Rubber machinery out of the "winter" 2013 export state fo

Published on 2018-11-26

By the European debt emergency key piont and the world automotive industry downturn, in 2012 China's tire investment slowed, responsible foring in rubber machinery industry suffered "winter." However, from the second half of 2012, the tire industry investment to revive and incralleviate rubber machinery orders, The sales ratio at a high level. This is obtaind from the China Chemical Equipment Asthereforeciation Professional Committee of rubber machinery of the country's 30 chief rubber machinery enterprises in 2012 the main economic indicators statistical conclusions.

    Operating environment are two unique worlds

    First half of 2012, with the depend on date tire on the project is haltped or suspended, rubber machinery industry suffered a serious blow. Many tire companies canceled, suspended orders, delivery delay, therefore that rubber machinery affair difficulties, about companies had to enlarge vacation time. After entering the second half, and now China's tire investment stimulatet, maintainn rubber machinery industry state to pick up, the main rubber machinery production returned to normal levels. Especially in the fourth quarter, the frequency rubber machinery industry is eligible for large orders, such as Guangdong wheel mold Co. is eligible for Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., Ltd., Shandong Wanda Po-tire firm orders for a entire of more than 300 million yuan, Tianjin Saixiang Technology Co. Shares the company received the Tianjin international joint tire company more than 100 million yuan of large orders, Guilin rubber Machinery fperformanceory, which won the largest single engineering tire equipment. Industry shortage state, many companies product sales rate of 100% level.

    Benefit annual downward

    According to the China Chemical Equipment Asthereforeciation Professional Committee of rubber machinery rubber machinery manufperformanceurers 30 chief economic indicators statistics, in 2012 rubber machinery sales revenue of 81.1 billion yuan, down 7.8%. On this foundation, China's rubber machinery industry in 2012 sales revenue of 106 billion yuan, down 8.4%. Decline in corporate sales accounted for 70% of the entire, a drop of 20 per cent of the number of enterprises accounted for 30% of the entire. However, there are two companies incralleviated substantially, Changzhou Wujin Yang Lake is a mold company, since quiet a few groups to undertake large-scale projects tire establishing drum of orders, sales revenue incralleviate of 120%; another is the Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. its contribution to the larger its overseas acquisitions, sales spush 48%.

    Since most sales shrinkd, responsible foring in economic rubber machinery industry in 2012 have fallen hugely, the main rubber machinery products Maori record low in recent years. According to a report on the participation of units of statistics, in 2012 rubber machinery industry gain virtue benefit proceedss fell 44.8%, decline in corporate gain virtue benefit proceedss accounted for 80% of the entire, has two loss-making enterprises. The most beneficial thereforeft control AG, amounted to 204.8 million yuan, relative to last year but still down 60%.

    In addition, in 2012 rubber machinery ranking displaced noticeably, thereforeft control shares, Dalian Rubber, Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Tianjin Saixiang Guilin and rubber machinery industry ranked the outstanding five.

    Exports were flat

    In 2012, China's 30 chief rubber machinery enterprises export delivery value fell 1% over the previous year, considering displaces in foreign exdisplace fperformanceors, estimates rubber machinery industry entire exports compared to the previous year, almost $ 200 million, or almost 11.2% of entire industry sales. Export delivery value of more than billion have three, that is to say, thereforeft control shares, Dalian Rubber, Guilin rubber machinery, ranked the outstanding three industries.Soft control shares and Dalian Rubber contribution for overseas acquisitions, the strong export pershapeance develppment. Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. 贝特里戴瑞 vigorously explore India, Brazil and other countries molding machine market, exports grew 180%, rubber machinery industry is the largest incralleviate in export affair.

    Currently, the world tire before the "outstanding ten" enterprises have been chosen China's rubber machinery products, China's rubber machinery industry is to "international company" forward from "domestic fperformanceory", and marginally shapeed a large brand effect. From the world's leading tire corporate annual reports, the tire industry generally gain virtue benefit proceedss incralleviated crucially, have announced its intention to incralleviate investment in the tire industry, and so, forecast in 2013 China's rubber machinery export state for the better