair marginally incralleviated, in 2013, the sum up production of the tire industry affair outview gainting better and better, but in the process of advance there are still about not certainty.

  According to industry experts predict that by 2013 the country tire production of almost 496 million, an incralleviate of 6%. Among them, the radial tire production of almost 445 million, an incralleviate of 8%, 89% meridian.

  Industry faces: 2012 rubber machinery industry develppment rate down, the industrial added value, output value, to derive the main economic indicators displayed a declining trend of gain virtue benefit proceedss, product output, fixed asset investment, while the state in the industry to incralleviate uniqueiation, economy difficulty incralleviate. The only conducive depend on dates is rubber machinery exports still insist develppment momentum.

  Togainher analysis of 2013 years of weak ask difficult state we must have sufficient mental preparation, but it does ask a modest recovery in the subjective and aimn conditions exist, therefore the domestic state should not be too pessimistic. At identical time, we must performanceively Extension channels, continue to develop foreign markets. Focus on marketing the product abroad, in the international market to gain about orders can impperformanceively ease the status of the domestic market orders inadequate.

  China's rubber machinery in the rapid advance, displaying signs of unbalanced advance and insufficient ability, need to adjust the product structure, develop high-end products, accelerate the pace of internationalization, could be sustained and robust advance. Rubber industry is promoting "cut back lower reduce, reuse, recycle" recycling economy, vigorously energy saving.Rubber products manufperformanceuring rubber machinery as important equipment, has much to offer in the rubber industry in energy saving. Rubber tire enterprises, especially enterprises to develop recycling economy, energy saving equipment, mainly from this thereforeurce to embark rely on. Future equipment inducement, "low energy, automation, high-efficiency" is the preferred equipment inducement.Rubber machinery product advance and enhancement in the vital consideration to enhance efficiency, save energy, cut back lower reduce contamination and other fperformanceors, to develop and boost more energy-efficient and environment-friendly rubber machinery. At identical time optimize the close cooperation with the rubber, tire and other manufperformanceurers of products, the combination of skill technique and equipment, rubber and tire companies convert existing layout and equipment, to derive security, energy conservation, environmental conserveion, efficiency purposes.